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The Reluctant Royals series returns with a good girl searching for the life that's not too big, and not too small, and the bad boy prince who might be just right for her... 

Nya Jerami fled Thesolo for the glitz and glamour of NYC but discovered that her Prince Charming only exists in her virtual dating games. When Nya returns home for a royal wedding, she accidentally finds herself up close and personal-in bed-with the real-life celebrity prince who she loves to hate.

For Johan von Braustein, the red-headed step-prince of Liechtienbourg, acting as paparazzi bait is a ruse that protects his brother-the heir to the throne-and his own heart. When a royal referendum threatens his brother's future, a fake engagement is the perfect way to keep the cameras on him.

Nya and Johan both have good reasons to avoid love, but as desires are laid bare behind palace doors, they must decide if their fake romance will lead to a happily-ever-after.

Release Date: April 30, 2019
Avon Harper Collins
Reluctant Royals #3
Contemporary romance
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Liza's Review:

A Prince on Paper is the newest release in Alyssa Cole's Reluctant Royals series. Each new installment makes me fall more in love with this series. I absolutely adored every single moment of Nya and Johan's story!

I found A Prince on Paper to be absolutely delightful. Nya and Johan both had reasons for protecting their hearts, though they differed a great deal. I'll be honest, I'm still angry with all Nya's father put her through and continued to put her through in this series. Seriously I really did want to punch him in the face (I think I have a little bit of Portia in me). I understood Johan's fears after losing his mom at a young age. I too lost my mom young, and could see that being a choice to protect oneself from pain in the future.

I really liked that Nya and Johan became good friends before they acted on any sort of attraction. Yes I wanted them together from the first moment they saw each other again on the plane, but I could tell neither was really ready for more than just physical release at that point in the story. As friends they both shared parts of their pasts and really learned what made the other tick along the way. Yes Nya and Johan had amazing chemistry and loved when they finally made love, but I honestly loved their friendship was the main focus for them both through much of the story.

Johan and Nya's story took me to my happy place. I've been absolutely enchanted by the entire Reluctant Royals series and hate to see it come to an end. Alyssa Cole's voice pulls me in from the very first page of each new story. I love her stories are filled with laughter, sigh worthy moments, happiness and even some tears along the way. I love an emotionally satisfying read, and each story in the Reluctant Royals series fits the bill. I'd love to say you could start the series with A Prince on Paper, but really feel like with this series, to better understand all the characters, you need to read the book in order of release. I promise you won't be sorry for investing your reading time in each and every book in this series.

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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