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“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw." ~ Nelson Mandela

Lana, a wayward senator’s daughter and dark angel in the making, must earn her freedom and her wings. Law, the underworld lord of a secret clan, captures her and gives her the space to battle her demons. But once she spreads her wings, will he set her free?

Release Date: October 15, 2019
Karin Tabke, LLC
Chimera series book #1
Dark Romance
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Nikki’s Review:

Law is my favourite kind of hero. He’s broody, alpha, sexy, and a little dangerous. He’s the epitome of antihero. And I am a damn sucker for a dark antihero. 

This book is a little darker than previous books that I’ve read by Ms. Tabke, and that was perfect for me. I’m kinda obsessed with darker, slightly twisted romance at the moment.

Lana is definitely a troubled soul, but what I liked about her, was even though she’s had a rollercoaster of problems in her life, she still has an inner strength that is bursting to break free. She has weak moments, but that just made her more real. We all have moments in life that make us feel like that. Sometimes that weakness hits us physically, and sometimes it’s on an emotional level. Lana, unfortunately, had it coming in from all directions. It made my heart hurt for her.

The chemistry was sizzling from the moment they meet. But the author lays the groundwork from that first meeting to let the dynamic of their relationship unfold slowly. It has a lust/hate feeling for a while, but when lust takes over, things become explosive. And thank god for that! The sexual frustration was almost comical.

Theirs is not a traditional “boy meets girl” story. Law kidnaps Lana, and she’s strung out on heroine, so you can see where I’m going with the not traditional thing! But again, the content is darker, and it all works well in this book. I liked the criminal underground aspect of it, because hello...antihero. Yum!

I’m excited to see where Ms. Tabke will take this series. The ending was more HFN than HEA, so I’m hoping we will see more Law and Lana in coming books. 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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