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#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh unleashes a fiery new Nauti novel, in which a dangerous woman finds herself a target in more ways than one...

Angel Calloway isn't the girl next door. Known for being rude and cursing like a sailor on a bender, she's meaner than the two mercenaries she's followed since she was young. Needing anyone is not what she's about. Or so she thought--until she found the mother she was taken from so long ago, Chaya Mackay, wife to the notorious Natches Mackay.

One night with Angel and devilishly sexy Marine Reece Duquaine was hooked. She nearly blew his head off, and moments later, she blew his mind. He's been after her ever since, wrestling with a desire that fights to consume him. But now he has her in his sights--and is ready to take his shot.
Unless someone else moves in for the kill first... 

Release Date: November 7, 2017
Berkley Books
Nauti #9, Nauti Girls #4
Romantic Suspense
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Nikki’s Review:

This book was a much-welcomed treat when it hit my kindle. I know it takes time to cultivate perfection, but the waiting was killing me. Lora Leigh is like a romance goddess in my eyes. I could hardly wait to go back to Somerset Kentucky and get lost in the Nauti world.

This story kinda goes all the way back to Nauti Dreams, book # 3 in the Nauti Boys series. At least, that's where we first hear about the tragic circumstances that left Angel "dead". 

Angel is tough as nails. She kicks butt and asks questions later. She’s had to be hard and strong; she’s had to protect herself and others who need her help. 

Duke has worked along side Angel for years as Mercenaries. He's been her shadow and her protector; from the bad guys and from herself. He's a good man and alpha as all get out...yum!

After the truth of who Angel really is comes out, the Mackey family rally around her. And she hates it. She's angry and devastated. Chaya Mackey is her mother, and Angel believes the woman deserted her all those years ago as a child. That couldn't be further from the truth. I will admit that I struggled a bit with this being drawn out so much. At times Angel behaved like a petulant child. Her refusal to listen to Chaya, or anyone else who knew the truth, got old after a while. 

The bad guys have come back to Somerset. A different set of bad guys, of course. Angel is determined to protect her little sister, Bliss. That's all she cares about. Well, that, and getting nekkid with Duke as often as possible! True to Lora Leigh's style, the chemistry between the hero and heroine was insanely hot, and the love scenes were drool worthy. 

One of the things I love best about any of Lora Leigh's books, besides the romance, is the suspense and action. The stories are always so intricately woven and complex. But in a good way! She really drags you into the plot and you get invested in the characters.

There was one moment that really hit my heart hard in this book. The part towards the end with Chaya and Natches. I won't go into detail about it because that would ruin it for you, but just know that I was gutted. If you're a hardcore Nauti fan, like me, you'll know that Natches and Chaya have an epic love story. You'll also know that Natches doesn't cry...until now.

I loved that moment when everything became clear for Angel. The moment when she realized she loved Duke with her whole heart, and that she needed and loved her mother. It was breathtaking. 

I really believe to enjoy this book to the fullest you need to have at least read Nauti Dreams. There is so much back-story that will help you fully understand all the emotions in this book. I mean, you should just read the whole damn series...from the beginning. You won't be sorry. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars (B+)

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