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For Owen Cross, the only thing that matters more than family is farming. As the oldest Cross brother, the land is his legacy, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make Cross Creek a success—including hiring local widow Cate McAllister to manage the bookkeeping tasks that are growing in his office like weeds. Cate’s as pragmatic as she is pretty, and she rattles his hard-fought composure at every turn.

Cate had known a lot of things about her husband before he died three years ago in a car accident, but how much debt he’d gotten them into wasn’t one of them. She needs her job at Cross Creek, even if her boss is both gruff and gorgeous. But Owen’s a family man, through and through, and the last thing Cate is interested in is anything—or anyone—with strings attached.

As Owen and Cate join forces to right the farm, they discover there’s more to the other than the surfaces shows, and that passion can be found in unexpected places. Can Cate heal from the loss of one family to gain the love of her life? Or will the past prove too much for the promise of the future?

Release Date: March 5, 2018
Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Cross Creek #3
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

I've wanted Owen's story since we me the Cross brothers. I absolutely loved how much he loved Cross Creek and family and how he always put both first. Yes he is pretty gruff and not as easy-going as either of his brother, but his personality fit him perfectly. 

Cate McAllister is a widow who lost her husband and daughter in a car wreck three years ago. She is still digging out of the debt her husband left her in following his death and finding a job as the bookkeeper for Cross Creek turns out to be the best thing to happen to her. Not only does she get paid to get all the books done at Cross Creek, she has the opportunity to bake and add even more much needed income. She also finds herself attracted to a man for the first time since her husband died. I loved the chemistry between Cate and Owen, though I felt like they needed to talk a bit sooner about exactly what they wanted in the future.

I really liked Cate and Owen as a couple. Owen saw Cate as stronger than she ever saw herself in the past and also supported her dreams of being a baker. I honestly was a little glad her husband was dead already as she shared how he talked to her and treated her through her memories and conversations with Owen. 

I also enjoyed getting to know Marley, who is the half sister to the Cross brothers. I loved that she seemed to connect with Cate first, as Cate just listened and let Marley be, but also could see Marley really wanted to be a part of her family, even if Marley wasn't ready to be around her dad yet. I loved that Marley was the one to help Owen see the light when there were issues with Cate and their plans for the future.

Crossing Promises was another winner in the Cross Creek series. As each of the brothers has now gotten their story, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Marley gets her story next. I actually know who I would love her to end up with and hope I'm guessing right as to who her hero will be. Kimberly Kincaid once again delivered a sweet, sexy, and emotional story for her readers and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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