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The smallest caskets weigh the most.
I lost myself the day I buried my daughter.
Her death was only the beginning of my downfall.

I will not play God.
As a doctor, the oath I took bound me.
As a father, only blood could set me free.

Pain is my prison.
With guilt my only companion,
I bought myself a life, silenced by sin.


You are not defined by your mistakes.
I refuse to regret the choices I've made.
I embrace them.

I will bow to no one.
Fear does not make me weak.
In the face of fear, I find my true strength.

I will rise.
With fire in my veins and embers in my soul,
I will give my daughter the life she deserves. 

Release Date: October 26, 2019
MC Romance
Heaven’s Guardians MC #2
Review copy provided by publisher

Nikki’s Review:

I love dark and twisted romances full of angst. I also love a hero who’s tortured, but still good down to his core. This book had all of this going on...yay!

Patch is a doctor and a member of the Heaven’s Guardians MC. He, like everyone else in the club, is battling inner demons that eat at his soul. He’s an avenger of victims of horrific crimes. He’s a vigilante with an honourable purpose. And he’s completely swoon worthy!

As a mum, I can’t imagine the torment that the heroine, Alaska, must feel about not being able to provide the basics of life for her child. My heart was twisted inside out when her living situation was mentioned. I really felt Alaska’s sorrow and desperation. The author did a great job describing those emotions. It was palpable. Actually, Ms. Lane described everything so well. I could feel all the feels...and it was tough to swallow at times. 
One of the things that I liked about this group of guys, is their absolute loyalty to each other. It’s given and never questioned. 

The chemistry between Patch and Alaska was a bit of a slow burn. There was definitely attraction, but they each had to be cautious. The build up was powerful.

This is a great series, with an amazing cast of characters. I’m so desperate for the rest of the stories. You get little snippets, and it’s enough to whet your appetite and excited for more. I’m really looking forward to more installments in this heart wrenching series by Ashley Lane! 

Rating: 4 Stars (A)

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