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Rory Sullivan, a renowned artisan woodworker, has no plans to fall in love anytime soon. Especially not with Zara Mirren, who shares a converted warehouse space with him in Bar Harbor, Maine. While she is a brilliant maker—the eyeglass frames she designs are practically works of art—everything else about her drives him bonkers. The way she’s always whistling cheesy pop songs off-key. The way her half-drunk cups of coffee litter every available countertop. And especially the way he can’t take his eyes off her whenever she enters a room…or stop thinking about her after she leaves. 

Zara loves everything about her career—designing and manufacturing bright, fun glasses frames fulfills both the creative and technical sides of her brain. The only downside to coming to work is bumping into irritating, far-too-handsome-for-his-own-good Rory Sullivan…even if she secretly enjoys the zingers they throw at each other. On the plus side, thinking up new ways to torment Rory on a daily basis has helped Zara stop dwelling on the fact that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her stepsister.  

But when Zara learns that her ex and her stepsister have just become engaged, she’s doubly stunned by Rory’s suggestion to go as her pretend boyfriend to their engagement party, in a one-night truce where they’ll be a team rather than adversaries. Only, when it turns out that the sparks between them disguise a deeper passion—and bigger emotional connection—than either has ever known, will both Rory and Zara end up losing their hearts to the last person they could have imagined? 

Release Date: June 19, 2019
Oak Press, LLC
Sullivans #20, Maine Sullivans #2
Contemporary Romance
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Liza's Review:

I loved every single moment of There Goes My Heart written by Bella Andre. Zara and Rory's beautiful story was a wonderful addition to the amazing Sullivan series. I was pulled in from page one and didn't want to put my kindle down until I finished their story. This was one of the most beautiful and emotional stories I've ever read from Bella Andre and it is now my new favorite.

So Rory and Zara have always had a bit of a tumultuous relationship, though I wouldn't call them actual enemies, they really weren't friends before this story started. While both artists, they seemed to rub each other the wrong way most of the time. However, when Zara learns her stepsister is now engaged to her ex, Rory steps up to go as her pretend boyfriend to the engagement party. I knew in my heart there was something special between these two besides animosity. I loved they each seemed to open up to one another about things in their pasts neither had really shared with anyone else. Rory continued to blame himself for his ex having an accident after they broke up, and Zara still blames herself for her mom's death. I loved they each could so easily see how the other wasn't in the wrong, yet it required much introspection to see it about themself.

Rory and Zara had the best chemistry. They connected so well from the moment they shared their first kiss. OMG it only got hotter from there. I loved they pretty much wanted to spend all their time together after. I honestly fell in love with them as a couple right along with them realizing they had fallen in love. I loved that Rory's family accepted Zara so quickly into their circle. I won't lie; I bawled like a baby when Zara was with Rory's mom and got so emotional about her own mom not being alive. So freaking emotional!!! Add in what Rory does to show Zara how much he loves her, and I was seriously crying like a baby. I loved this beautiful and emotional ride.

There Goes My Heart was an absolutely amazing story! Bella Andre has been an auto-buy author for me from the moment I read the very first book in the Sullivan series, and I've never missed another book. Ms. Andre writes beautiful romances that pull at my heart every single time. While there are always sweet moments between the couples in her books, there is also plenty of heat as well. There Goes My Heart is another winner from Bella Andre and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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