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Lucky in Love!

Book 4 from the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis

Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

Mallory Quinn has had enough of playing it safe. As a nurse and devoted daughter, she takes care of everyone but herself. And as the local good girl, she's expected to date Mr. Right. But for once, she'd like to take a risk on Mr. Wrong. And who could be more wrong than Ty Garrison? The mysterious new guy in town has made it clear that he's only passing through, which suits Mallory just fine. Besides, his lean, hard body and sexy smile will give her plenty to remember once he's gone . . . 

For the first time in his life, Ty can't bear to leave. Helping this sexy seductress-in-training walk on the wild side is making him desire things he shouldn’t-including leaving the military for good. As their just-for-fun fling becomes something more, Mallory and Ty wonder if they could really be this lucky in love. After all . . . anything can happen in a town called Lucky Harbor.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love is the 4th book in Lucky Harbor series from author Jill Shalvis. From the back cover.~

Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

Mallory Quinn has had enough of playing it safe. As a nurse and devoted daughter, she takes care of everyone but herself. And as the local good girl, she's expected to date Mr. Right. But for once, she'd like to take a risk on Mr. Wrong. And who could be more wrong than Ty Garrison? The mysterious new guy in town has made it clear that he's only passing through, which suits Mallory just fine. Besides, his lean, hard body and sexy smile will give her plenty to remember once he's gone . . . 

For the first time in his life, Ty can't bear to leave. Helping this sexy seductress-in-training walk on the wild side is making him desire things he shouldn’t-including leaving the military for good. As their just-for-fun fling becomes something more, Mallory and Ty wonder if they could really be this lucky in love. After all . . . anything can happen in a town called Lucky Harbor.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Lucky in Love from NetGalley and have since bought it for my keeper shelf. I’m a huge fan of Jill Shalvis and she has been an auto-buy author for me for years.

I loved Lucky in Love so much. When Mallory, Amy, and Grace are stranded together during a freak storm that hits Lucky Harbor, they form their very own chocoholics group and a great friendship begins. During their first meeting Ty shows up hurt and Mallory, Amy and Grace come to his rescue. Ty even promises to be Mallory’s date for the fund raiser she is chairing, although with his head injury, he doesn’t really remember.

Mallory is tired of waiting around for Mr. Right, so figures she might as well have some fun with Mr. Wrong…and Ty totally fits the bill. He is only in town until he is well enough to go back to work and makes no bones about the fact he has no desire to stay in Lucky Harbor. However, the attraction between Ty and Mallory is off the charts. So much that they can’t even keep their hands off each other at the fund raiser and sneak off for super steamy quickie. For two people who don’t want anything but right now, Ty and Mallory soon seem to spend pretty much all their free time together.

Mallory still needs the support of her new friends to get her through the ups and downs of a relationship that isn’t really supposed to be a relationship. I loved how quickly the 3 women bonded and how realistic their friendship really was. Ty and Mallory were really great for one another. Their sexual chemistry was amazing, but they also formed a wonderful friendship as they spent more and more time together.

The official release date for Lucky in Love was May 22, 2012 and can be found at your favorite bookstore or online retailer. Up next in the series is At Last and is set for release in July 2012.

If You Were Mine

If You Were Mine is the 5th book in the Sullivan Family series from Bella Andre. From Amazon’s website.~
Can two people who have both sworn off love find forever in each other's arms? Find out in IF YOU WERE MINE, the fifth book in Bella Andre's bestselling Sullivan family contemporary romance series.

The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to take care of his brother's new puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can't stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.

Heather Linsey can't believe she's stuck working with one of the city's top dogs, auto-shop tycoon Zach Sullivan. Especially when his focus is clear from the start—not only to learn how to deal with his temporary puppy...but also to make her his. Having sworn off love at seventeen when she realized it was nothing more than a pack of lies, Heather has stuck to her vow never to fall for a charming man.

But as Heather's determination to push Zach away only fuels his determination to get closer—and the sensual and emotional connection between them grows more and more undeniable—will the biggest Sullivan bad boy of all tempt her into believing in love again?

I’m a huge fan of Bella Andre and pre-ordered If You Were Mine as soon as there was a release date. I love spending more time with the entire Sullivan clan in each book. I’ve always liked Zack in past books, so when I saw we would be getting his story, it made me very happy.

Zach has always lived a bit of a charmed life. However, when he is left a new puppy to puppy sit for while his brother takes his family on vacation, he quickly learns he is in over his head. Enter dog trainer Heather Linsey and Zach’s world is getting ready to be turned upside down. I loved Heather from the moment she was first introduced. She wasn’t willing to fall at Zach’s feet as every other woman had his entire adult life. When Heather’s dog Atlas falls for Zach’s temporary dog Cuddles, Heather and Zach find themselves spending more and more time together.

The attraction between Heather and Zach is obvious from their very first meeting. However, neither is looking for more than “friends with benefits” because of issues both have in their past. Once they do finally give in to their attraction, it was super sexy. Zach and Heather’s “friends with benefits” relationship soon looks like it is becoming so much more. Heather and Atlas continue to be there to help Zach and Cuddles (I love how Atlas and Cuddles love each other so much).  Zach is there for Heather when she has to have dinner with her parents, and Heather is there for Zach for the birth of his new niece.

Zach and Heather are both such strong characters and I loved them together. I really wanted Heather to confront the people who caused her demons from the past, but that is the only thing I wanted to happen that didn’t in this book.  Bella Andre has always given her readers books filled with a wide range of emotion, and she delivers again with If You Were Mine. At any given time I could be laughing, crying, or yelling/cursing one of the characters.

The official ebook release date for If You Were Mine was May 24, 2012 and is available from your favorite online retailers. Up next for the Sullivan clan will be Ryan’s story, and I can’t wait for it to be released.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lethal Rider

Lethal Rider is the latest book in the Lords of Deliverance series from Larissa Ione. From Amazon's website.~

 They're here.

They ride.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Born of a match between good and evil, four siblings stand between hell's minions and everything they want to destroy. They are the Lords of Deliverance, and they have the power to ward off Doomsday . . . or let it ride . . . 


Thanatos, the most deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse, has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days. But just one night with the wickedly sexy Aegis Guardian, Regan Cooper, shatters centuries of resolve. Yet their passion comes with a price. And Thanatos must face a truth more terrifying than an apocalypse-he's about to become a father.

Demon-slayer Regan Cooper never imagined herself the maternal type, but with the fate of the world hanging in the balance she had no choice but to seduce Thanatos and bear his child. Now, as the final battle draws closer and his rage at being betrayed is overshadowed by an undeniable passion for the mother of his child, Thanatos has a life-shattering realization: To save the world, he must sacrifice the only thing he's ever wanted-a family.

I’m a huge fan of Larissa Ione, so when I saw Lethal Rider up on NetGalley, I was super excited to get an early copy. I can’t say I loved Than in the other books, but did want to know more about him. I loved Than and Regan’s book! Can honestly say it is my favorite of this series so far.

Both Regan and Than are such strong characters and seemed to be stronger when together. I loved Regan from the beginning. She didn’t think she could be a good mother because of her background, yet would do anything to protect her baby…even if that means giving her baby to someone else to raise. However, that can only work if Than stays out of the picture until after the baby is born. It seems that not even his brother and sister can keep him away from Regan and their unborn child.

Things get crazy as Pestilence is trying to kill Regan and Than’s son so he can set off the Apocalypse. All is not as it seems, and Regan and Than soon figure out there are others helping Pest, aka Reseph go after the couple and their unborn son. Of course, Than is royally pissed off at Regan for drugging him to have sex, to conceive a child who could save the world. His anger goes away as he realizes Regan was also drugged and lied to about the outcome to set things in motion. I fell for Than as I watched him go from angry father-to-be to man in love with the mother of his child. Since both Regan and Than have major trust issues, there was no smooth sailing in their courtship, but it was fun to watch the big bad horseman fall in love.

Larissa Ione throws so many emotions at her readers. I was laughing, crying or cursing at any given time while reading Lethal Rider. The official release date for Lethal Rider was May 22, 2012 and can be found at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shiloh Walker UF Giveaway

I'm super excited to post about a chance for everyone to enter for a chance to win a copy of Shiloh's latest project. 

Check out Shiloh's latest project...Blade Song. Enter to win a galley to review...and she's giving away 50!

You can enter via her blog (www.shilohwalker.com). You can tweet about it. And if you post about it to your blog, you get a couple of extra entries...

Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.
So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.

Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.

If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long to collect her fee…

Monday, May 14, 2012

Guarding Jess

Guarding Jess is the 2nd book in the McCormack Security Agency series and the newest release from Shannon Curtis. From the Carina Press website.~

Jessica Pennington's work as an etiquette coach requires her to be polite and proper at all times, especially now that she has a book coming out. The only thing that rattles her reserve is the increasingly violent emails and texts from her persistent stalker. With the book launch in jeopardy, she reluctantly hires a bodyguard.

Noah Samuels hates stuck-up, prim people like Jessica. He's more the blunt, straightforward type. But to advance up the ranks at McCormack Security, he has to take the high-profile assignment. After a near miss on his first day on the job, Noah realizes that the stalker isn't just hype cooked up to sell books-the threat is real.

As the stalker escalates from letters to letter bombs, Noah sees a vulnerable side of Jessica that rouses more than just his protective instincts. But can she let down her guard long enough to trust Noah before it's too late?

Guarding Jess was the first book I’d read from Shannon Curtis, but it won’t be the last. I actually got an early copy from NetGalley and plan on buying Viper’s Kiss, the first book in the McCormack Security Agency series soon.

I liked Jessica from the first time we met her. I could tell there was more to her than what she showed to the public. Noah was a bit of a hard-ass in the beginning, but the more time I spent with him, the more I liked him. I could see the attraction between Jessica and Noah from the minute they met. It’s not really a good thing for a bodyguard to be attracted to the woman he is there to protect, but even when Jessica seems proper and polite, Noah still wants her.

Jessica is just as attracted to Noah, although she doesn’t seem to trust her own judgment with all that is going on in her life. She will do anything to protect her business and her book launch, and that even means putting some of her trust in Noah to protect her from her stalker. I admit I did figure out early on they were off base with who they were looking at for the stalker. I didn’t have the right person in mind, but I was correct in my guess in the sex of the person.  The only problem I had with the book was figuring out the secret of the stalker early in the story. However, I do read lots of mysteries and romantic suspense stories.

Jessica and Noah grow closer with each passing day and their attraction only gets stronger the more time they spend together. I loved the passion between them once they finally gave in to their attraction. They really were perfect together.

I really enjoyed Guarding Jess and Shannon Curtis’ writing style. I like reading about strong characters and there are many strong characters in this story. The official release date is May 14, 2012 from Carina Press.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Karma is the 3rd book in the fabulous Serendipity series from NYT bestselling author Carly Phillips. From the back cover.~

Officer Dare Barron has had a crush on Liza McKnight ever since he was a teenager. But despite his lifelong attraction, the closest he's ever come to interacting with her is watching Liza regularly bail out her brother at the station.
Dare's dark past with Liza's brother, Brian, has always kept him from pursuing her. But suddenly Liza finds herself in need of protection and Dare appoints himself as the man for the job.  And while the sizzling attraction between Dare and Liza draws them together, the past that Dare and Brian share threatens to keep the two apart forever.

I’ve been waiting for Dare’s story since I first met him in Serendipity. Not to take anything away from Ethan or Nash, but there was just something I loved about Dare from the start. When he shared a secret with his brothers in Destiny, I knew it would end up being a major part of his story. I’m going to try to avoid spoilers as much as possible with this post, and I apologize for any I inadvertently reveal.

I loved Dare and Liza’s story. It wasn’t really easy for either of them. Liza has trust issues because of the way her family has always treated her. She has never been able to depend on anyone other than herself. Her brother Brian has always been there, but he has been a source of trouble every since the party he threw in high school. Dare has been attracted to Liza since they were in high school, but has tried to stay away from her since he was at Brian’s party in high school. He knows facts from the party that would hurt Liza to no end if she were to find out.

Since Brian continues to get into trouble, Dare and Liza run into one another on a regular basis. Dare and Liza are attracted to one another and even Dare’s past with Brian isn’t enough to stop him from acting on his attraction. The chemistry between Dare and Liza is sizzling. Because of Liza’s past, she isn’t looking for a relationship, but both promise to only be with one another while they are together (sounds like a relationship to me). Things are going pretty well in their relationship until Dare’s half-sister Tess is hurt at a party and he acts like a jerk to Liza and takes out his anger on her. Liza is already dealing with the fact her brother has messed up and drug her into his mess to clean up. She thought Dare was finally someone she could depend on and then he acts like a jerk. Dare must prove to Liza that he is willing to stand by her no matter what to make things right.

I loved how Dare proves himself to Liza. They are both such strong people, and really only become stronger together. I also love getting to spend time with the entire Barron family in this book. I loved watch the brothers together. I also loved how quickly Kelly and Faith accepted Liza as one of them. Liza really didn’t have any close girlfriends until Kelly and Faith, and I loved how they stood by her.

I’ve said all along Dare is my favorite Barron brother and his story was more than worth the wait. Carly gives her readers another winner with Karma, and I can’t wait for my next visit to Serendipity. I love visiting with the residents of Serendipity and am happy to say we get more books in the series. The Serendipity series will continue with the cops of Serendipity in The Perfect Trilogy. Up first will be Perfect Fit in February 2013, followed by Perfect Change in September 2013, and Perfect Together in February 2014.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blood Moon

Blood Moon is the 1st book in The Moonstruck series, a new trilogy of novellas from Silver James. From the author’s website.~

Army Major Hannah Jackson knows where the skeletons are hidden at the Pentagon and now she’s been tasked with keeping the secrets of Army Special Sci Ops Unit 69—the Wolves—and their secret is a doozy. That a civilian corporation wants to exploit the Wolves is a matter of pressing concern.

Sergeant Major Ian McIntire doesn’t trust Hannah as far as he can throw her—and that’s quite a ways considering he’s an alpha werewolf. The woman is a pain in his butt and with the Blood Moon coming, the unit needs to complete their mission and get home before tempers flare. While she might know most of their secrets, the one she doesn’t know about the moonstruck Wolf might just get them all killed.

When a covert operation goes wrong, Mac must trust Hannah to save his men—and his heart. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are more personal under the full moon, but when a Wolf loves a woman, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Warning: Pursue an alpha Wolf at your own risk. Hot sex, bad words, and action of the blood and guts kind will ensue.

I’ve been a fan of Silver’s since I read her very first book Faeire Fire. I’m also lucky enough to be able to claim Silver as a friend, so I was super excited when she told me she had plans to self-pub her next series of books. I was given an early copy of Blood Moon to read, and bought a copy for my kindle as soon as it was available.

I was a fan of Hannah’s from the very beginning. I also really loved Mac and his friends. Mac is ready to get rid of Hannah from pretty much the moment she shows up, but she does earn his respect by taking everything he throws at her and not giving up. Mac and Hannah are both such strong characters, although I don’t think Hannah realized in the beginning how strong she really was. Mac is a total Alpha, both as a man and a wolf. He knows he is becoming moonstruck by Hannah and knows she is his mate and that if they make love now, she will become pregnant. Even knowing they are in the middle of a major op, he can’t resist the pull to Hannah. The chemistry between them is sizzling, and the fact their first time together was in a cave took nothing from the heat factor.

Mac and Hannah are a great couple. Not that everything is easy for them. Mac is worried about Hannah being near the op, Hannah is freaking out about the mating, and nothing can be settled until the op is finished.
Blood Moon was an action-packed, fun and sexy read. It is currently available for purchase from Amazon and is even on sale for $.99 for the first week. After that, it will be back to the regular price of $1.99. The next two books  in the Moonstruck Trilogy are currently set for release in June and July. I highly recommend reading this series to all who love sexy Alpha men.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Brook Street: Rogues

Brook Street: Rogues is the 3rd book in the Brook Street series from Ava March. From the Carina Press website.~
London, 1822

Two of London's most notorious rakehells, Linus Radcliffe and Robert Anderson, are the best of friends. They share almost everything--clothes, servants, their homes, and even each other's bed on occasion. The one thing they don't share: lovers. For while Linus prefers men, Robert prefers women...except when it comes to Linus.

As another Season nears its end, Robert can't ignore his growing jealousy. He hates watching Linus disappear from balls to dally with other men. Women are lovely, but Linus rouses feelings he's never felt with another. Unwilling to share his gorgeous friend another night, Robert has a proposition for Linus.

A proposition Linus flatly refuses--but not for the reasons Robert thinks. Still, Robert won't take no for an answer. He sets out to prove a thing or two to his best friend--yet will learn something about the heart himself.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Brook Street: Rogues from NetGalley. I’ve read the first 2 books in this series and really enjoyed them, so was happy to finally get Radcliffe’s book.

I wanted Radcliffe’s book from the moment we first met him in the first book. Something about him made me want to see him find his very own happily ever after. I knew he and Anderson sometimes hooked up, but he also seemed just as happy to pick up other men at various events. Linus has only ever wanted men, while Robert has shown a preference for women, except when it comes to Linus. However, Robert has finally realized the only person he wants to spend his life with is Linus.

The chemistry between Robert and Linus is really hot. Any readers looking for hot m/m loving will get it with this story. I also loved the scenes between them when they were just spending time together as friends or their times together after they made love just as much. Even before Linus gave his reasons for not having an exclusive relationship, I understood him being hesitant to change their relationship.  I really loved them as a couple, but loved that Robert would accept friendship only to keep Linus in his life. As much as I enjoyed the HEAs from the other two couples in this series, I liked seeing Linus get his HEA best.

The official release date for Brook Street: Rogues is set for May 7, 2012 and you can find it at Carina Press, Amazon, B&N, or any favorite online bookstore.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Undone by Her Tender Touch

Undone by Her Tender Touch is the newest Harlequin Desire release from Maya Banks and the 4th book in her Pregnancy & Passion series. From the back cover.~

Just one night? Yeah, right. Pippa Laingley should have known better. When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, she's at a crossroads. She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings. What she's just discovered is that he's loved and lost before—wife and child. Tragically.

Now Cam stands to lose it all again. If he lets Pippa get too close. If he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of financial support. Either way, he's doomed…unless he can let himself love again.

I was able to get an early copy from NetGalley of Undone by Her Tender Touch. I was so excited as I’m a huge Maya Banks fan. I really enjoyed the other books in this series and was glad to see Pippa was the heroine in this book.

I love that Pippa is such a strong woman. She is ready to start her own business and doesn’t plan to change those plans just because she finds out her one night with Cameron resulted in them having a baby.  Pippa is lucky to have some wonderful friends in her life as she deals with an unplanned pregnancy and Cam’s strange behavior. Of course neither Pippa or Cam can seem to keep their hands off one another if they are in the same room. Banks gives her readers lots of steamy and sexy scenes between Cam and Pippa.

I will say that Cam really could be a bit of a tool at times. While he is one of the sexiest men I’ve read about, he also is letting his past keep him from having happiness in the future. After the death of his wife and son, Cam pretty much locks himself away from feeling again. However, Pippa isn’t willing to settle for less than everything from Cam. Loved watching Cam finally figure out his true feelings for Pippa and their unborn child.

The official release date for Undone by Her Tender Touch was May 1, 2012. Although this book is the 4th in the series, I think it stands alone pretty well. I also loved we got to spend time with the couples from the first 3 books. Banks gives her long time fans and new readers a fabulous story filled with sexiness, laughter, and even a few tears (at least from me).

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love is the newest release from Kristan Higgins. From the back cover.~

After her father loses the family fortune in an insider-trading scheme, single mom Parker Welles is faced with some hard decisions. First order of business: go to Gideon's Cove, Maine, to sell the only thing she now owns—a decrepit house in need of some serious flipping. When her father's wingman, James Cahill, asks to go with her, she's not thrilled…even if he is fairly gorgeous and knows his way around a toolbox.

Having to fend for herself financially for the first time in her life, Parker signs on as a florist's assistant and starts to find out who she really is. Maybe James isn't the glib lawyer she always thought he was. And maybe the house isn't the only thing that needs a little TLC….

The official release date for Somebody to Love was April 24, 2012. I was lucky enough to get an early copy from NetGalley. I’m a big fan of Kristan Higgins and believes she totally delivers with her newest release.

I really loved both Parker and James from the moment they each appeared on the page. Parker is such a strong woman, and really only realizes how strong she is once her father loses the family fortune.  Her father’s right hand man James comes to help her out as she works to turn the falling down house she inherited into a home. She is on a bit of a deadline since her son will be back from vacation with his dad and new step-mom, Parker’s best friends, in 3 weeks.

While Parker takes on a part-time job at her cousin’s flower shop to help pay some of the bills, James takes care of the major work that is needed on the house and dock at her new home. Parker and James also work together to turn the house into a home. The more time they spend together, the more attracted they become to one another.  I really loved the chemistry between Parker and James. They have been attracted to one another for years, and even acted on that attraction years ago. When they are together this time, they are just as hot together if not more so than before.

I love when I read a Kristan Higgins book, I’m guaranteed to get a great love story filled with humor. I had people giving me funny looks when I laughed out loud in the waiting room as I read about Parker getting busted for selling pot. I had to laugh, because I couldn’t believe a grown woman didn’t know what pot looked like, even if she had never tried it before. Higgins made me laugh, cry and even cheer as I read this book. I look forward to more books from Higgins in the future.