Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music City Keeps On Playin'

Right now GAC is doing the Music City Keeps On Playin' benefit concert to raise money for people in middle Tennessee who were effected by the floods on May 1 and 2. To make donations, you can call 877-768-NASH or go to Every penny that is raised through this telethon/benefit concert will stay in middle Tennessee to help all the victims in this area. Nashville is getting the most attention right now, but there are so many smaller towns and counties that still have areas under water now.

I really don't think the floods in Nashville and middle Tennessee really got the attention the people in this area deserved. Tennesseans were out as soon as the waters started to rise helping one another and trying to get anyone in the flood areas to safety. In fact, so many volunteers going out in their own boats to do rescues is one of the biggest reasons the casualty numbers are so low. Thanks to all the country music people in the area, we are starting to get the attention of the national media. However, FEMA and the insurance companies won't be able to cover everything for the people in this area, so please if at all possible, please donate to help the flood victims of middle Tennessee.

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Houston A.W. Knight said...

You're right about the news people not saying enough about the flood there! I never heard one word about it...I only knew about it from the RWA loop and the Nationals being changed because of it!

The USA helps a lot of people around the's time to help their own!