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A sexy running back who needs a nanny for his little boy. A waitress trying to hide from her past. Could she be the one to trust with his most precious possession? Could he be the man who makes her believe in love again? Only if they can take down their walls with the same ease that they take off their clothes. But when this single dad finds out the truth about his charming nanny, their sexy slow ride might come to a crashing halt.


My priorities are pretty clear. Take care of my five-year-old son and run that damn ball. But I can't find a nice, qualified nanny to look after him during the season. So when I help out a dazzling blond with her flat tire and she connects with my kid, hiring her to watch Asher seems like a brilliant move.

It's purely coincidental that Jessica Randall happens to be smoking hot, tons of fun, and every time she puts Asher to bed, I want her to get in mine. But that's off the table, because Asher adores her, and she's the first person to bring my boy out of his shell.

Sleeping with Jessica would be a huge mistake, and falling in love is an even bigger risk. But that just might be a risk worth taking.


Elliot Danes is an NFL star dripping with all the wealth and flash I ran away from when I was a teenager. Since then, I've lived a simple life, as far away from that world as possible. But a simple life means money problems, and a job as a rich guy's nanny would solve all of mine.

His kid's a doll, the job's a breeze, and the income is going to help the only person I love. But the sweet and sexy single dad is one big temptation that I can't resist. So when steamy sex turns into something serious, I've got real problems...

I'm falling in love with Elliot, and I'm crazy about his son, but the truth about my past could break both their hearts.

Release Date: November 8, 2019
Palm Island Publishing
South Florida Riders #2
Contemporary Sports Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

Slow Ride is the second book in the South Florida Riders series from Breezie Bennett, and I have to say I loved it even more than the first book. Seriously, sexy single dad football player who will do anything for his son?!?! I'm all in!!!

I wanted Elliot's story from the moment we met him in Wild Ride. I love he always puts his son Asher at the top of his priority list. Elliot is super protective of his son and needs just the right person to be a live in nanny after his former one moves away to be closer to her own grandchildren. As Asher is super shy and doesn't warm up to strangers very quickly, Elliot was shocked at how fast he connected with Jessica Randall when they pull over to help her with a flat tire, and offers her a job as his son's nanny on the spot.

Jessica is such a strong, independent, and loving woman. She has been on her own since she was 16, with the exception of Maria, who took her in, and is the only person who knows about Jessica's past. Jessica and Maria have become their own little family, and Jessica will do anything to help take care of Maria, even become a nanny so she can afford all the medical bills.

I had mad love for Jessica and how she seemed to just get Asher pretty much from the moment they met. Yes there was major chemistry between Jessica and Elliot, but as she was hired to take care of Asher, their time together was so sweet. Asher was such an important part of this story, and I absolutely fell in love with this little boy right along with Jessica. 

Elliot and Jessica had a mutual attraction from the very beginning, and I loved they took their time before acting on their attraction. I won't lie, I had to laugh out loud at a couple of the times they were interrupted along the way, as it is was so spot on with a young child and just life in general. I love them together so very much. Their chemistry was off the charts hot and yet there were so many tender moments along the way as well. All the happy sighs from me.

Slow Ride was a fun, sexy, and emotional read. I highly recommend Slow Ride to everyone! While this is only the second book from Breezie Bennett, she is the read deal and absolutely is one of my auto-buy authors. 

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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