Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Biggest Loser Season 9 and snow...maybe

So I had been waiting for The Biggest Loser:Couples to start back since the finale of season 8 in mid-December. I love that they are going back to the couples format: 2 family members working together to lose weight. The first twist of the night would be making all the new contestants do their first weigh-in in front of most of the people in their hometowns. Not like it was a big surprise that the contestants are over-weight, but it seemed really a bit too much to make the contestants step on the scales for the first time in front of all their friends and family. The second twist of the night came as soon as the contestants arrived on campus. They were told that each team must ride a marathon on exercise bikes, with the first team to finish earning immunity for the week and the 2 teams to finish last being sent home immediately. The green team kicked butt and finished first, while the blue team and the yellow team were the teams to get sent home. I kinda liked this twist, but figured there had to be more to it, and I was right. Bob and Jillian stopped the limos as they were leaving the campus to tell each team they would be going home for a month and then would be back to compete with each other to see who had the highest percentage of weight loss. The team with the highest percentage of weight loss would be allowed to compete against the rest of the teams on campus. Jillian & Bob promised both the Blue and the Yellow teams they would help them both in any way.

Bob and Jillian again are training together this year and both were a bit shocked at how big the contestants were this year. This year has the heaviest group of contestants ever. So Bob and Jillian decide to totally kick some butt from the very first day. At the weigh in the brown team falls below the yellow line and so one of the team members, who happen to be twin brothers, will be sent home. After an emotional meeting with twins John and James, James is sent home. This season already is set to be one of the most emotional. Since this show keeps me motivated to keep my weight loss going, I'll continue to watch each week.

So in the morning, we are suppose to start our day with snow. Now in Tennessee, we really don't have many snow plows and pretty much depend on salt trucks to melt any snow/ice we get. However, since our temps haven't been above freezing in the last several days, the salt really won't melt anything that hits the streets. As of now, with no snow in the area yet, most of the counties surrounding Nashville, have already canceled school for tomorrow. There also has been a run on all the bread and milk in the grocery stores(any call for snow puts people in a panic about not having bread and milk) and the gas stations suddenly decided to raise gas prices by over 30 cents a gallon today to gouge all the local residents(no way every gas station in town received gas deliveries today). Since so many of the schools have already called off school for tomorrow, I'm pretty sure we won't get any snow. Except it has been several years since we really had any snow, so I'm thinking this is our year for a really snowy winter. So I guess only time will tell, but I can only hope if we do have snow, all the schools cancel before morning.


Silver James said...

Our schools closed because of the extreme cold. They were afraid kids would get frostbite while waiting at the bus stop.

Our Attorney General is really good about taking on price gougers. Of course, we have state law to back it up. Maybe TN needs to do the same. If the legislature is in session, I bet a couple of them get upset about the gas hike!

Stay in and stay safe and warm!

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Liza said...

While the buses wouldn't have had any trouble this morning, I think it was a good idea to go ahead and cancel schools to keep the kids safe this afternoon. It has finally started to snow some and it is sticking to the roads. I'm sure the salt trucks are out now, but will still be bad after work.

Of course, I have no proof that the gas stations are gouging their customers. I just find it interesting that our really low gas prices went up right when the call for bad weather happened. They had to know everyone would want to fill up, just in case.