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Former SEAL Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick is all about the future he’s created with his Navy brothers in Eagle Securities, taking assignments in the most dangerous places, and doing things no one but ex-military would attempt. But when an urgent phone call brings his troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse.


An investigative journalist researching an explosive story, Delaney Shapiro tells herself she got over Mac—and his role in her brother’s death—a long time ago. But the first moment she sees him at her bedside in an overseas hospital, she knows it’s not true. Every moment together rekindles the desire that once burned between them, and now that she’s a target for an emerging Russian arms dealer, Mac won’t let her out of his sight. To protect her, he’ll risk it all—including his life… 

Release Date: January 30, 2018
Love Over Duty series book # 2
St. Martin’s Press
Romantic Suspense
Review copy provided by the publisher 

Nikki’s Review:

Is there anything hotter than an uber alpha SEAL, who loves his woman with an intensity that'll leave you lightheaded? I think not! Sigh...I loved Mac so hard. 

The first book in this series, Under Fire was really good. I was blown away at the amount of research it must have taken to make it feel so real. But this book, knocked my socks off! There was something about Mac that really pulled at me. He's strong and incredibly brave, but he's also carrying around a broken heart and guilt for something that wasn't his fault. I think I was kind of hurting for him. The weight on his shoulders was palpable.

Delaney is my favourite kind of heroine. She's sassy, stubborn, fiercely independent, and has a ridiculously kind heart. She wants to change the world and bring the bad guys to justice. 

Even though tragedy pulled them apart many years ago, the chemistry between them has never faded. When Delaney needs Mac, he doesn't hesitate to put her above everything else. Sigh...he's wonderful. I loved the slow burn in this book. The connection between the characters is alive and well, but with all the unresolved issues and secrets between them, they needed to move slow. Don't get me wrong, it was crazy frustrating waiting for the sexy times, but it was so worth it. Plus, it wouldn't have been authentic to the story to have Delaney and Mac just hop into bed. They needed to find their footing with each other. 

There's so much going on in this book. The romance is swoon worthy and beautiful. The suspense/action component is so damn exciting. I felt like I was on this adventure with them. This series has a sexy James Bond kinda feel to it. I was certainly never bored! Every page kept me engaged and anticipating what was coming next.

It was heartbreaking watching Delaney and Mac navigate the murky waters of blame and guilt. The death of Delaney's brother, Brock, has kept them apart for so long. One thing I can always count on when I read a book by Scarlett Cole is all the emotion. Oy! I'm not sure any other author can pull so many feelings from me. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster the entire time...and I love it.

As always, Scarlett Cole has given us a book with a solid, well-executed plot, and characters that you'll want to be friends with. 

I'm really looking forward to Cabe's book! I'm already anticipating that I'll have myself a good snot and bawl. I highly recommend that you start with book one, Under Fire. The suspense aspect in both books are connected. Also, you don't want to miss Six and Louisa's story! 

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