Monday, October 07, 2019


The Lure of the Origin Story
Leslie A. Kelly

Throughout my entire writing career, there has been one series that has always held the biggest place in my heart. Although I had a lot of fun writing sexy, funny contemporary romances for Harlequin, and was thrilled to explore darker suspense in my Black CATs and Veronica Sloan series’, my Extrasensory Agents books were always my favorite. I think it’s because they suited my need to write very dark, dangerous stories but with people I personally liked so much. 

Olivia Wainwright, of COLD TOUCH, was such a wonderful heroine to write, but her dark gift needed some balance. Pairing her up with down-to-earth southern cop Gabe Cooper allowed her to see some light in the darkness. Aidan McConnell, from COLD SIGHT was a complete loner, reclusive and grumbly, until a feisty reporter drew him out. Mick Tanner of COLD MEMORY is probably my favorite kind of hero—a sexy playboy—but his weird ability requires him to wear gloves at all times, and keeps him removed from the world. At least until an old flame draws him back into it. And sultry, surly Derek from COLD IMAGE walks through a world of death every single day, and isn’t sure how to make a life for himself within it, until a brainy doctor teaches him a thing or two. 
All of those agents got their full books…but we met them after they were already a team. I have thought a lot about the popularity of origin stories in books and movies—I love them myself. And I had already written a very short story for Aidan, many years ago, showing how he met Julia. I did another one later, for Olivia, which was included as bonus material in her book. 
But they weren’t the only agents. What about the rest? Dark Derek and sexy Mick? What about Julia herself? I wanted to find out how these smart, talented people got together. 
I just had to know. So, I went back to the very beginning and found out. I am so happy to be releasing MEET THE EXTRASENSORY AGENTS. It is a collection of five short stories, ranging from about 12-20 pages. Each one focuses on an individual member of the team, revealing the actual moment when they made the decision to get involved with this dark, paranormal investigative agency. 
Of course, it all had to start with Julia. Brilliant, sexy, strong, in-your-face Julia, who is madly in love with a ghost. 
Readers have been asking for Julia’s story for years. I was never sure I could do her and Morgan Raines justice. But going back into this world to create these stories for all the characters reopened that door of creativity within me. And I can very happily say that Julia IS going to get her story…in just a few months! And if you read MEET THE EXTRASENSORY AGENTS, you’re going to get a sneak preview of it! 
In the meantime, though, I hope readers enjoy seeing the origins of this unique team. I certainly loved going back into each character’s perspective and I think I recaptured their unique voices and views. That’s the hope, anyway!

I'm so freaking excited we are getting more books from Leslie A. Kelly in her Extrasensory Agents series!!! I also can't wait to devour the Origins stories for each of the agents in MEET THE EXTRASENSORY AGENTS!!! While I adore Ms. Kelly's super sexy contemporary books, I love her super dark suspenseful books even more. Her Black CATs and Veronica Sloane books were awesome, and I'd love more books for both. However, the Extrasensory Agents series remains my absolute favorite! So much so that I want to help others discover this amazing series of books. I want to offer up one free digital copy of MEET THE EXTRASENSORY AGENTS to one person who comments on this post. If you love dark and twisty books with romance, this is the series of books for you. Giveaway open until October 13. Please include email address with comment so I can contact the winner.

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