Thursday, October 31, 2013

Season of the Witch

Coming Halloween 2013!!!

I'm super excited to share the newest release from author Silver James! I've already purchased my copy for my kindle and can't wait to read more about Sade and her crew.

Season of the Witch (Penumbra Papers Book 1)

Welcome to The Penumbra Papers, the exciting new Urban Fantasy series from award-winning author Silver James. Fans of her Moonstruck series will love the Penumbra Papers. These “Cases from the Shadow’s Edge” explore the forces of light and dark as they dance through shadows humans barely glimpsed prior to the Big Rip. Since then, all manner of preternatural magicks intermingle with humans in ways mysterious, magical and, in some cases, criminal. Much to humanity’s surprise, there really are monsters under the bed and the things that go bump in the night are bigger and scarier than anyone ever imagined.

Back cover blurb

Sade Marquis. Her best friend turns furry. Her godfather’s a master vampire. Her mother was once a mistress of the King of the Faerie Court.
After the Veil rips, FBI Special Agent Sade Marquis is picked to head up the newly-formed MAGIC unit. When magic’s in the air, Sade is the agent FBI Director George Bailey wants in the trenches. She’s savvy, snarky, and sexy but she may have met her match when she’s sent to Chicago to investigate the murder of a congressional aide.
Is the vampire, Kristian St. John, guilty as sin? Once a Templar knight, Sinjen now teaches history at the University of Chicago. He must rely on Sade to clear his name and track the real culprit.
Together, they unravel a thousand-year-old mystery. If they don’t solve it, the world—human and magick—will suffer the consequences unleashed by evil incarnate.

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Excerpt from Season of the Witch

Fuck you. What the hell was she thinking? Fuck her! The best and the sexiest from every preternatural race attempted her seduction at one time or another. Every last one of the magicks, in the right glamour, looked damned hot. Luckily, they couldn’t reproduce with humans—which was a very good thing. Otherwise, there would be little halflings running around all over the place. Ariel, known everywhere as the King’s Seducer—an actual title within the fae court—never got past first base with her.

The last magick to try—a sexy dragon—still called and texted in hopes of catching her with her guard down. She just thought Nikos Constantine could kiss. If not for a bansidhe attack, she might have been tempted by Nikos. In the end, though, she’d shut him down. All those attempts were to no avail, but here she was in a vampire’s arms ready to waive all rights to her virginity.

Hiding the fact she was ready for a horizontal tango remained high on Sade’s to-do list. She’d made out with guys before. A lot. Well, okay. A little. Caleb and Roman never let her out of their sight for very long. Not even Ari or Nikos could get her between the sheets. She was not frigid, despite what Caleb thought. She wasn’t.

The fact Sinjen had her all hot and bothered at the moment proved her point. Her girlie bits snapped to attention, returning the salute from his manly bits...or vampirely bits as the case might be. That meant he’d fed. That bit of lore was correct. Sade once checked with a doctor about it, a prominent cardiologist, in fact. The process all had to do with blood pressure and well...stuff. A twinge of jealousy nipped at her. He’d fed. On someone. Besides her.

“That can be arranged,” Sinjen breathed into her mouth.

Sade squeaked. Had he read her mind? There seemed to be a lot of that going on. When he continued, she realized his mind was on something completely different.

“But fuck is such a vulgar word for what I want to do to you, Lady Sade.” He murmured the words against her cheek as his mouth left her lips and trailed upward toward her ear. His lips paused on the wildly beating pulse under the soft skin of her throat. As he nuzzled, her pulse quickened even more and he smiled. “Will my ice queen scorch me before the night is through?” The word’s whispered across her skin.

Once again, Sade’s knees all but buckled under his ardent assault. Damn, she thought. All those romance novels are right after all. That was the last coherent thought she had as Sinjen’s arm tightened around her waist. His other hand cupped the back of her head and held her still for the onslaught of his lips and tongue. He angled her head so he could trail kisses down her throat before returning to assault her mouth.

As she melted against him, Sinjen kissed the tip of her nose and rested his forehead against hers. Sade trembled in his arms but it wasn’t because she was afraid. No, she would never fear him.

“What a treasure you are,” he murmured, his lips nibbling hers as he spoke. “But I fear you think far too much.”

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