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An Unquiet Heart

Alone in her tower, Princess Oria has spent too long studying her people’s barbarian enemies, the Destrye—and neglected the search for calm that will control her magic and release her to society. Her restlessness makes meditation hopeless and her fragility renders human companionship unbearable. Oria is near giving up. Then the Destrye attack, and her people’s lives depend on her handling of their prince…

A Fight Without Hope

When the cornered Destrye decided to strike back, Lonen never thought he’d live through the battle, let alone demand justice as a conqueror. And yet he must keep up his guard against the sorceress who speaks for the city. Oria’s people are devious, her claims of ignorance absurd. The frank honesty her eyes promise could be just one more layer of deception.

A Savage Bargain

Fighting for time and trust, Oria and Lonen have one final sacrifice to choose… before an even greater threat consumes them all. 

Release Date: July 19, 2016
Brightlynx Publishing
Sorcerous Moons #1
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Liza’s Review:

I'm a pretty big fan of Jeffe Kennedy, though I admit I generally read her contemporary romances and this is my first time reading one of her fantasy books.  First of all, it won't be my last and I'm so glad there is a backlist of books for me to tackle. Loren's War was a really great start to the Sorcerous Moons series.

Loren's War has much world building and I loved the pacing Jeffe Kennedy does with her world building. I've found when reading fantasy series, sometimes there is too much information thrown at the reader all at once, yet felt the pacing was perfect with Loren's War.

I absolutely adored Princess Oria from the moment we met her. I knew she was way stronger than anyone had ever given her credit for being and I loved that she proved to be even stronger than I had originally anticipated. I did love that she had her familiar Chuffta with her to help with her concentration and her magic and her mother, Queen Rhianna always in her corner, even when Oria's own brother and the priestesses of the land try to stand in her way.

Loren and the army of the Destrye had little choice in attacking Bara after suffering years of attacks from them. While the battle was bloody and devastating on both sides, the connection between Loren and Oria is obvious from the moment they first see each other. I loved that they each felt a bit of inherent trust when making treaties with each other. The fact that Oria's brother Yar is working behind her back to break the treaty, really didn't surprise me. Honestly, I wasn't really a big fan of her brothers Nat and Yar, and their actions never really surprised me. I did love how Oria proposed fixing the treaty between Destrye an Bara with Loren, though I need more information as to some of her stipulations.

Loren's War pulled me into Jeffe Kennedy's new world and has me wanting the other books in the series immediately. Luckily, there isn't too long a wait for the next book in the series, as Oria's Gambit is set for release in August.

Rating 4 Stars (B)

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