Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend with Family & Friends

Friday night my friends and I were able to get together for our monthly dinner at my friend Fran's new restaurant 55 South in Franklin, TN. Fran and her husband Jason, now have 3 restaurants in Franklin, and each one is amazing in their own way. I have to say that everything I tried on Friday was fabulous and I can't wait to go back next week to try out their Sunday brunch menu. It was so much fun to spend time with my friends and just sit around and eat, talk and laugh. Luckily, we already have plans to get together on Saturday to fix dinner and watch Miss America and a few of us are meeting for brunch at 55 South on Sunday.

My sister and her 3 girls came to my house for the weekend on Friday night too. My brother has been staying with me for the last month, since he was between acting gigs. Needless to say, my little 2 bedroom home was a little bit crowded, but so much fun with almost my entire family at my house. On Saturday, my 2 youngest nieces (15 & 5) went with me and one of our aunts to see the 101 Dalmatian play at TPAC. I really hadn't heard much about this play, but we all really loved the play. Youngest loved that they had real dogs in play, while Middle just loved the entire play. When my middle niece was young, we had to watch the "dog-dogs" as she called it all the time. I pretty much could quote the movie as it was playing. So when we received our season tickets, I knew she had to go with us. My youngest niece loves anything and everything to do with Disney, so I knew she would love the play, and I was really excited to take her to her very first Broadway play ever(think it was Middle's first too). I just wish I could have taken pictures of both girls faces as they were watching the play, as they looks of joy were as great to me as the play. Then we all met my aunt and uncle, sister, brother, and oldest niece for dinner at Demo's in downtown Nashville. If you are ever here, it is a great place to eat steak and spaghetti.

My sister and her girls headed home this morning and now I'm catching up on laundry(no way to get it done while everyone was her yesterday) and watching playoff games. Plus my brother heads out tomorrow to start his next role, so I have some laundry to do for him to get him ready to go. As for the playoff games, the AFC game is an easy pick for me. I'm a Titans fan, so I don't ever cheer for the Colts. I'm really hoping the Jets pull it out today and beat the Colts. The NFC playoff game is a little harder for me. I love Brett Favre and the Vikings and I really like the Saints too, so I'll be cheering for the Vikings, but will be fine if the Saints win.


Unknown said...

As someone who lives in a 2 bedroom, 1000' sq. ft. house I think I have a good idea of what it was like at your place this weekend! LOL

When my parents come to visit for Christmas, they sleep on the futon in the living room and everyone has to work around them and their stuff.

When they come to visit in the summertime, I move everyone to our river cottage, which is much, much larger. LOL And has a better view.

But I'm sure you loved having everyone with you, I'm sure it was a lot of fun for everyone!

Have a great week!!

mslizalou said...

We pretty much were on top of one another the entire weekend, but had a great time. Hope to have a bigger place in a couple of years so it will be easier for my family to visit.