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While on a wilderness reality show, an adventure guide with a painful past and a fallen music superstar discover fierce passion…and killer competition. 

Shep Kingston can survive a week in the woods with nothing but a pocket knife and the clothes on his back. But navigating everyday social interactions? That’s a struggle. If only people were like his dog. Loyal. Well-trained. Quiet. With Puck, Shep knows where he stands. People—especially women—are complicated. Guiding a bunch of spoiled celebrities into the North Carolina mountains is his idea of hell. Until a beautiful, off-limits rock star makes it feel more like heaven. Joss says what she means…and shows Shep exactly what she wants. 

Joss Wynter plays sold-out stadiums, not insane survival games. Except she’s no longer the adored lead singer of Scarlet Glitterati. Tragedy turned fans against her and Joss into tabloid fodder. Her manager claims TV’s hottest reality competition will relaunch her image. Joss has doubts but won’t let anything distract her from winning. Not even the rugged local guide with song-inspiring sex appeal. Shep is unlike any man she’s ever met. Direct. Honest to a fault. Unexpectedly tender. As the show’s challenges intensify, so does the attraction between them. 

But the cameras aren’t the only ones watching. A deadly opponent lurks in the shadows, playing a dangerous game. And all too willing to kill for a win.

Release Date: March 25, 2019
Steele Ridge Publishing
Steele Ridge: The Kingstons #4
Romantic Suspense
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

I wanted Shep Kingston's book from the moment I first met him. As Shep is on the Autism spectrum, I knew it would take a special woman to accept him as he was and not want to change him. Imagine my surprise when Joss Wynter, shows up and seems to get Shep pretty much from the moment they first meet.

When Shep and his beloved service dog Puck  must go out into the wilderness to help a group of celebrities in the wilderness for a reality television show, he has no idea this job will be a life changer. Let me just say Shep's in your face statements cracked me up many times. He says pretty much exactly what he is thinking when he thinks it, and doesn't always get slang and jokes, but he has perfect radar when it came to sizing people up. I loved the nicknames he gave the various celebrities and people working on the show.

Joss really wasn't want I expected from a rock star. Yes she had major guilt issues because of how her bandmates died, but she was so very down to earth and accepted everything as it happened out in the woods. She also connected with Shep's dog Puck very quickly which let me know immediately she was a wonderful person. She worried just as much about Puck throughout the story as she did about Shep. I loved while sometimes she was a bit shocked by Shep's directness, she had no issue explaining her ideas and needs to Shep. 

When Shep, Joss and Puck end up alone in the wilderness for a while, I loved how easily they worked together and were able to express their wants and needs for each other. Shep had unfortunately had a horrible first marriage where is ex-wife didn't get his needs and Shep hadn't ever been with a woman who understood him as Joss did. Their chemistry was off the charts hot and yet there was still a sweetness to them too. I totally and completely fell in love with them as a couple to more time they spent together and worked together to get out of what turned into a dangerous situation. Kelsey Browning kept me on the edge of my seat figuring out who was behind the attacks in the forest. I figured out the person behind everything, but not the reason why and the anger and hatred from this person was horrible. The fact that this individual attacked Puck along the way about killed me. Seriously had me gasping out loud while reading and made me shed a few tears.

Striking Edge was a wonderful addition to the Kingstons series of books in Steele Ridge. I totally believe you can read this story as a stand alone, as I have all the books on my kindle, but have a few still to read. I do have every intention of going back to read all books I've missed as I've fallen in love not only with Shep, but the entire Kingston family. Striking Edge is a wonderful romantic suspense story and I highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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