Monday, October 14, 2013

Faerie Trilogy Spotlight

This week's spotlight is on the Faerie Trilogy from author Silver James. I originally met author Silver James before she was even published through the Plotmonkeys' blog. We became friends and as soon as the first book in her Faerie Trilogy was released, I became a fan. Faerie Fate, Faerie Fire, and Faerie Fool are all so fabulous! For the record, I have no problem letting everyone know I asked for Rory's story over and over until we finally got Faerie Fool, which is my favorite book in the series. Thank you Silver!

The Wild Rose Press is also in the works to release the Faerie Trilogy in a boxed set. I don't have the release date yet, but will post the information as soon as I know the release date.

 Faerie Fate Released April 7, 2010

If you could go back, do it over again, would you take a chance to find true love? 

What if you had no choice?

On her fiftieth birthday, the faerie send Rebecca Miller a thousand years into the past to find her happily ever after with Ciaran MacDermot, Chief of Clann MacDermot, the last Fenian warrior in his line. In the twenty-first century, Becca is old enough to be Ciaran’s mother. In the tenth, she’s young enough to be his bride.

The fae forgot to mention one slight stipulation. The lovers must be bound before the Festival of Light, or Becca will forever disappear into Tir Nan Óg, the faerie Land of the Ever Young. 

Will they discover the binding words before time runs out and they’re torn apart forever? Or will their eternal love defeat their Faerie Fate?

Without the words, history is doomed to repeat itself.

Faerie Fire Released September 15, 2010

Disgraced SAS Captain Duncan Ross, is on a one-man crusade to find the international terrorist known as Brian Boru. Moira O'Connor, daughter and chief of staff of a US Senator, harbors a secret legacy passed down from her mother's people. When they first meet at a weekend party in Virginia, time turns topsy-turvy. Memories of a former life, one in which Duncan was her lover, overshadows the present. Back then, Moira was burned as a witch and Duncan was too late to save her, the words to bind them forever unsaid. 

Boru crashes the party even as the faerie harper, Abhean, steers the lovers on a collision course with destiny. Will Duncan save Moira this time? Will he survive to say the vows and make her his for eternity, or will they succumb to the Faerie Fire?

Without the words, history is doomed to repeat itself.

Faerie Fool Released November 27, 2012

In a previous life long forgotten, Rory MacDermot vowed never to lose his heart. But then he meets Delaney Burns. Again.

In life after life, the man Rory was slips beyond Delaney's grasp, and she falls for the wrong man. This time, Delaney turns to Rory for solace and discovers she's loved him in every lifetime. So why the barriers between them?

Neither believes in reincarnation, but as their dreams reveal the past, they realize their memories hold the key to the future. To keep history from repeating itself, they must pronounce the binding words before the Faerie feud spills into the mortal realm, but the words dance beyond Rory's memory. 

When the fae harper arrives to collect Rory's old debt--his life for Delaney's--he's dragged to Faerie, leaving Delaney the hostage of a disturbed man. Can Rory escape and save her? Or will he lose her...this time forever?

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