Friday, May 30, 2008

The Appeal

The Appeal is the latest courtroom drama by John Grisham. I thoroughly enjoyed The Appeal and am glad that Grisham went back to the old school courtroom dramas that his readers love. As with any Grisham novel, there is secondary story in the background. It all starts with a lawsuit where $41 million in damages is awarded to the plaintiff. The attorneys for the plaintiff are Wes and Mary Grace Payton, who have risked bankruptcy to keep the fight going against Krane Chemicals Corporation. Krane Chemicals, owned by Carl Trudeau immediately sets out the appeal the judgement. With the help of a consultant firm, Trudeau can see that the Mississippi Supreme Court will rule in favor of the verdict, unless a change is made to at least one of the justices.

My hiring the consultant firm, Mr. Trudeau is almost guaranteed that there will be a new justice before the case makes it to the Supreme Court. All for the right to keep his money, not caring how many people he has hurt or might have died from his greed, Trudeau sets in motion a plan to change the Supreme Court of the state of Mississippi. A young lawyer, Ron Fisk, is convinced that he is the man for the job and he will be able to change the legal system.

Although much of the legal stuff happens outside the courtroom, Grisham give the reader that enjoys legal drama a great read.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Superb and Sexy

Superb and Sexy by Jill Shalvis is the final book on the Sky High trilogy. Shalvis scores again with a can't miss, sexy book. Superb and Sexy is the story of Brody, the third owner of Sky High Airlines, and Maddie, Sky High's gorgeous, wise-cracking concierge. Maddie is in over her head trying to protect her twin sister Leena from their ruthless family. Brody, who is just beginning to admit his feelings for Maddie to himself, decides it is his job to protect Maddie from herself.

Things really heat up when Maddie and Brody finally give into the passion and attraction they feel for one another. I loved reading Noah and Shayne's stories, but I feel that Shalvis saved the best for last with Brody and Maddie's story. There is drama, passion, and heart-felt romance with both Maddie and Brody growing as the story progresses.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody Does It Better by Jennifer LaBrecque is an awesome read. Schoolteacher Holly Smith is traveling to Venice to find her mother, who left her family when she was very young. She has hired someone to show her the sites, since she could get lost going from room to the next. Gage Carswell ends up being her tour guide, although Holly has no idea that he is actually an undercover spy.

Gage believes Holly is an international spy who he must keep under surveillance 24/7. While both are attracted to each other from the start, Gage only acts on his attraction after Holly has an emotional upheaval. The passion between Holly and Gage jumps off the pages. I can only say one of the most sexy scenes I've ever read happens on the gondola ride, following every man's dream at the dinner table. LaBrecque writes another winner with Nobody Does It Better.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Loner

The Loner is Rhonda Nelson's latest in a series called Men out of Uniform. Lucas "Huck" Finn is a former Army Ranger who joins Ranger Security after leaving the service. Huck's first assignment is to babysit heiress Sapphira Stravos. Sapphira's father has been receiving threatening notes that Sapphira is in trouble. Sapphira doesn't want a bodyguard because she is afraid her father will find out how she really spends her days. Sapphira and her friend Cindy Ward have started a charity called Belle Charities. Sapphira tries to get rid of Huck by trying to act like a "spoiled little rich girl", who shows no concern for those around her, spending her days shopping, and carting her little dog around to various appointments. Huck gets the upper hand when he puts Sapphira under house arrest. Of course, you can feel the chemistry between them from their first meeting.

Huck and Sapphira try to fight their attraction for each other, but eventually give in to the passion. Huck also can tell that there is more to Sapphira than meets the eye. He continues to search for search for the writer of the letters even as he begins to fall in love with her. Huck and Sapphira find a way to make the differences in each of them work together to form an explosive, sexy relationship.

Friday, May 16, 2008

4th of July

4th of July by James Patterson is the next in the Women's Murder Club series. Lindsey, Claire and Cindy are still dealing with the loss of a dear friend and meet for dinner at their favorite handout. Lindsey must not only search for a killer in the latest installment, she is on trial for her career. Lindsey is put on leave, so she heads to her her sister Cat's house to stay away from the media until the trial starts. While on her "vacation", Lindsey stumbles into an area with murders taking place that have all the markings of being related to an unsolved homicide from 10 years ago that Lindsey has never been able to solve.

Patterson writes another nail-bitter with 4th of July. The Women's Murder Club is one of the best mystery series I've ever read. You have lots of action, a little romance, and wonderful friendship between strong women. Patterson also makes it difficult for the reader to figure out some of the killers. I usually pretty good about figuring out the bad guy, but I will admit that one of the people was a major surprise to me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slow Hands

Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly is a hot, sexy read from page one. Maddy Turner goes to a bachelor charity auction to stop her stepmother from bidding on a European gigolo. Jake Wallace is bachelor number 19, who Maddy bids on and wins. Jake has no idea that Maddy believes he is a gigolo and Maddy has no idea that Jake is really a paramedic. Maddy has always had to protect herself because of her family's money. She has never known if men were attracted to her for her or for her money. Jake wants Maddy from the minute he sees her across the room at the auction. He fights his attraction to show Maddy that he can be a gentleman. One of the hottest scenes I've ever read occurs on Maddy and Jake's first date. He tells her exactly what he wants to do to her, while sitting in a public bar following a Cubs game. The passion between Jake and Maddy jumps off the pages from their first meeting and continues throughout the entire book. Maddy and Jake learn the truth about each other as they find true love along the way.

Slow Hands is a Blaze book in The Wrong Bed miniseries and Leslie Kelly just keeps you wanting more! Luckily for the readers, Kelly's next book, Heated Rush, comes out next month from Blaze.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coming Soon

Coming Soon by Jo Leigh takes place in Hush Hotel in New York City. Mia Traverse is the concierge for Hush and Bax Milligan is the police detective sent to Hush to investigate a murder. Mia loves to solve puzzles and thinks she can help Bax investigate the case. Mia and Bax also must fight the strong attraction they have for each other.

As Mia and Bax get closer to the truth, the murderer tries to stop the investigation by taking a shot at Mia. Even though Mia has promised Bax to stay out of trouble, as she puts the pieces together, she puts herself in danger again. The chemistry between Mia and Bax stands out from their first meeting. As with many of the Blaze line, the strong characters keep the reader wanting more.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under the Rose

Under the Rose is the second in An Ivy League Novel series by Diana Peterfreund. Under the Rose focuses on the secret society, Rose & Grave. In the first book in the series, the Order of Rose & Grave society began accepting women into the group. The Rose & Grave has many ups and downs in Under the Rose. Someone is revealing secret information to the public about the society. Amy Haskel is one of the Diggirls, or the first group of women initiated. She and her other Diggirls and few of the knights must figure out who is trying to ruin their society. Because the secret information is only listed in the R&G archives, everyone knows that it is someone on the inside. Not only does Amy have to solve the mystery, she is also having a "relationship" with one of the brothers, Puck (George Harrison Prescott). Puck is know for being a player and he and Amy have been fighting their attraction for months. Amy must resolve her feeling for George and find a way to keep her society as the influential group it has always been.

Under the Rose is an action packed book full of romance and mystery. Peterfreund keeps the reader captivated from the very first page.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Surviving Demon Island

Surviving Demon Island is the first in a series of kick-ass Demon Hunters by Jaci Burton. Surviving Demon Island starts with a group of ordinary people all competing on a reality television show. What none of the participants realize is they are all being tested to see if they too can be Demon Hunters.

Derek Marks is the lead trainer for the future Demon Hunters, and Gina Bliss is one of the most talented fighters of the group. Derek and Gina have fantastic chemistry both as partners in fights and partners in bed...when they finally make it to a bed. Both have had situations in their pasts, as well as all the other fighter and hunters, where a demon has taken someone away for their family. Derek and Gina don't know that they are being picked out from the group because of Derek's past. Derek and Gina must let their love for one another protect both their lives.

Surviving Demon Island is a fast moving, action-packed book. There is plenty of sexy scenes between Derek and Gina, as well as lots of action between the demons and the hunters. Hunting the Demon is the next in the Demon Hunter series and I can't wait to find out what happens with the hunters.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 Kathleen O'Reilly books

Kthleen O'Reilly creates an incredible trio of books with the O'Sullivan brother books. First up is the youngest brother Gabe's book titled Shaken and Stirred. Gabe is one of the owners of the bar Prime, which as been in the O'Sullivan family for over 80 years. Gabe offers Tessa Hart, who is one of the Prime bartenders his spare bedroom when she has to move out of her apartment quickly. Things heat up very quickly and soon Gabe and Tessa can't keep their hands off each other. Tessa and Gabe both grow as the book progresses. Tessa, at Gabe's suggestion, drops her accounting program to focus on real estate in New York City. Gabe shows her that she has a gift for real estate and Tessa excels at her new endeavor. The only stumbling block for Gabe and Tessa is Tessa's past, which makes her slow to trust. Gabe convinces Tessa of his love and they work to keep their life together.

Sex, Straight Up focuses on oldest brother Daniel O'Sullivan. Daniel lost his first wife Michelle on 9/11, and has avoided all romantic relationships for the past 7 years. Daniel takes a weekend trip to Hamptons at his brother's insistence and meets Catherine Montefiore. They have a very hot weekend together, only for Catherine to believe that Daniel is still married when she sees him putting his wedding ring back on as he leaves. Catherine's family business is going through an audit and of course, Daniel is the person hired to investigate the situation. Daniel and Catherine both try to fight their attraction, only to finally give in. Both must get past fears from their past, Catherine, who has always felt like she doesn't measure up, and Daniel, must finally let go of Michelle without feeling guilt. Daniel and Catherine learn to fight for the love they share for one another.

The final book in the trilogy is Nightcap, which is the story of middle brother Sean O'Sullivan. Sean has never in his life had to fight to get any woman to look at him, or to have sex with him. When he meets Cleo Hollings, he immediately wants her, but must work to get past her shell to be with her. Cleo has been burned in the past by men, due to her mother's illness. Cleo is very attracted to Sean, but is unsure if she can trust him when life gets bad as her mother's illness progresses. Sean fights to be with Cleo, in both a relationship and help with her mother as needed. Cleo and Sean choose love and hard work to make sure they can stay together through anything that is thrown their way.

The epilogue wraps up the O'Sullivan trio as all romances should be wrapped up. You get your happy endings all around, and find out how all of their lives progress. O'Reilly writes wonderful stories that make the reader feel like they are in the story. Her characters seem like your everyday people and make you feel that you could be friends with each of them.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

3rd Degree

3rd Degree in the third in the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson. Lindsay, Claire, Cindy, and Jill must once again team up to solve the latest major crimes taking place in San Francisco. 3rd Degree begins with an explosion that kills 3 people, only because Lindsay runs into the burning house to save a young boy. The explosion is from a group of killers that promises to kill someone every 3 days until "the rich and selfish" start to give back to the "underprivileged poor".

There are many twist and turns that keep the reader hooked. One of the deaths in the book really hits home with the club and the reader. Patterson has another winner with this Women's Murder Club book.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now by HelenKay Dimon is another fabulous read. Right Here, Right Now centers around Gabby Pearson and Reed Larkin and opens with Reed breaking up with Gabby in a crowded restaurant. Of course, Reed immediately finds out for his job he must get back into Gabby's good graces. Reed isn't telling Gabby everything about his job and he is also trying to protect her. Gabby is trying to stand on her own for the first time and doesn't want someone to protect her. Gabby and Reed try to fight their attraction for each other, but their chemistry leaps off the pages! Dimon has another winner with Right Here, Right Now!