Thursday, July 31, 2008

Midnight Encounters

Midnight Encounters by Elle Kennedy is the very hot story of Maggie Reilly and actor Ben Barrett. Maggie is a hard working woman working her way through college as a waitress. She has met up with the same guy, Tony, 2-3 times a year for one hot night of wild sex. Maggie has gotten the call that Tony is in town and goes to meet him when she gets off work. She mistakenly shows up in Ben Barrett's room and things only heat up from that point.

Ben is fascinated by Maggie, because she has no idea that he is a famous actor. Maggie is just frustrated that once Ben is around, he won't leave. He distracts her from her school work, her volunteer work, and her actual job. Ben is hiding out from the press because he is the focus of a scandal.

Ben and Maggie both struggle with the attraction and the feelings they have for each other. Maggie has never been in a relationship in her entire life. She was abandoned as a child by her mother and doesn't really trust easily. Ben doesn't want the press to learn the real reason behind the scandal because he is trying to protect his mother.

Kennedy writes and amazing story that keeps the reader glued to the computer, as Midnight Encounters is currently only available in e-format. This is my first every book by Elle Kennedy, but definitely won't be my last!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Hell-Raiser

The Hell-Raiser by Rhonda Nelson is the next in her sexy series Men Out of Uniform. Sarah Jane Walker was ready to kiss her inheritance goodbye once her greedy stepmother, Chastity, hired security expert Mick Chivers, aka the Hell-Raiser. Mick is sexy and posing as a photographer for an architecture magazine. Sarah Jane knows that Chastity has destroyed the copy of her father's will that was at the house, but still continues to try and get the attorney to turn over his copy. Sarah Jane soon discovers that the attorney is sleeping with Chastity, so she has to figure out another way to get a copy of the will. Mick's firm was hired by Chastity to catch Sarah Jane in the act of breaking into the house and look for the will.

Sarah Jane is instantly attracted to Mick when he shows up on her job site to photograph her for the magazine. Mick has to fight his attraction for Sarah Jane, since he is the person he is investigating. Sarah Jane finally finds out that Mick is working for the enemy and takes measures to get back at him. Once he explains that he doesn't believe anything Chastity has said, Sarah Jane and Mick finally give in to their attraction and passion for each other. Mick, who left the Rangers after a big mistake, still doesn't feel as if he is ready to move on with his life. He pushes Sarah Jane away just when he should be admitting how he feels about her.

Nelson writes another hot, sexy, romantic read with The Hell-Raiser. I hope we have another Men out of Uniform book soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Flashback by Jill Shalvis is the second in series American Heroes: The Firefighters. Aidan Donnelly has always battled the flames with trademark icy calm. Until the fire he is battling involves his old flame Mackenzie Stafford. Aidan broke Kenzie's heart all those years ago and Kenzie decides to get Aidan back this time.

The chemistry between Aidan and Kenzie burns up the pages. They are also continuing the search for the arsonist that Aidan's partner Zach was searching for in Flashpoint. Everyone believed that Kenzie's brother Blake was the arsonist, but Kenzie doesn't believe that Blake had anything to do with the fires. Kenzie and Aidan find evidence that someone other than Blake was behind the fires, but only after several more fires occur that have the same markings of the arsonist. Since Blake was believed to be killed in the fire at Zach's house, as more fires occur, it shows that someone else could be the arsonist.

With much intrigue, Shalvis writes another page turner full of passion and action. I can't wait to read the next in the series coming out in December.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sundays at Tiffany's

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet is a wonderful read. Patterson and Charbonnet weave a magical story that focuses on Jane Margaux and her imaginary friend from childhood Michael.

Michael was Jane's best friend in the world until she turned 9 years old and he had to leave her forever. He promised her that she would never remember him, as no other child had ever remembered him. Neither Jane nor Michael were ever able to forget the other and finally meet again by accident when Jane is an adult. Michael initially tries to stay away from Jane, but it seems that they are drawn to the same locations they visited when Jane was a child and they eventually run into one another.

Jane and Michael's love story is set up much like a beloved fairy tale. What if your imaginary friend from childhood was your one true love? Would you be willing to wait and believe it that love? Jane and Michael finally find happiness because fate has found a way for them to be together. Patterson and Charbonnet even throw in a few twist in the road to make the ending even sweeter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mercy Street

Mercy Street is the first book in a new series by Mariah Stewart. I had never read anything by Stewart before, but will always look for her books in the future. Mercy Street begins with Mallory Russo being offered a PI job to find two missing teenagers following the murder of two of their friends in the park. Mallory is hired by Robert Magellan, a man whose own wife and baby son disappeared without a trace over a year ago. Magellan offers to cover to expenses to help out his cousin Father Kevin Burch, who's parish secretary is the grandmother of one of the missing teens. Mallory ends up working with the new detective of the Conroy police force, Charlie Wanamaker. Mallory was one of the best detectives on the force until she was forced to quit the force due to lack of backup.

Mallory and Charlie soon piece together evidence that the murders of the teens in the park are directly related to a murder that happened over 18 months ago at a local store. Stewart keeps the reader caught up with quick action and even a bit of romance thrown into the mix between Mallory and Charlie. I did figure out the results of the mysteries in the book before the end, but the book was still very good. Stewart even gives the reader a glimpse of the future books in the series with many of the secondary characters. I really hope the next book in the series will focus on Robert Magellan. His character just cries out for some closure and he seems very intriguing to me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Flashpoint by Jill Shalvis is a page turner from the start. Zach Thomas risk his life battling fires every day. Brooke O'Brian is an EMT to temporarily joins the close-nit crew. Zack and Brooke are immediately attracted to each other, but Brooke will be leaving soon, so she doesn't want to be attracted to Zach. Brooke finally approaches Zach to have one night together to get their attraction out of their system.

As Brooke and Zach finally give into their attraction, the fires around town continue to heat up. Each of the fires seems to be suspicious to Zach and he continues to claim arson in the cause of the fires. The main fire investigator, Tommy, tells Zach to stay out of it, but Zach continues to investigate on his own and angers the arsonist.

Brooke and Zach continue to heat up the pages even as the fires heat up the town. Brooke must decide if she wants to stay in town and fight for Zach, and Zach must decide if he wants to finally admit that he needs someone. Shalvis writes another winner with Flashpoint.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer is the third book in the Twilight series. I loved Eclipse every bit as much as I love Twilight and New Moon. Bella, Edward, and Jacob keep you turning the pages to find out what will happen next. Meyer writes an amazing tale that has me chomping at the bit for the final book in the series. Bella as always is in danger and Edward must keep her safe. Jacob, who has always been in love with Bella loves to stir things up and keep Edward on edge.

Bella keeps trying to get Edward to turn her into a vampire, but he will only do so after they are married. Of course, during all their conversations, they know that someone is in the area looking for Bella, so Edward decides it is time to team up with Jacob and his pack to keep Bella safe. The Cullens, Jacob and his pack form a plan to take out whoever is out there after Bella. The battle is brutal and there are injuries among the good guys. Bella also finally chooses between her love for Edward and her newly discovered love for Jacob. I've always been in the Edward camp, so I love that she has decided to marry Edward with all the bells and whistles that Alice can create.

I was finally able to get back to reading yesterday. My nieces had been in for a visit for 9 days and I only was able to read about 30 pages. I read almost non-stop(I did have to work today) and now am counting the days until Breaking Dawn hits the bookstores.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Heated Rush

Heated Rush by Leslie Kelly is the second in The Wrong Bed: Again and Again series. Annie Davis goes to a bachelor auction to buy a blue-collar guy to take home for her parents anniversary party. She is tired of everyone always trying to set her up with men when she goes home for a visit. She also is trying to convince her family that she is fine living in Chicago.

Annie bids on and wins Sean Murphy, who is anything but a blue-collar guy. He actually is from Europe and started his business as a male escort. He now is a legitimate businessman, but still runs into women he has "worked with" in the past.

Annie and Sean are immediately attracted to each other, but each tries to fight their attraction for a bit, since Sean will only be in town through the weekend. The passion between them burns up the pages and I couldn't put Heated Rush down waiting for Annie and Sean's happily ever after. Kelly writes another winner and I can't wait for her next book to come out!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Lifelines by CJ Lyons is the first in a series that takes place at Pittsburgh's Angels of Mercy Medical Center. Lydia is the new ER attending physician, Amanda is a med student, Gina is a resident, and Nora is a no-nonsense charge nurse. Lifelines is really Lydia's story more than the other women's, but you do get to see glimpses of each woman life so you learn a little bit about each.

Lifelines opens up with a patient dying in the ER and Lydia being put on probation. There is no apparent reason for the death and it becomes even more troubling after several more unrelated deaths occur on Lydia's watch. With both mystery and romance, Lyons keeps the reader glued to the book until the very end. I had never read anything by CJ Lyons before, but will make sure to find her books in the future.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If Angels Burn

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl is the first novel of the Darkyn. Dr. Alexander Keller is Chicago's most brilliant and fastest reconstructive surgeon. Michael Cyprien is New Orlean's most reclusive millionaire and in desperate need of Dr. Keller's skill. Michael is one of the Darkyn, or a vampire to humans. Alex is the fastest surgeon around and Michael needs her to preform his surgery as he heals as soon as he is cut, unless it is copper. Alex repeatedly turns down money to come to New Orleans to perform the surgery, so Cyprien has her kidnapped and brought to him to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is complete, Michael "feeds" from Alex and ends up taking too much blood and Alex starts to turn to Darkyn as well.

Alex is returned to Chicago with really no memory of her time in New Orleans. Michael eventually must go to Chicago to check on Alex and finds her only to learn that she has found a way to slow down the process of turning to full Darkyn. He makes a deal with Alex to return to New Orleans to help other members of the Darkyn with her surgery skills.

The Darkyn have enemies called the Brethren, who are priest that are trying to end the Darkyn race. Alex's brother John is a priest who the Brethren induct as one of their own. John of course has no idea that by killing members of the Darkyn, he will eventually have to kill his sister. In a battle against the Brethren, Alex must finally make the decision to either stay half human or full Darkyn. She must also decided whether or not to continue to fight her feelings for Michael.

I really enjoyed If Angels Burn and can't wait to read the next books in the Darkyn series. I found this series after many books were released, so I have many great books to look forward to reading.