Monday, June 30, 2008

New Moon

New Moon is the second book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Bella and Edward are back and go in directions I never saw coming. Edward tries to distance himself from Bella once she is injured around his "family". After months of Edward being gone, Bella finally tries to bring herself out of her funk by doing things that are so extreme, she can "hear" Edward yelling at her to stop. Bella keeps trying more and more extreme actions so she keep hearing from Edward.

Bella also rekindles her friendship with Jacob Black, when she gets him to help her with some used motorcycles. Bella even blows much of her college fund to pay for the work on the motorcycles.

Alice, who everyone knows as Edward's sister, comes for a visit to check on Bella. At this point Alice and Bella must go save Edward from himself. Bella and Edward must once again fight to be together. New Moon leaves the reader ready to read Eclipse, which is the next in the Twilight series.

The 5th Horseman

The 5th Horseman is the fifth in the Women's Murder Club books by James Patterson with Maxine Paetro. Lindsey and crew must figure out not only a series of murders known as "the car murders", they must also find a way to solve a series of murders that are occurring in one of the local hospitals. Yuki, the newest member of the Women's Murder Club, joins Lindsey, Cindy, and Claire, after Yuki's mother dies in the hospital hours before she was to be moved to a regular room. Each person who has died in the hospital was only hours away from either being moved from ICU to a regular room, or being released out right.

The 5th Horseman is another hit for Patterson and Paetro and I look forward to then next book in the series.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rites of Spring (Break)

Rites of Spring (Break) by Diana Peterfreund is the third in An Ivy League Series. The story centers around Amy Haskel and her friends that are in the Rose & Grave secret society. The first two books in the series mainly take place at Eli University. ROSB starts at Eli University and then takes the Diggers to Cavador Key, which is the Rose & Grave's private island off of Florida. Amy and her friends grow up so much over the course of ROSB. They must watch out for one another like never before and still keep all the secrets for Rose & Grave.

I loved Rites of Spring (Break) and can't really tell much about the book without giving away great information. I was so excited with who Amy finally ends up with in this book and hope they survive the 4th and final book in the series that comes out next summer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Property

Hot Property by Carly Phillips is the fourth and final book in the Hot Zone series. Hot Property is John Roper's and Amy Stone's story. Amy has just moved to New York to work for the Hot Zone-Athletes Only public relations firm. Her first client is John Roper and from their first meeting at her cousin's wedding, Amy feels she must fight her attraction to John. John has no such need and pursues Amy from their very first meeting.

Amy must find a way for John to rehab from an injury while keeping his family occupied so they don't interfere with his health. The only way to keep John from his family is to take him away and not let anyone know where he will be. Only when they are out of the public eye does Amy finally give into her feelings for John.

Both John and Amy must find ways to change their personal lives to make things work for them together. Only with courage and strength do they each grow and become strong enough to be together. Carly Phillips writes another winner with Hot Property and we will all miss the Hot Zone characters in the future.

Mr. Shaggins

My brother is an actor currently doing Into the Woods in Roanoke, VA at Mill Mountain Theatre. Learning lines, songs, dances, and dialogue isn't enough for him. He has been writing a puppet show about Mr. Shaggins, the randy terrier. The first 7 episodes are currently available on You Tube by searching for Mr. Shaggins. They are quite funny, and would be perfect for SNL or Adult Swim.

Mr. Shaggins is a very witty show that Andy and several of his theatre friends are filming during intermissions. Andy has written all the dialogue as well as the theme song and is the voice behind several of the characters. A must watch!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Sugar Queen

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen is a wonderful Southern story set in North Carolina. Josey Cirrini has tried to make up for being an unruly child since she was 9 years-old. She has pretty much dedicated her life to taking care of her mother and doing nothing for herself, she even has to hide food, books, and magazines in her closet to enjoy them. It looks like nothing will ever change, until Josey finds Della Lee in her closet and she blackmails Josey to let her stay. Della Lee makes Josey go buy her a tomato sandwich from Chloe Finley's shop and they quickly become friends. Both Josey and Chloe are trying to stretch their wings a bit, Josey from her mother and Chloe from her cheating boyfriend. Josey must decide if she is willing to take a chance on love and Chloe must take a chance on forgiveness and change.

With some romance, a little bit of mystery, and a wonderful story, Allen writes another winner with The Sugar Queen.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild & Hexy

Wild & Hexy by Vicki Lewis Thompson is the second in the Big Knob series. Wild & Hexy is the story of Jeremy Dunstan and Annie Winston. Jeremy has lived in Big Knob, Indiana almost his whole life and has secretly lusted after Annie since they were teenagers. Annie is back in Big Knob for her younger sister's wedding and is the former Dairy Queen of Big Knob, but no longer feels like one since she is 20 pounds heavier than in high school. Jeremy needs some help to get Annie to look at him, so Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell, the local matchmaking witches, decide to make it their mission to get Jeremy and Annie together.

On Jeremy & Annie's first date, the lake monster, Dee-Dee appears on Dorcas's command to give Annie, who is a reporter, something to write about. Jeremy doesn't believe there is anything in the lake, but is willing to look into anything to spend time with Annie. The chemistry between Annie and Jeremy is fabulous. Both have very real feelings for the other that come out even more when they are together. Of course, Annie has no plans to ever stay in Big Knob and Jeremy would be totally miserable anywhere else. Both must decide if their feelings for each other are more important than where each wants to live. Vicki Lewis Thompson writes another winner with Wild & Hexy and keeps the reader wanting more. Casual Hex is the next in the Big Knob series and we only have to wait until February 2009.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wild For Him

Wild for Him by Janelle Denison is the first book in a new "Wild series", that focuses on Joel Wilde's Marine friends. First up is Ben Cabrera, who is hired to keep Christine "Christy" Delacroix safe during her father's run for mayor of Chicago, as threatening letters have been delivered to her father. Ben and Christy are from two different worlds, but they have been attracted to each other from the moment they set eyes on each other. Ben is willing to keep the business only relationship, but Christy is determined to take their relationship to the next level.

The chemistry between Ben and Christy burns up the pages and keep the reader begging for more. With a bit of a mystery, as to who is trying to hurt Christy, Denison writes another winner with Wild for Him. I'm not sure when the next "Wild" book comes out, but I can promise I'll be at the bookstore that day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lover Enshrined

Lover Enshrined is the 6th in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. Phury becomes the Primale of the Chosen, which means he is responsible for fathering the future of the Brotherhood line. Phury picks Chosen Cormia as his First Mate, and they each feel instant attraction to the other. Phury fights his attraction to Cormia because he doesn't believe he is worthy of anyone. He is addicted to drugs and blames himself for everything that ever when wrong with his family, especially Zsadist's becoming a blood slave. Phury must fight his demons to find true love and a way for the Brotherhood's bloodline to continue. Phury hits rock bottom and fights back as you would expect one of the Brotherhood to fight. Phury and Zsadist also finally have it out with all the unnecessary guilt that Phury has always lived with over the years.

There are other sub-plots with Lover Enshrined dealing with the Omega and the slaughter of many of the glymera families. The slaughter causes even more unrest with the vampires and a way for the Brotherhood to protect everyone.

The Warden delivers another winner with Lover Enshrined, which shows many new sides to the Brotherhood, the Omega, and the Scribe Virgin. the Warden leaves the reader wanting more and now we must wait until May 2009 for the next story from the Brotherhood.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT

He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT is the true life story of Trish Ryan and her search for God and a husband. Trish starts her search as most women do, but dating each man that ask her out and following all the normal dating rituals. She even marries one of "the wrong men" that she has dated. As she is going through her divorce from her abusive husband, she hides out with the help of her friends and family.

Trish finally gives God a try and although she doesn't understand much of what she is hearing, she immediately can feel that there is something to God. At the urging of her pastor, Trish, as well as the rest of her church, goes through a "40 Days of Faith" during Lent. Each member would pray their greatest heart's desire for 40 days, give up something for 40 days, and fast every week from Thursday evening to Friday evening. Trish prayed for a husband and met someone very soon after thinking he was who God had sent her. When again things didn't work out, Trish finally forgave all of her past relationships, got rid of all her former spiritual books, and became a co-leader of a "small group" with the church. At this time, God finally sent Trish who she been waiting on her entire life(no spoilers here, it is stated in the back of the book). Trish and Steve take things slow and base their relationship on the teaching in the Bible. Trish and Steve face all of the normal challenges that face any new couple, with a couple of major exceptions. Trish and Steve have decided to forgo premarital sex and must pray about her former marriage to know if they can move forward. Because Trish's ex-husband cheated on her and was married 2 times before her, her divorce and her accepting Jesus as her savior, wiped out her former life. Steve proposed to Trish in the most romantic way and God made sure that they were married on the day He had chosen for them.

Trish gives all of the single women out there more hope that God has a husband all picked out waiting for the two of you to be ready for each other. I enjoyed He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT very much and can't wait to see what Trish's next book has for all of her readers.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost is the first in A Night Huntress Novel series. Catherine Crawfield is half-human, half-vampire and her current job is to kill vampires. Cat has no problems with killing vampires until she meets Bones. Bones is a vampire that has been around for over 100 years. He is also a bounty hunter who kills other vampires with a price on their head. Cat thinks she is such a great vampire killer until Bones shows her that she needs lots more training.

Cat, who has always hated all vampires because of what her mother has said her entire life, finds herself fighting her attraction for Bones. Bones, who has been attracted to Cat from the first, finally gets Cat to admit to the attraction they feel for each other. Bones and Cat must also continue to fight the "bad vampires" while they are falling for each other. Frost writes an amazing story with lots of twist and turns that keep the reader wanting more.