Saturday, May 08, 2010

JR Ward Book Signing at The Bookstore

So my cousin Gina and I went to the JR Ward book signing in Radcliff, KY tonight at The Bookstore. I love going to The Bookstore(always find at least one or two new books to buy) and they really know how to host a book signing. We had the best time and even managed to get our picture taken with the WARDen, as well as having a picture signed for my cousin Beverly who missed out on the signing for her prom(JR was so super sweet). Thanks to my cousin Gina, I have lots of notes from the signing. In fact, she emailed me all the notes she took and I've posted all question and answers below.

Notes from the Lover Mine book-signing:

Was Rehvenge at the wedding? Yes

Do the brothers find out about Darius? No, it would upset all of the relationships.

Rhage and Mary and a child, Wrath and Beth and the birth of the King – Slices of Life purchased by her publisher for a paperback publication (not going to be available for at least 18 months, not even written yet).

Will Tohr have a new mate? Yes

Who matched Tohr and Wellsie? “I wouldn’t know that, would I?” big smiles and lots of sarcasm

Qhuay book? Lots of thoughts on that, but really seems like it would be best written into a (BIG!) novella. She wants to do it right for the story but doesn't want to offend any readers. Most likely name will be Blay & Qhuinn, so readers will know exactly what they will be getting.

Will the training center be reopened? Yes, definitely (“They need that now.”)

Will the previous books be reprinted in hardback? Maybe, really an unknown

What about the coffins? Can’t tell, really don’t know yet. Theory: coffins are in Caldwell and the Tomb is in Caldwell coffins = remains of the original brothers

Will John be joining the brotherhood? Yes, and maybe even Xhex (openings for Slices of Life)

You mentioned a werewolf on the boards or someplace. Will there be a werewolf in the series? “I can’t say a word about werewolf. And no Alpo jokes!”

Speaking of the coffins, Wellsie’s in the tomb, right? No, Vishous has her remains until Tohr can deal. (The Scribe Virgin needs to get her act together.)

Next book: Payne and Manny

Are you going to fix Jane? Nothing wrong with her, nothing to fix, but there will be lots of V and Jane in Payne and Manny’s book.

What about Darius coming back to take care of Beth? He still does, just as John Matthew, seizures and everything. “Besides, Wrath’s doing a pretty good job, if you ask me.”

Was Tohr a pretrans in the flashbacks in Lover Mine? Not a pretrans, just newly transitioned.

What does Saxton look like? “Remember, in the Great Gatsby, with Robert Redford? Like that. Well-kept, elegant, lovely, not a pansy.”

You mentioned 3 European dudes? When will they appear? Unknown, though they’re there, somewhere along the line, and will join the Brotherhood stories eventually (possible Slices of Life).

iAm and Trez will each have their own book.

Lassiter gets his own book.

Was Tohr mated when he and Darius rescued No’One? No, engaged/betrothed but not mated and haven’t even met yet (Tohr’s mother set their relationship up...she let it slip later in the Q&A).

Is losing Payne the Scribe Virgin’s wake-up call? Something in Payne’s book will kick her into gear.

Will Muhrder come back for Xhex? Can’t say yet (face all O.o) Muhrder does get his own book, though.

Was Xhex definitely not pregnant by Lash? Yes, yes, yes!

Will Claire and Michael show up in the Brotherhood world? Really didn’t know.

Will Brotherhood show up in the Fallen Angel books again? Yes, in the 3rd book. Crave is set in Boston, but the 3rd book will be back in Caldwell.

Payne and Manny’s book will be out in April.

Angels book will be out a month earlier than anticipated.

“Isaac [main character of Crave] has a way of saying ‘Ma’am’ that makes you want to drop your pants.” = sexy Southern drawl.

Does Bella going to South Carolina involve Muhrder somehow? Yes, in some way...

Did Saxton have anything to do with Qhuinn being disowned? No, definitely not.

Lash has Qhuinn’s brother.

Where did the Brotherhood come from? They exist in her head, like a movie that can be rewound and fast-forwarded. Not based on anyone and not influenced by anyone. Also, when we’re reading the newest book, she’s already 2 to 3 books ahead of us (she’s very nervous about public reaction to something in Payne and Manny’s book.).

How far do you outline? As it comes time to write, only when it’s time to “pull the trigger.”

Layla: much love for Layla. She has a theory about Layla that she wouldn’t share, despite much dithering and pleading with her mods/publicists.

Did No’One have another name before having Xhex? Yes, but it’s going to be revealed as part of her story.

Qhuinn’s brother’s frozen? “Well, he’s not moving a lot...”

Did Symphaths just happen to evolve from vampires or were they a mistake? “Law of unintended consequences” and mutations and inbreeding and a bad branch of vampires

Have you considered taking the Brothers from books to movies? LOVES the idea of casting call. “Yeah, your resume is great and your repertoire is awesome. Now, drop your pants.” (big uproar in the Bookstore) But she’d have to give up intellectual property rights and there would be some loss of control and she’d need tons of leverage to keep the stories untainted and the characters protected (cited JK Rowling as a great example of book-to-movie management) “Tom Cruise cannot be Wrath; Tom Cruise can’t even be Fritz!!” Lots of uproar and excitement. Did reveal that she’s been approached about making movies.

At the end of Lover Avenged, Wrath installs Rehv as the king/leader of the symphaths, with the idea that he’ll manage the colony. How is he at the mansion? Lives at the mansion with Ehlena. “Wrath isn’t a retard.” Wrath is using him to try to make alliances with the colony and family is very important to him (Bella and his niece are both at the mansion) and, anyway, he’s not going to try to mess with the self-involved aspect of symphaths too much.

How can Xhex go out into the sun? In the same way that Beth can go out in to the sun and Rehv can’t and Butch can’t dematerialize. It’s all a part of their biology and how half-breeds have different characteristics of each part.

Why does Payne know V and V not know Payne? Because Payne’s been with the Chosen and she’s had access to the seeing bowls and she knew that the Scribe Virgin sent V to live with the Bloodletter (that’s why she killed him).

Is Payne the lie that makes V upset at the WARDen? The lie isn’t Payne and there are still issues between the two.

Will there be more of Nahlla? Yeah, possibly even a Slice of Life eventually detailing her story.

Will Saxton have a book? “You do not want me to answer that.” “Awwwwwww...”

Will there be another compendium for the Slices of Life? Anthology type thing, printed in paperback.

Where is Boo? Just kinda around. BTW, Boo and George get along great (“because Boo is smarter than George. I’m a dog person, I’m not a cat person. And, I think Boo’s more than he appears to be.”).

Since Phury isn’t ‘servicing’ the Chosen, will there be another Primale? Can’t answer that. A lot of unknowns because the Chosen keep going back and forth to our world.

Why is V mad? V just honestly doesn’t care (and there’s a lot of him in the next book, she’s not looking forward to it).

In the interview, he gives her a dagger. Is that an attempt to make amends? Left unanswered in favor of the previous question. Then the book-signing commenced.

We were told we couldn't post anything on the yahoo boards or the BDB boards, but not told anything about our personal blogs, so I had to share with everyone. Thanks to Jerry and The Bookstore for hosting the event and the WARDen for being so super cool and nice. When we left it was an hour and a half in to what was supposed to be a two hour signing and at least another 100-150 people were still waiting to have books signed. The WARDen had promised to stay and sign every book when she started the Q&A portion of the night and as wonderful as she was to us, I know she stayed way past the original two hours.


Unknown said...

OMG! I'm so excited!!!

Thanks to you and Gina for taking such phenomenal notes! I had no idea she did a Q&A like this at her booksignings.

But I have some questions that you need to answer for me. LOL I probably should go to the BDB boards, but I just don't have the time. And I'm so afraid if I start going over there, I'll spend way too much time there and not enough time on my own stuff. goes...

I know she and V don't get along, but V is my favorite and I'm so excited that there's going to be more of him in Payne's book. That's good to me!!

She mentioned 3 European Dudes? Was that something mentioned on the boards or is that something she mentioned at the book signing?

Who are Claire and Michael? I've rattled my brain and for the life of me can't figure out who that is.

When does Bella go south? There must be new slices of life up that I haven't seen. Or is that part of the next book? Gosh, I'm so out of the loop!!! :( :(

I'd completely forgotten about Lash having Quinn's brother! Does that mean Lash is coming back, yet again. Or are the brothers going to find him?

I love that someone asked her if Payne was the lie that has V upset. I don't like that she didn't answer that! LOL

I think that's all my questions. Good grief! I think I have more questions than I did before. LOL

Thanks, again, for posting all this information!!!

Paula R said...

Liza, thanks you so much for posting this stuff. Love the pics of you guys. The WARDen rocks!!! I absolutely adore. One day, I am gonna have to fly out to one of her signings, since she doesn't fly.

Q: Are you still going to Nationals, now that it is moved to Orlando? If yes, wanna be my roomie? Thanks so much for telling her I said hi.

"Who are Claire and Michael? I've rattled my brain and for the life of me can't figure out who that is."

Alannah, Michael and Claire are in from the "Story of Son" written in the Dead After Dark Anthology with Dianne Love, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Susan Squires. It is awesome. This book came out before Lover Avenged last year. It is still available in bookstores.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Just_Me37 said...

Hello, I was blog searching and found this post. I was curious as to whether she gave a time frame for the Qhuinn and Blay novella. I really want to read it so I am wondering when I can expect it. Thanks, in advance :) This is such an awesome post :D

Unknown said...

I didn't know she didn't fly! Yay, I have something in common with her. LOL I will fly, but I have to take a ton of Xanax first.

I had no idea she had a novella out. How did I miss that? I guess if I went to the boards more often I'd know this stuff. Putting it on my tbb list now.

Have a great rest of the weekend!!

mslizalou said...

Jodie- I'm not sure where the 3 European dudes came from. Someone asked about them and they were news to me too. I'm not sure when Bella went to SC, but I think it was the Slice of Life in the BDB Guide. I also need to check the site for new Slice of Life stories. As for Lash, she said just remember how he died and where he went(back to the Omega).

Paula-I'm still looking to see if I can afford Nationals, so let me look at my budget and I'll let you know ASAP. I would love to be roomies if my budget will allow.

Just_Me37 - Thanks for stopping by my blog.

As for the time frame on Blay & Qhuinn's book, she said she and her publisher are still working out the details, so I'm pretty sure no set time for their book. She did say her novella will be much longer than the average novella. Nothing will be posted on the boards until after the May 11 LM discussion on the boards with the WARDen.

Unknown said...

It makes sense that her novella would be longer than the average novella because her novels are longer than the average novel. LOL I don't think anyone else could get away with the huge word count that she does.

mslizalou said...

I'm good with her huge word count since it takes me just a little bit longer to read her books. BTW, I really like V too, so I can't wait to read Payne and Manny's book.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Oh...I love book stores and book signings...and of course a good book!

I'm doing a little more reading these days so I'll check this one out for sure!


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Bella went South when she found out that she was pregnant & left in LAw.

Also, the 3 european dudes I'm guessing are brothers or vampires from the old country. Muhrder is said the have a european accent in LM.

Thanks for the awesome blog post!