Friday, November 15, 2013

One & Only Blog Tour and Giveaway

One night they can't forget... 

Tess McMann lives her life according to the secrets she's sworn to keep: the father who won't acknowledge her, the sister who doesn't know she exists, and the mother who's content playing mistress to a prominent businessman. When she meets the distractingly cute Dylan Kingsley at a prestigious summer program and falls in love, Tess allows herself to imagine a life beyond these secrets. But when summer ends, so does their relationship—Dylan heads off to Canton College while Tess enrolls at the state university. 

One love they can't ignore... 

Two years later, a scholarship brings Tess to Canton and back into Dylan's life. Their attraction is as strong as ever, but Dylan has a girlfriend…who also happens to be Tess's legitimate half-sister. Tess refuses to follow in her mother's footsteps, which leaves her only one choice: break the rules she’s always followed, or allow Dylan to slip away for a second time. 

...And only one chance to get things right. 

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My Review of One & Only:

One & Only is one of the best NA books I've read this year. I'm taking nothing away from other authors who write NA books, including those I've loved this year. I would even put One & Only in my list of best books I've read this year. Yes folks, it is that great!
Tess McMann has had to keep her father a secret her entire life. Her mom had an affair with her married father and still has a relationship with him. Tess even has a half-sister named Hannah who is her age. Tess is mega smart and has only ever wanted to go to Canton College, but is forced to initially go to the state university by her dad. Let me just say I wanted to hit Tess's dad on more than one occasion while reading this book. Luckily before college starts, Tess goes to summer program and meets Dylan Kingsley. Dylan is the nerd I think every girl falls for at least once in their life. He is super smart and also has that floppy sexy hair and glasses. I love a guy in glasses myself. Tess and Dylan fall hard and fast for one another. However, because Tess knows she will never be able to share her family secrets, she ends things at the end of the summer.
I loved that Tess worked her butt off and finally made it to the school of her dreams even without her father's help. Yet another time I wanted to smack him around was when Tess told him she was transferring and he tried to make her feel bad about herself. Of course, Dylan is one of the first people she sees once she arrives at Canton...and Dylan's girlfriend, who is none other than Tess's half-sister. Dylan is still as attracted to Tess as ever and the feeling is totally mutual. Tess would never cheat with a guy while he is with another woman, so they both had to fight their attraction while he got everything settled with Hannah.
I loved Tess and Dylan together so much. Not saying Tess doesn't screw up in a major way by not sharing who her dad is before the secret comes out. But I totally understood why she didn't even feel like she could share it with Dylan no matter how much she loved him. Tess had really only had herself to rely on for so many years it was tough to open up to another, even when it was the only man she has ever loved. Tess really is one of the strongest characters I've read about in the NA genre. The romance between Tess and Dylan is so beautifully written. I love how much they had in common with one another, and the chemistry between them was super sexy. 
I didn't want to like Tess's half-sister Hannah at all. She was pretty much given everything on a silver platter her entire life, while Tess had to work just to make ends meet. I'll be honest, I had way more respect for Tess's half-sister by the end of this book. I'm completely hooked on the Canton series and can't wait to read Hannah's story next. 
***Giveaway Information*** Viv has offered up a "swag pack" to give away at each stop on her tour. Please include your email address in your comments so I can get in touch with you if you win. The "swag pack" will include a One & Only bookmark, an assortment of gifts and books from NA authors plus a One & Only charm. All prizes will be sent out at the completion of the tour.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea Diana Peterfreund wrote a NA book under a pen name! I must read it because I love her YA books.

Escapingthroughbooks at gmail dot com

Sarah (Escaping Through Books) said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to leave my comment anonymously! I am so glad to hear that this is a great NA book because that genre can really be hit or miss for me. But the fact that this is by an author whose other books I like is encouraging!