Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life has gotten crazy

I've once again fallen down on my blogging because life has gotten crazy. I've been reading like crazy lately and have already read almost 16 books this year. However, since I had a horrible case of bronchitis, I fell down on my job of posting my thoughts about the books I've been reading. Here is a list of the books I've read since my last blog post:

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

Love Me If You Dare by Carly Phillips

Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Over the Mountain and Down By the River by Robyn Carr

A Place to Call Home by Christina James

I've been lucky with picking really great books to read lately. I haven't read a single book this year that I would rate below a "B". Not often do I have a year that starts off with 13 books all rated B or above. I did lose almost 2 weeks of reading to recovering from bronchitis, since all I did for almost 2 weeks was sleep. Luckily, I only ending up missing about 1 week from work for being sick and I'm feeling much better now.

Up next will be me getting back on track with my running. I haven't run since late December. First it was really way too cold outside for me to run. I've found I don't enjoy running in extreme heat or extreme cold. This winter has been one of the coldest and snowiest on record for TN. Now that the temps are starting to be more Spring-like, and it is daylight longer, I'm ready to start running again. My goal is to start training for a 5K race. I do much better with exercise if I have a goal. My running goals for this year will include running at least 3 5K races, including one on my 40th birthday in Oct, and at least 1 10K race. I've thought about adding a 1/2 marathon to my goals, but will hold off on that goal for a bit longer. I love an 8 mile run and even a 10 mile run, but know I'm not up for a 13.1 mile run at this time. So, I'm going to stick to my 5K and 10K races for this year.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Help out a Hero

Have you read about
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