Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reading Update & Running Update

I've been really horrible about posting updates on my reading in the last month or so. I've been reading quite a bit lately, but feel that I'm so far behind in doing individual post that I'll never catch up. So I'm going to do a post about all the books I've read in the past 6 weeks in one post.

First up is Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards. I absolutely loved this book. Louisa Edwards writes smart, funny, strong and sexy characters. I loved watching Adam and Miranda fall for one another. I already have her next two books in my TBR pile and can't wait to read them.

Next up is Fairy Tales Come True by Silver James. It was a sweet short story about two people finding one another again at their 25-year class reunion. Derek, know known as Deke, actually had a crush on Alexandra, or Dorothy as she was known in high school, when they were younger. I'm a big fan of Silver's and can't wait for her next book to be released.

Crimson Moon by JA Saare was a fun and sexy paranormal story. I found Jaime's books through many of my blogger and twitter friends and I'm so glad I listened. Crimson Moon is another winner in my book. Emma is a really strong character and I loved both Caleb and Trent. I must admit as much as I love Caleb, I'm a little bit more in love with Trent.

Crave by JR Ward is the second book in her Fallen Angel series. I'm a huge JR Ward fan, and was a little hesitant to read Crave, since I didn't love Covet, the first book in the series. However, I absolutely loved Crave and now am really excited to read more books in this series. Envy is the title of the third book and will be released in October 2011.

The Princess's Bride was another super sexy f/f story by KT Grant. I'm a huge fan of KT Grant and try to read everything she publishes. She once again delivers with this sexy pirate story. I loved watching Daisy come into her own with her sexy lover Chelsey.

Double Cross is the second book in the Disillusionist Trilogy by Carolyn Crane. This is such a great series. I love Justine and her other disillusionist friends. Her attraction to both Otto and Packard keeps the readers guessing. I've always thought Packard was the better man and my feeling still haven't changed after reading Double Cross. I look forward to reading the final book in this trilogy next year.

Another book many of my blogger and twitter friends have told me about is Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane. Unholy Ghosts is the first book in the Chess Putnam series. Now, I'd heard everyone talking about how much they had "Terrible Fever" from reading this book and I have to say, I too caught "Terrible Fever". I already have the next two books in this series and can't wait to get more time with Terrible.

The final book in this update is No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It is the latest in the Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter series. I absolutely love this series and really loved reading Dev and Samia's story. I actually borrowed it from the library so I could read it sooner, since I have to wait to get it in paperback. I've always loved Dev Peltier and think he and Sam are a perfect match to one another.

Hope to not get so behind that I have to post about 8 books in one post again. Part of the reason I'm so behind is due to all my running. I've been training for my first 1/2 marathon since September. I've now run two 5k races and one 10k race. The 1/2 marathon seemed to be the perfect next race to complete. However, I injured my foot a couple of weeks ago and don't think I'll be able to actually compete in my first 1/2 marathon in November. Luckily there are 1/2 marathons in the area almost every month of the year. So tomorrow I'll give my orthopedic surgeon a call and see if I can get in for x-rays to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong with my foot. I'm still good with short runs, but am not able to make it more than 8 miles without having a problem. I'll post more once I talk to my doctor and hopefully I can start training for my first 1/2 marathon again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Half Marathon Training Update

So when I started running back in April, my only goal was to finish a 5k. Once I did my first 5k, I decided I wanted to see if I could do a 10k. Well, I did my 1st 10k in September, and thought what the heck, I want to try a half marathon. So I signed up for a half marathon training group and started my training in September. I've now had long runs of both 8 miles and 10 miles. I absolutely love an 8 mile run. You burn lots of calories and still feel really good when you finish. I loved the first 9 miles of my 10 mile run. After that point, the run turned into a bitch with teeth. Part of the problem was I hurt my right foot last week on the 6 mile run through Percy Warner Park. It pretty much is 3-5 miles mostly uphill, with the final mile being almost all downhill. No matter how I tried to control my speed, I ended up running downhill too fast and did something to my right foot. In my run yesterday, about mile 9 or so my foot started hurting to the point that I actually had to walk about 1/2 of the final mile.

Now I'm trying to figure out if my foot will heal enough for me to actually run my half marathon in 3 weeks. We do a 12 mile run on Saturday, and depending on how the run goes depends on if I register for the race. Luckily, the race I'm looking at doesn't sell out and you can register for it up the the morning of the race. I'm limping along today and will do a couple of short runs this week before the long 12 mile run on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crave Booksigning – October 9, 2010

I went to the JR Ward book signing for Crave on Saturday with my cousins, who are huge fans of the WARDen just like me. Thanks to my cousin Gina, I have lots of notes from the book signing Q&A period. The WARDen was a beautiful as ever and so much fun to be around as she answered questions for over an hour (using very colorful language and visuals). I need to make sure I bring a video camera and a digital recorder for the next book signing, which she said would be when Lover Unleashed is released in April. I can't promise there are no spoilers in this post, but I do promise no information about the end of Crave is in this post. Also need to post a reminder that none of this information can be posted on her boards or the Yahoo group, but we weren't told we couldn't post on our personal blogs.

Will there be a book for Tohrment? Yes, but not any time soon.

Will the Scribe Virgin get a book? She's not a big fan of her, so that's unknown.

Also asked about the SV's father and was told much like Boo and the coffins, it would be explained eventually.

Will there be more brothers? Yes, there will be at least 6 new brothers. We weren't given details as to when we would meet them or who they are.

What about Qhuinn & Blay? There will be Qhuinn & Blay stuff in Lover Unleashed. Also re-confirmed we will get their story in a "novella" sometime after Wrath & Rhage's are published. Promised to do it right and it would focus on them. Most likely will be named Qhuinn & Blay so people know what they are getting. (her novellas will be longer than the average novella)

Is Lassiter the missing angel in Covet? She wasn't exactly sure how the two series crossed, just that the 3rd book (Envy)'s hero is mentioned in LU and the Angels end up back in Caldwell. Jim will be looking for Sissy's body.

Lassiter will get his own book, in the BDB series sometime after Tohr.

Will No' one(Xhex's mom) and Tohr get together? JR put her hands together in the shape of a heart.

Does Layla get her own story? We were told to "keep reading". Sounds like a yes to me. :)

Muhrder will not be in LU.

Who's her favorite female character? Beth or Xhex, although she really didn't like Xhex when she first showed up.

How are Manny & Butch related? She said to "keep reading". However, a few minutes later was asked if Butch and Manny's father would be revealed and she said yes. (didn't find it surprising as I thought Butch and Manny were brothers from the first time we met Manny).

Yes, the promise the Scribe Virgin demanded from Wrath will come to light, just not sure when.

Re-confirmed that JM and the brothers will never know he is Darius reincarnated.

Will Jim, Adrian or Eddie be one of the souls saved in the Fallen Angel series? Yes, but wouldn't tell us who.

V & Jane will have big trouble in LU. V is going to lose it big time over his mommy issues, with how she has treated both him and Payne. Very colorful descriptions and language at this point. Must bring digital recorder next time so I can get it all. Something big will happen with Doc Jane too and then something really BIG will happen. She almost left it out, but the story wouldn't finish without it. Makes publisher very nervous and JR very nervous. Asked if it has anything to do with BDSM and was told "What the f*** do you think it is going to be? Not like V has a fashion sense issue." The WARDen played dumb when asked if Butch would be involved...guessing and hoping he is involved. :)

Z is her favorite hero, but she has never read his story again because it is too upsetting.

Her Slice of Life novellas will be available in both print and ebook.

Will JM join the brotherhood? Yes, soon, along with Xhex and Payne.

iAm and Trez will have their own books focused on their completely different culture.

Rehv is still around, just busy as the king of the freaks. He was there when Xhex and JM were mated.

Does Devina get power from her souls? No, she's just a hoarder. Her power is independent of the repercussions from that power. She will also continue seeing her therapist. (Can't wait to see what real world issues she assigns to things in the future)

Will Lash come back? He went back to the Omega, who's not in a hurry to bring him back.

She agreed they really need to get going on the merchandise. Way past time to work on it.

She was asked if we would ever see Nalla's change? Conceivably in the next 25 years or so. She wondered which male would be brave enough to walk in that house for Nalla.

My cousin took really great notes, but I'm sure I still left something out. She talked and answered questions for a little over an hour and was so awesome. So worth any amount of travel to go to one of her book signings.