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Lisa Coleman committed to stay in Heart Falls until her sister’s baby arrives, but after that, she’s moving on. She’s not sure exactly what is on the agenda, so it’s good to still have a few months to figure out her dreams. While she’s waiting, there’s no reason she can’t enjoy herself with the very sexy local veterinarian. A naughty interlude with a man who knows all the right moves would be the perfect distraction from Coleman chaos: newborn baby! New dog! New found family?!

Josiah Ryder is beginning to feel women only want him for one thing. Playing fast and loose was fun in the past, but it’s time for a change. He’s ready to prove he’s in it for the long haul, but the one woman he truly wants insists she’s in town for six months and not a moment longer. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to make Lisa realize nothing out there can compete with finding forever right under her nose.

Release Date: May 21, 2019
Arend Publishing, Inc.
Colemans of Heart Falls #1, Heart Falls #5
Contemporary romance
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Liza's Review:

Lisa Coleman is in Heart Falls to help her sister Tamara, who is pregnant, out around her home until the baby is born. Lisa has always put her family first, even when things were strained, and plans to live out some of her dreams once she leaves Heart Falls, so she really hasn't started a relationship with anyone, even though she is totally attracted to Josiah Ryder, the local veterinarian. 

Josiah Ryder is just as attracted to Lisa as she is to him, but only decides to try and start a relationship after hearing Lisa has no plans to return to Rocky Mountain House. Josiah seems to see some of himself in Lisa, at least when it comes to past family issues and how to proceed with their relationship. I loved the truly had a sweet courtship, even as they were insanely attracted to one another. Their slower paced romance worked for me, especially as Lisa's true future choices were really up in the air through much of this book. Not that there wasn't incredible chemistry between Josiah and Lisa; it was off the charts and I loved they waited until they were both ready for that step in their relationship.

I love that The Cowgirl's Forever Love was so family-focused. I loved how close the Coleman sisters are and how they supported each other unconditionally. They have always had a tough time connecting with their father and it was nice to see a bit of a change occur when it came to the girls and their father. 

Vivian Arend gives her readers another winner with The Cowgirl's Forever Love. With the teasers we were given at the end of the story, I can't wait to read the next book in the series. 

Rating: 4 Stars (B)

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