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Blonde. Beautiful. Talented. Alexa Fairfax is practically Hollywood royalty. But growing up in a family of legendary movie stars also puts her in the spotlight for danger. And after she discovers a plot more deadly than any movie script, Alexa desperately needs a bodyguard. A man like Zack De Luca. A true friend with a good heart, a protective nature—and the hard, chiseled muscles to back it up.

Zack has always been wildly attracted to Alexa. But since he’s training day and night to be an MMA fighter, he’s afraid his gorgeous friend will only distract him from his goal. Indescribably sweet and irresistibly sexy, Alexa needs Zack to pretend to be her boyfriend after her life is threatened. Now this fighter-in-training will have to fight his own intense feelings—to keep their little charade from turning into a major disaster . . .

Release Date: February 28, 2017
Romantic Suspense
Bodyguard #3
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Liza’s Review:

Chain Reaction is the newest book in the Bodyguard series from Tara Wyatt. I'm a pretty big fan of the romantic suspense genre and overall enjoyed Chain Reaction.

I really liked both Alexa and Zack as both individuals and as a couple. They had pretty amazing chemistry from the very beginning and I was so happy to see them finally act upon their attraction to one another. I thought Alexa was way stronger than she really gave herself credit for based upon all we learned about her past and loved that Zach was not only a bodyguard but an MMA fighter.

I hated Alexa's dad even before finding out everything he had done to his daughter to hurt her in the past. Both of her parents seemed like the lowest forms of life and only confirmed it the more I learned about them. 

My only big issue with the entire story was the fact that Zack used an alias to be Alexa's bodyguard, yet was fighting in one of the biggest MMA events in the city under his real name. Really?!? Yes it moved things along quicker, but so didn't make sense to me with someone who was acting as a bodyguard. Outside of that big issue, and the fact no one really thought Alexa's dad would have someone on the inside of the LAPD, I did enjoy the aspects of suspense overall.

Chain Reaction was a good romantic suspense story and a really great romance. I loved seeing Alexa and Zack fall in love with each other. I especially loved that Alexa finally had family once she found Zack. I enjoyed Ms. Wyatt's voice and look forward to reading more books from her in the future.

Rating: 3 Stars (B-)

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