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Playing His Way, an all-new sexy standalone from Erika Wilde is now LIVE!



As the new owner of The Players Club, Brent "Mac" MacMillan is all about dirty sex, wicked sin and carnal pleasure . . . served up his way.  After being burned in the past, he's always been careful to choose experienced females who enjoy submitting to his dark desires, and are willing to play by his demanding rules without expecting any emotional attachments in return.

Hiring beautiful interior designer Stephanie Randall to create fantasy bedrooms within his club is his first mistake.  She's curious, flirtatious, and makes his blood run hotter than it ever has before.  Innocent when it comes to all the debauchery his sinful world has to offer, she wants to take a walk on the wild side . . . with him.  

His second mistake?  Saying yes.  And his third?  Falling for the one woman he knows he can never have.


Stephanie strolled toward Mac, a mischievous glimmer suddenly brightening her gorgeous blue eyes, putting him on alert.  "I'd like to attend the Masquerade party at The Players Club on Saturday, to get a better feel for the club and what other fantasy elements might work for your members."

     He stiffened at her unexpected request.  The temptation of having her in this domain—wanting her but refusing to touch her—wasn't something he wanted to endure.  And watching her possibly hook up with someone else, like Rick? Complete fucking agony.

     He shook his head.  "I don't think attending the Masquerade party is necessary.  I'm sure you can come up with a few other ideas without being here when everything is in full swing, which is probably going to be more distracting, than helpful."

     "What if I want to be here?" the little vixen proposed, her voice holding a hint of a challenge.  "You know, to mix a little business with pleasure?"

     His expression remained composed, his resolve, firm.  "I'm going to have to say no."

     She tipped her head to the side, studying him much too astutely.  "I can always get an invitation from Jillian, you know," she said as she came closer and closer.

     "No, you can't," he countered.  "I put a freeze on any new invitations until I'm done going through the current membership."

     She laughed softly, huskily, the sound like a stroke along his cock.  Much like her hand was suddenly stroking down the length of his tie before giving it a playful tug.  "Do I make you nervous, Mac?"

     His hands curled into fists in his pockets, because it was taking extreme effort not to grasp her face in his palms and kiss that soft, plush, impudent mouth of hers—hot and hard and deep.  "Do I look like a man who'd be intimidated by any woman?" he asked, his voice surprisingly steady.

     She thought about that for a brief moment before giving her hair a subtle toss and replying.  "Intimidated, no." Then a sexy, knowing smile curved her lips. "Nervous, definitely, because if you weren't a little uneasy about whatever this thing is between us, you wouldn't have an issue with me coming to the Masquerade party and being at the club."

     "The last thing you make me feel is uneasy."  Instead, her presence had lust pumping through him like a heady surge of adrenaline.  She was certainly testing his control.

     Her free hand came back up and splayed on his chest, the heat of her touch searing him through his dress shirt.  "If I don't make you nervous, then prove it," she cajoled. "Let me come to the party on Saturday. I promise not to be too shocked by what I see."

     His jaw clenched as she met his gaze and held it, so bold and brazen when she really had no idea what she was messing with, or what he was capable of.  This woman was no shrinking violet, and she was the furthest thing from the kind of submissive, obedient female he preferred—and Jesus, Christ, his dick was hard as stone for her.  This was a woman who liked having the advantage, who enjoyed a little power play, and fuck if that didn't make him want to pin her against the wall behind her and make it very clear who really had the upper hand between them.

     "So, what will it be, Mr. MacMillan?" she murmured huskily.  "Inviting me to the club on Saturday, or are you going to chicken out?"

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Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.

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Liza's Review:

I absolutely love The Players Club series from Erika Wilde. When I saw Mac was finally going to get his story and he was being paired with Stephanie, I am pretty sure Ms. Wilde could hear me squealing for joy from the other side of the country. Not only was I over the moon to read this story, but I have to say that Playing His Way is my absolute favorite book in the series.

I honestly don't think I even knew Mac's real first name was Brent until this book. I'm not saying it wasn't mentioned before, but he was always just Mac to me. However, once he started spending time with Stephanie, I could totally see his as Brent. He was still a totally in control in every way man, but he also had a sense of contentment that had never been there before.  

I knew it would take a special woman to make Mac risk his heart again, and Stephanie Randall was just the woman for the job. Stephanie is a strong woman who runs her own business and her business is the top priority in her life. Stephanie hasn't made finding a relationship a priority and is ready to break her dry spell and Mac is who she wants.  I loved that Mac really did try and fight his attraction to Stephanie, knowing he wasn't looking for a relationship. OMG I'm so glad Mac gave into his attraction to Stephanie. This is when he started to become Brent for me. I absolutely loved Brent and Stephanie together. They were so freaking smoking hot together and I fell for them as a couple from the first moment they were together.

There are absolutely moments in Playing His Way where Mac makes horrible decisions based upon his past where Stephanie is concerned. I have to admit I wanted to Gibbs smack him a couple of times and gave Stephanie all sorts of props for not doing so. Him thinking he knew what she wanted because he was older and thought she would be missing out on a choice was his biggest mistake...even bigger than thinking they could keep their relationship physical only. I loved that talking to Dean helped him see what a complete and total ass he was being. I do love when a hero realizes he has been in the wrong and knows he has to go big to make everything right. Stephanie was absolutely the perfect woman for Brent MacMillian and I loved how they each proved their feelings for one another.

Playing His Way was a story I couldn't put down once I started reading it. I loved this story with every fiber of my being and it gave me all the feels as I read it. It was a great addition to The Players Club series, but could absolutely be read as a stand-alone story with no problem. Ms. Wilde once again gave me a super sexy emotional romance and I can't wait to read what she writes next.

Rating: 5 stars (A)

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