Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elliptical Machine and NFL Playoff Weekend

So I canceled my membership to my gym effective January 1, because I really hated going to the gym. I would always make excuses not to go and really didn't care that I had paid for the use of the gym each month. My company is trying to help our employees to get healthier, so we hopefully save a little money on our health insurance premiums this year. One of the goals set for our company is for each person to participate in a 5K this year. Now we don't actually have to necessarily run the 5K, but my long-term goal is to be able to run a 5K by late spring or early summer. Joining Weight Watchers online has really helped me be more accountable in what I'm eating and so far I've lost 31 pounds. To keep the weight loss going and the getting healthier plan in the works, I purchased an elliptical machine for my home. I was on the edge between and elliptical machine or a treadmill, but went with the elliptical due to the fact it isn't quite as tough on your joints(no repeated pounding like on the treadmill). I figure working out on the elliptical each day will get me ready to start running in the spring. BTW, I had help getting the elliptical machine to my house and even into my house. However, I had to put the entire thing together by myself and not only did it, but it will totally kick your butt when using it. Woohoo for me!

NFL football is my favorite sport all year (especially my TN Titans). So, since my Titans didn't make it to the playoffs this year, I had to pick other teams to cheer for in the playoffs. My friend Dawn has been a die-hard Saints fan for years, so that was an easy team to pick, and her husband Kevin is about the biggest Vikings fan on the planet. I'm really hoping the Vikings can take down the Cowboys tomorrow, like the Saints slaughtered the Cardinals today(never been a Cowboys fan ever!!!). It the NFC Championship is between the Saints and Vikings, I'll have to go with the Vikings since they have Brett Farve. Now the AFC is a little harder for me. Being a Titans fan, there is no way I can actually cheer for the Colts ever, but I've never been a Ravens fan either. However, I will cheer for the Ravens tonight over the Colts and really hope the Jets take the game tomorrow. So for now I'm going to say Go Ravens, Go Vikings, and Go Jets!!!

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