Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest treatment from my doctors...for now

So I went to see my medical oncologist last Wednesday. After waiting for well over on hour to be taken to a room and then waiting another 30 minutes in the room, I finally was able to see the doctor. However, in the 6 weeks since I last saw her, she had not bothered to get with any of my other doctors to find out what course of treatment we were going to take. Unfortunately for the doctor, she asked how I was feeling and I literally held nothing back. I let her know how inconsiderate I felt they were to not only keep we waiting for over 1 1/2 hours, but not rescheduling the appointment when they hadn't talked to my doctor yet. She let me know she would get with my doctor and call me once they had decided what treatment would be our best bet.

She finally gave me a call on Monday and we are trying me on Tamoxifen, while staying on BCP to see if it will work much like Tamoxifen and HRT. I have to stay on Tamoxifen for at least 6 weeks and then get an appointment with the doctor to run blood test and go over any major side effects. The doctor did tell me if I have any side effects we would scrap the trial and look into other ways to monitor the tissue. Since I'm already scheduled to have mammograms at least twice a year, I'm not sure what other type of testing would be done each year. So I'm on a wait and see pattern again, as I try a new medicine.


Silver James said...

Oh, hon! Rotten luck. Sending good thoughts your way and hoping all works out so you are healthy and happy! *hug*

mslizalou said...

Thanks Silver. As long as the side effects aren't bad, I'll be on Tamoxifen for the next 5 years. It should keep the "smokey" cells from turning into breast cancer.