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Second chances and a secret baby…with a twist!

Jack Sullivan has seduced some of the world’s most beautiful women. As a notorious, world-renowned photographer, his affairs are always hot, always scandalous—and never satisfying. So when he has a chance for a wild fling with high school sweetheart, he can’t resist. Only Angela Harris isn’t so sweet anymore. She has a secret that will rock him to his core and change his life forever. Their sultry reunion proves the bad boy can be seduced…but can he be reformed?

Note from Julie Leto:

Old...or new?  I want to be entirely up front with my readers...Seducing the BAD BOY is a revised version of my very first book, Seducing Sullivan, which was published in 1998.  I never dreamed I'd ever get the rights back and in fact, I'd even taken a couple of years off of writing for various reasons and was struggling with how to jumpstart my career.  Then, like a gift, I learned that Harlequin was reverting the rights.  I never expected to have a second chance with this book...but as it is a book about second chances, it was fitting!

But I didn't want to just update the technology and slap it online.  I wanted it to be the debut of the "new and improved" me...writing-wise, at least.  So I decided to do a major revision, expanding and exploring the characters and romance more in-depth.  I added a secondary storyline that would connect this book to others I'd had reverted, thus the Kiss & Tell series was born.  If readers are new to my work, I know they'll enjoy this super-hot, sexy contemporary romance.  If readers read the original, I have no doubt they will find it familiar, but with the new material, it may well surprise them!  Either way, I'm excited to be writing and publishing again and I'm grateful to readers who are willing to give the book a chance!

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Jack held his breath, fighting the urge to kiss her right then and there. All night, he’d been amazed at the changes in his “sweet, innocent angel,” and he’d wondered how much was real and how much was an act meant to punish him for breaking her heart in high school.
When she started down the walkway toward the beach, he hoped for punishment—long, unending torture like what he felt as she glided away with a wanton swing to her hips.
He followed Angela out the door, over and across the deck, where she stopped to wait for him at the three-foot stone wall separating the resort from the beach. Moonlight glinted off foamy waves breaking gently on the shore about fifty yards away. A touch of the silver shine caught a diamond on Angela’s earring and beckoned Jack to her like a light to a lost mariner.
Memories of Angela had always drifted back now and then over the years. Her willful eyes and her stubborn pout flashed into his mind often at the strangest times. And since he’d received the invite to the reunion, with growing frequency. He’d received the email only weeks after Lily’s betrayal.
He’d been devastated. Broken in places he hadn’t known existed. The invitation, almost a non-sequitur, seemed like a perfect way to reboot what was turning into a blue-screen-of-death life.
Angela would be there. Angela, who had always been honest, straight-forward and caring. Angela, who had always told him the truth, even when it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.
And here she was. Ready and willing to fulfill a fantasy he’d had for over a decade.
She’d been on his mind constantly since he’d checked the “yes” box on the RSVP. He’d have written his renewed interest off to the consequences of first love syndrome, but they’d never been in love. How could they have been? They’d been too young to know what love was. He’d been in lust, for sure. Fire-hot, cold-sweat, prepubescent lust. But sweet, prudish, obstinate Angela had refused to give in when he’d wanted to and when she’d finally changed his mind, he’d decided the stakes had been too high.
Now, they were on even ground. They were both consenting adults. From the look of things, Angela was no longer afraid of her sensual side. In fact, she embraced it. How lucky could he be?
“Do you remember taking me to the beach that one time after the basketball game?” Leaning against the wall, she lifted her ankle to unbuckle the thin strap of one of her spiky silver heels. Her slim calves flexed and shimmered. All thoughts of his needs—except a physical one—vanished.
He knelt beside her and stared intently upward, aching to touch her. “We live in Florida. We went to the beach a lot.”
She slid her foot closer to him, accepting his invitation to help remove her shoes.
“Yeah, but this time was particularly memorable.”
For a moment, Jack couldn’t remember anything. His mind focused solely on her slim ankle and shapely calf. Before he worked the tiny buckle of the strap, he smoothed his hands over the soft silk of her stocking, imagining the feel of her skin. When she nearly pulled away but didn’t, he looked up and caught her biting her bottom lip.
She cleared her throat. “It was after the game where you’d missed that three-pointer.”
The memory flashed. “As I recall, you wouldn’t get out of the car.”
“You had a blanket in the backseat and a look in your eyes that said you had something to prove. It was terrifying.”
“You don’t look scared now.”
She slid her hands down, then under her skirt and closed her fingers around shiny black garter snaps.
“A lot has changed in a decade, Jack.”
Jack’s mouth went dry. “I can see that.”
“Can you?”
In the uncertain light, what he thought he saw was her shaking hands. Did she want him as much as he wanted her or was she still afraid? All evening, she’d watched him with a bold curiosity that questioned and promised at the same time. Every signal, right down to her naughty lingerie, conveyed seductive intentions. It crossed his mind that she’d come to the reunion specifically to have him, though he tried to muster enough humility to wonder if he was being cocky.
This is Angela Harris. The one girl who had the good sense to keep you from flopping on top of her.
But then she took his hands and guided them to her garters. The tightening in his groin increased.
She leaned forward and traced his ear with tiny, gentle strokes. “Now you have the idea.”

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