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In this first novel in the explosive, brand-new romantic suspense Sons of Broad series from Tara Thomas comes a novel of deadly secrets and hidden danger. In the sultry streets of Charleston, one family, ruled by its powerful, take-no-prisoners sons, has risen to the top. But a merciless killer is out to destroy them…and everyone they hold close…

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Tilly Brock has learned—the hard way—how to take care of herself. Once a pillar of Charleston society, her family lost everything in the wake of a shocking scandal. And then Tilly lost the only boy she ever loved.

Keaton Benedict is Charleston’s most notorious bachelor. But in spite of all his advantages—the money, the women,the family name—he longs for more: the heart of the young woman he still can’t forget.

When Keaton re-enters Tilly’s life, after all these years, she is torn between feelings of doubt and desire. Can they put the past behind them and learn to love again? Tilly is willing to try. But Keaton is afraid that a vengeful enemy is watching—and waiting to destroy them. Can the rekindled flame of their love defeat the deadliest rival and light their way forward in the darkest night?

Release Date: February 27, 2018
St. Martin’s Press
Sons of Broad #1
Romantic Suspense
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Nikki’s Review:

I was so excited to get started with this book when I read the blurb. There's something so wonderful about a romance novel with some cleverly placed suspense woven in. 

I'm going to be honest; I think this book would be better marketed to the NA (New Adult) audience. Keaton and Tilly were both young, barely out of university. Their infatuation and eventual love was a bit immature for my tastes. 

The beginning of this book started off very promising. Both the hero and heroine were very likeable. They shared a past, and I've always enjoyed "second chance" romances. After a couple of chapters in I started to feel let down. When you open the book, on one of the first few pages, it says " romantic thriller ". I was expecting more heart stopping suspense; an element of fear radiating from the page. But that never happened. At best it was just...meh. 

The chemistry between Keaton and Tilly was there, but it wasn't on fire. It wasn't even simmering. It felt almost juvenile. 

There's a lot of unanswered questions that I'm assuming will be tied up in the next couple of books. I'm just not sure I care enough about the characters to continue on with the series. It's not that the book was bad. It's just that it was missing so much...pizazz. I was waiting for the conflict between Keaton and Tilly. Something to make it feel like they were fighting for their love and happiness. I was waiting for the action to leap off of the pages and grab me. It just never did. 

Rating: 2 Stars (C)

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