Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Phoenix Charm

The Phoenix Charm is the second book in Helen Scott Taylor’s Magic Knot Fairies series. From the back cover.~

He’s Pure Temptation.

Cordelia has sworn she’ll abstain from looking into Michael’s future-particularly when the image in the gilded smoke of her divination mirror shows him half naked. Yet she can’t resist watching the sexy rascal slowly running his hand down his ribs, over his abdomen, flicking open the button on his jeans with a little flourish like a magician performing a trick.

She’s Trying To Resist

Respectable wise woman Cordelia restrains her secret water nymph sensuality with the Celtic symbols painted on her skin. But Michael’s powerful fairy glamour leaves her breathless, off balance, struggling for control. When Gwyn ap Nudd, the Welsh King of the Underworld, steals away Michael’s infant nephew, Cordelia must work with him to save the child. But how can she trust her instincts with Michael tempting her to explore the hidden elemental depths of her nature and insisting that she believe in the power of…The Phoenix Charm.

I liked The Phoenix Charm. I was really excited to get Michael’s story after reading about him in The Magic Knot. He is such a fun character and I couldn’t wait to see who he would end up with. Cordelia is such a strong woman, even though she doesn’t seem to realize it in the beginning. I really like Cordelia and Michael together, and enjoyed their journey and watching each of them come into their own. I did feel the book moved a little slow in places, but did enjoy it overall. I do look forward to more books in this series and I like Helen Scott Taylor’s writing style.


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