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Flynn Stewart, an award-winning screenwriter, seems to have the perfect Hollywood life. Until his dark past comes crashing back when he learns his long-lost sister has passed away--and he has a six-month-old niece named Ruby. Flynn vows to give the little girl who now means everything to him a better childhood than he or his sister ever had. So when he finds out that Ruby's nanny is trying to sell their story to the press, he takes his niece as far from Hollywood as he can.

One of seven siblings in Bar Harbor, Cassie Sullivan has always been grateful for the love and support of her tight-knit family. Because of them, she had the courage to create a successful candy confection business. So when a friend of her cousin needs a place to stay with his baby for a few weeks, she's happy to offer him her cabin in the woods. But from the first moment she meets Flynn and Ruby, her heart is lost to the gorgeous man and his adorable little girl.

Flynn has never met anyone as cheerful and open as Cassie. Instantly drawn to her, he finds himself telling her things about his past that he's never spoken of to anyone--things that make him certain he could never be worthy of her. Only, Cassie isn't about to let the pair who have stolen her heart go without a fight--using all the light, love, and laughter she can give them. Will the nightmares from Flynn's past continue to haunt him and and steal away the joy of a future with Cassie? Or will Cassie's love, and the support of her big family, be powerful enough to help him face his long-buried demons and conquer them at last?
Release Date: March 13, 2019
Oak Press, LLC
Contemporary Romance
Sullivans #19, Maine Sullivans #1
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Liza's Review:

This book took me to my happy place. Single dad with an adorable baby meets the woman of his dreams and she feels the same way. I can't tell you how many times I happy sighed as I read Your Love is Mine.

Cassie Sullivan is such a strong and sweet character. She was raised by strong parents to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to, and has become a candy confection artist. I really wish I could have seen pictures of some of her designs as they sounded amazing. She has the biggest heart and such a positive outlook on life and she made me smile each time she appeared on the page.

Flynn Stewart was not as lucky when he was growing up. He was raised by abusive and addicted parents and he was the one who had to protect his younger sister Sarah. When he escaped his hometown at 17 and reinvented himself with a new name and background, he never thought his past would meet up with the present. However, when his sister dies and he becomes his niece’s guardian, his past and present collides and he must find a safe place to protect Ruby.

Babies in books can be hit or miss with me. Bella Andre knocked it out of the park with Ruby. She was super cute and in just the right number of scenes to make the story work. I loved that Cassie fell for both Ruby and Flynn from the moment she met them both. 

I loved seeing Flynn and Cassie fall in love. Cassie knew from the moment they met, while Flynn fought his feelings because of his past. I love before they became serious, Flynn shared his past with Cassie. I would have had an issue with half-truths being between them honestly.

I loved how Flynn started seeing his past in a different light after opening up about his past with Cassie. As he wrote his new screenplay, which was completely different from anything he had written before, he became more open and couldn’t hold back his love for either Ruby or Cassie. I hated he didn’t feel originally he was good enough for Cassie because of his past; it pretty much broke my heart. 

Your Love is Mine was such an amazing start to the Maine Sullivan part of the family. Much as with all the other Sullivan family members, I loved each one as soon as I met them. After 19 books with this amazing family, I hope we never have to say goodbye to this series. Ms. Andre once again gives her readers a beautiful story filled with lots of love, romance and family. I highly recommend every single book in this series!

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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