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 My family tried to break me. But, somehow, I made it out alive, even though the wounds from that survival are forever carved into my bones. Now, my only wish is for…normal. To know what it’s like to have friends, a job, a home.

The last thing I want is for my new roommate to see the scars I’m so desperate to keep hidden, especially not the ruggedly handsome man who steals my breath and sends my heart into overdrive.

But something tells me that Beckett has demons, too. I see it in the shadows haunting his gorgeous eyes and the way he looks at me with gentle understanding.

As our unlikely friendship becomes so much more, forces from my life slink out of the shadows. And we could both lose everything we’ve fought so hard for—down to our very last breaths…

Release Date: June 21, 2022

Tattered & Torn #3

Pagesmith, LLC

Contemporary Romance

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Nikki’s Review:

I have been dying for Addie’s book since she walked onto the page at the beginning of the series. I knew it was going to be an angsty rollercoaster, and holy hell, was it ever! 

I loved the connection that Beckett and Addie had. They’re both lost and dealing with a ton of emotional baggage. They find some much needed peace and friendship with each other, and eventually love. This book was all kinds of swoony and the chemistry was amazing.

Addie is determined to take control of her life and live it to the fullest. Beckett helps her with her bucket list while being a fierce protector. He is one of my favourite kinds of heroes…alpha, but still all soft and mushy on the inside. 

You get to visit with the characters from the previous books in the series and see how they’re doing. I love the close knit family dynamic and the friendships are wonderful. 

This book has all the ingredients of an amazing romance novel. The suspense is entertaining, but it doesn’t take away from the love story, which is something I like. 

Catherine Cowles writes characters that you care about. She puts them through the wringer but she always makes them come full circle and find their HEA. Is it too early to start asking for the next book in the series?

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

Monday, June 27, 2022



Mansplainer by Avery Flynn is now live!

As the only Beckett cousin who is still unattached, I'm a shoo-in to win the bet with my cousins to be the last man blissfully not in love by Christmas. Of course, I know they're still going to make me follow the rules of our bet and go on six dates with the same woman—but I've figured out a way out of that too. I'm getting married. Is it love? Not even close. Chelle Finch needs a temporary husband and I need to win this bet. We agree to put a ring on it knowing that in six months this marriage of convenience will end in divorce. Except, somehow dating my wife has me realizing that I don't ever want to take this ring off if it means losing her. 


What does the guy who can talk his way out of anything have to do to sweet talk his temporary wife into forever?

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Meet Avery Flynn

When Avery Flynn isn't writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband, and has a slight shoe addiction. Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page, or friend her on her Facebook profile. Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the internet, she'll be your best friend for life. Contact her at avery@averyflynn.com. She'd love to hear from you.

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Mansplainer is the 3rd book in the Last Man Standing series from Avery Flynn. Nash Beckett is sure he has found a way to meet the terms of the bet and win Grandma Betty’s last Christmas gift. Enter Michelle “Chelle” Finch, who he plans to marry and still go on the 6 dates required to win the bet.
Nash is more than a bit of a know it all…he mansplains everything pretty much to anyone around him. Since he has always had to take care of his family thanks to his wacky parents, it isn’t something he really even realizes he is doing most of the time. When he and Chelle decide to get married to help him win the bet with his cousins, and her meet the terms of her father’s will, so she can continue to run the family’s charity foundation, they both plan for a short-term marriage in name only.
Chelle’s family is absolutely horrible and pretty much have treated her like a second class citizen her entire life. While she is a beautiful woman, she is older (42) and described as a bigger woman, and they shame her about her size and advanced age. Nash is smoking hot, and Chelle really doesn’t believe anyone would want her for herself, but after just one kiss, Nash wants to turn their in name only marriage to more. 
I loved the chemistry between Chelle and Nash so much! It was smoking hot, and it really only made their relationship more real. They had already become real friends with all they shared about their lives. I did think Nash was very slow on the uptake on not mansplaining everything and believing he was always right in actions he took. I liked that Chelle had no issue telling him how much of an ass he was at times when he mansplained too much.
I really enjoyed Mansplainer overall. I had an issue with Chelle being described as older and big as a bad thing. I was really glad she found Nash who saw the beauty in her when others were blind to her beauty. I loved the Last Man Standing series of stories and really hoped we get more books with the Beckett family in the future.
Rating: 4 Stars (B)
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Thursday, April 21, 2022


 A one night stand with no names exchanged.

Six years later, she comes face to face with her baby’s father again.
Aurora Michaels isn’t the same girl she was that spring night. No longer homeless and living in the back room of a diner where she worked, she’s now a member of the wealthy Kingston family. She has her daughter, a career and has adjusted to her new normal.
Billionaire Nick Dare is a man who takes charge. He runs the hotel arm of the family empire and his life revolves around business and travel. A quick stop at his brother's movie premier has him doing a double take.
The woman who haunts his dreams is there. He’s been given a second chance and is determined to make the most of it.
When he learns about their daughter, Nick becomes a man on a mission. Aurora and their child are his. Even if he has to knock down Aurora’s emotional walls to prove it.
Release Date: April 19, 2022
Kingston Family #5
Contemporary Romance
CP Publishing
Review copy provided by publisher
Liza’s Review:
Just One Dare is the book I’ve wanted from the moment we met Aurora Michaels, now Kingston. I’ve always wondered about Leah’s father, and this story was so worth the wait! Seriously folks, I literally reread this book as soon as I finished it the first time it was so awesome!!!
Aurora and Nick had one night together the day Aurora aged out of foster care and never shared last names, so there was no way for Aurora to get in contact with Nick once she realized she was pregnant. Leah had been abandoned by both birth parents, but was lucky enough to have her Kingston siblings find her, and their mother Melly accept her into their family as another daughter. So when Aurora sees Nick for the first time in 6 years, she completely freaks out knowing she has to tell him about Leah.
Nick Dare has never had a long-term relationship in his life. He literally has a 3 dates and he is done rule that has been in place forever. All of his siblings kid him about it on the regular. When he sees Aurora again he knows he doesn’t want to lose her again, and when he meets his daughter for the first time, he is completely blown away. I pretty much fell in love with Nick as soon as he told Aurora there was no fault with her not telling him sooner about having a child together. Since they never exchanged last names, there really was no way they could reach one another again, but he still could have been a jerk about it, and he wasn’t. I also loved how he defended Aurora to his family when they questioned not learning about Leah until now.
We knew Aurora had been in foster care since her grandmother passed away, but didn’t know the extent of her abandonment from her birth parents until this book. Aurora has major trust issues thanks to both parents rejecting her, and she will do everything in her power to make sure Leah never feels that, so she is super protective and hesitant to let Nick in to quickly to protect her heart and Leah’s. However, the chemistry Nick and Aurora felt all those years ago is even stronger and neither fights their attraction to the other for very long. Aurora’s abandonment issues definitely didn’t go away overnight, and I loved who Aurora talked to about everything to get a better feel for how to handle her issues going forward. I loved Nick and Aurora as a couple so much! That said Nick, Aurora, and Leah as a family gave me even more of the happy feels. Leah has a big presence in this book, and Ms. Phillips did an amazing job with the little 5 year old spitfire. I know there are readers who don’t love kids in romance books, but when done right, it adds so much to a story, and every moment with Leah in this story was done right.
Just One Dare was amazing from start to finish! I loved we not only got to finally get Aurora’s story, but we also got to see all of her siblings and their spouses, and got updates on where they are in their lives. I’ve loved each of the Kingston Family books, and am so excited we will soon get more books with the Dirty Dares. I highly suggest Just One Dare to romance readers who love to experience all the feelings as they read an incredible story!
Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


 I’ve loved Calder Cruz from the moment he taught me how to fly. Racing down a mountain and giving me the release I so desperately needed. My understanding. My safe space.

Hadley has fought for a life of her own ever since her sister’s kidnapping. When she was drowning in expectations and family pressures, Calder was always the one who understood her.

Until one night changed it all. From best friends to strangers in a single breath.

She’s like a fire that lives inside me. Even when I thought it was all burned out, there were still embers that lived in my bones.

Calder knows what it’s like to almost lose the people he loves most. He’ll never make that kind of mistake again. Working at the fire station and taking care of his daughters are the only things he needs.

All it takes is a single moment to make him realize how wrong he is. A split second of coming close to losing the woman he has always loved.

But as long-buried embers light anew, there are those who lurk in the shadows. And they’ll do whatever it takes to extinguish that flame for good…

Release Date: April 12, 2022
Tattered & Torn Series #2
Contemporary Romance
PageSmith, LLC
Review copy provided by publisher

Nikki's Review:

I always think the current Catherine Cowles book I’m reading is her best yet. Until the next one comes out. So, right now THIS one is her best! 

I loved Hadley. She’s spunky, brave, loyal, and strong. But under all these great qualities she’s hurting and vulnerable. She was kinda lost. Calder was floundering just as much, but once they let go to be together  it was like they both felt a bit more balanced. Not perfect, but like they could face the difficult things better because they had each other. 

Calder and Hadley had great chemistry. Like scorching chemistry. The I can’t keep my hands off of you kind! Once Calder got his head out of his ass it was on!

Catherine Cowles really digs deep into the intimacy of love and relationships with her characters. Not just the sexy times, but the inner workings of the heart. I always get a well rounded feeling of what’s going on in the characters heads. This book was no exception. As for the writing? I think brilliant is a good word to use. Phenomenal is another one, but I think the best word to describe it is masterpiece. 

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

Monday, April 11, 2022


Shy Cassie Dixon was never the girl most likely to succeed. Then she moved to the big city, landed a job she’s good at, and started her own YouTube channel for plus-sized girls like her.

When her channel attracts unwanted attention, the threats quickly turn personal—and vicious. But nobody takes the danger seriously. Not even the police.

BDI operative Tyler Scott agrees to check on Cassie when his favorite cousin insists her bestie’s in danger.

The decorated former Marine doesn’t remember Cassie from high school, but one look into her pretty green eyes and he’s got a feeling he’s hooked.

Before he can fight for her heart, he’ll have to fight for her life—and his.

Because someone wants Cassie dead. And they’ve got a foolproof plan to make it happen.

Release Date: March 29, 2022
Black's Bandits #6
Romantic Suspense
Review Copy Provided by Publisher
HOT Publishing, LLC

Liza's Review:

Black Mail is the newest book in the Black's Bandits series from Lynn Raye Harris. This series of books is like catnip to me, and I was really excited to get Ty's book. 

Cassie Dixon is Tyler's favorite cousin's best friend. When Kari gets him to check in on Cassie because she has been receiving threats and unwanted attention, and many of the threats have become violent, Ty does so to get his cousin off his back. Even though Ty and Cassie grew up in the same town, he didn't really remember much about Cassie and was blown away by her beauty upon seeing her again all these years later. Cassie had the biggest crush on Ty when they were in high school, but was so introverted she never would have acted on her attraction.

Cassie is an introvert and a plus-sized woman who really has only ever been talked down to not only from her mother, but by any of the men she has been involved with in the past. Ty is the perfect man to not only protect Cassie, but to help her realize the beautiful and sexy woman he sees when he looks at her. I loved that Ty was always encouraging Cassie, and helping to bolster her self esteem. The stalker messing with Cassie with threats and unwanted emails and gifts were so ugly and vicious, it broke my heart to see Cassie continue to be down on herself and even believe Ty could never really be interested in her because of her size. Words hurt, and the stalker after Cassie only wanted to belittle her and make her feel horrible about herself, and if Ty wasn't there, I honestly think Cassie would have eventually moved back into her introverted shell.

I loved Ty and Cassie as a couple. They had amazing chemistry together, and they had smoking hot smexy times once Cassie finally got out of her head. I also loved how much Ty and Cassie shared all they went through with their parents growing up. They both talked to each other about things they had never shared with anyone else, and it made me love them more and more as a couple. Yes their chemistry was amazing, but some of their talks and fixing meals together were some of the best parts of the book for me.

Ms. Harris kept me guessing about Cassie's stalker with Black Mail. I usually can figure out the bad guy before it is revealed, but was pretty shocked with this one. I love how all of the members of BDI are always there to help out their own, and Cassie became one of their own once they met her with Ty.

Black Mail was a wonderful addition to the Black's Bandits series of books. I didn't love how down Cassie was on herself when the book started, but I did love seeing her come out of her protective shell and show courage and strength as the story progressed. Tyler and Cassie's story only has me wanting even more time with the characters in the Black's Bandits series, and I can't wait to read the next installment.

Rating: 4 Stars (B)

Review copy provided by publisher