Friday, January 29, 2010

Results and more testing

So my doctor finally gave me a call this morning. The test shows I have pre-cancer cells in the lump, but it has not progressed to cancer yet. However, my doctor is sending me to "the best breast man in town"(her words not mine) to have further testing and remove the lump. Really hoping there is nothing more that has to be done other than the lump being removed. Thanks for all the post and prayers, and please continue to keep me in your prayers. I'll know more on Tuesday after I see the next doctor, so I'll post another update at that point.

On a good note, we have snow falling like it is never going to stop. So I will get to spend a relaxing evening watching snow fall once I get home from work tonight. We almost never get snow in Nashville, so I'm pretty excited.


Leslie Kelly said...

Well crap. I SO wish you'd had 100%all-clear news. I am quite sure you're going to be totally fine, but am so sorry the stress of it has to drag on.

Thinking of you!

mslizalou said...

Thanks Leslie. I'm doing okay right now. Bonus, I'm getting together with my friends tomorrow night(depending on the snow), and that will really help me out. Plus a couple of them are going with me on Tuesday to see the surgeon.

Paula R said...

Liza, your experience brings back so many memories for me. I am with Les on this one. 100% clear would have been great news. You are really a trooper. You continue to be in my prayers. I wasn't as brave as you are, but everything turned out okay. I wish the same for you.

I love to watch falling snow. I really can't believe that it is snowing in Nashville! I remember the last time I was there, some flurries fell and everything shut down. I can't imagine what it is like now.

You are in my prayers always.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

mslizalou said...

Paula, thanks for your prayers. I'm not sure I'm really that brave, just waiting until I talk to the surgeon to freak out. Right now my doctor told me they will only remove the lump and there shouldn't be anything else. The surgeon might want to do more, so I'm waiting to freak out until Tuesday afternoon. I will have friends with me, so that will help.

We ended up getting about 4-5" of snow. It is so pretty, but I'm not looking forward to driving on it in a little bit. But, I didn't get paid until yesterday, so I still need to buy groceries today. I figure if I go out early, there will be fewer people on the roads.

Wendy said...

Liza: I'm so sorry to hear this - but am very happy for you that they caught it so early. That can only mean good things, right? Hopefully it will be as simple as just having the lump removed. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

mslizalou said...

I am lucky it was caught early. I do feel a bit better about the situation since it is early.