Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Gate (Dark Path Series)

A chance encounter between a successful author and a billionaire owner of an underground BDSM club, leads to the most pivotal relationship of their lives… 

Erika Walsh has carried a torch for Christopher Milton, heir to her father’s publishing empire for years. After one steamy make out session she begins to wonder if it might develop into something more. But when M. L. Crawford, better known as Max, her father’s publishing rival, seeks her out at a society event, she’s drawn to his magnetic charisma and powerful demeanor. Their verbal bantering and innuendo laced overtones stir feelings she never knew existed, and soon Erika is consumed with knowing the real man under Max’s restrained public fa├žade. 

Erika’s sweet nature and naivety excites Max to near madness. He wants to train her in the art of seduction and make her succumb to his every wish and command…as his perfect submissive. Yet, Christopher is determined to keep Erika from becoming the latest victim of Max’s sinister sexual hungers. He knows all too well what Max hides in his black soul and will stop at nothing to reveal all of Max’s secrets in order to protect the one thing he holds dear above all else- Erika. 

Max’s dark desires scare yet arouse Erika, as he opens her eyes to a new bold world full of passion and ecstasy she never imagined until him. But the biggest question remains: Is Erika’s craving for Max just an illusion that transpires behind the walls of The Gate?

The Gate (Dark Path Series) Book One Release date 10/12/13 KT Grant Publisher

I was given a copy of The Gate as a gift from the author. I've read a number of books by KT Grant and have always enjoyed them. However, I think The Gate is her best book yet. 

I loved both Max and Erika separately from the moment each appeared on the page. I'll be honest and say I didn't get Erika's attraction to Christopher from early on in the book, and pretty much hated him by the end of the book. Add in the smoking hot chemistry between Erika and Max from their very first meeting, and I really didn't get the whole Christopher attraction. 

Max has certain needs that fall under BDSM. I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again. While I don't always understand the lifestyle, I say to each his own as long as the partner is up for it. Max really didn't want to freak Erika out in the beginning and I loved how he started out slowly talking and showing her what he needed. I really loved that Erika could tell he needed more and was willing to try new things because of her trust in Max. 

Ms. Grant has the Dark Path Series set as a trilogy, so of course there was a cliffhanger of an ending. Big life changes happened with Erika, Max, and even Christopher and I'm already counting down until the release of the 2nd book, The Key

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Jen Twimom said...

Great review! I agree 100% with your take on Erika, Max and Christopher. I cannot wait to read the next book!