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Night Shift (Nightrider MC #1)

Everybody knows you don’t mess with a big, bad Wolf. Well, everyone except Samantha Prescott…

He’s Easy…

Elijah “Easy” Cross works the night shift for the Nightriders MC, collecting pay-offs, protection money, and “policing” their properties. “Live to ride, ride to live” takes on a whole new meaning when members of a rival MC—the Hell Dogs— shoot him and give chase with the intent to kill. Easy ends up on the front porch of a single mom hiding deadly secrets from the same people after him. When she’s brutally murdered by the Hell Dogs, he feels responsible and promises to protect her two kids. Easy and his Nightrider brothers might ride on the far side of the law but hell, yeah their honor is worth dying for, and a promise is a promise.

And she’s not…

Samantha “Sam” Prescott only wants two things from the Nightriders —her niece and nephew. It’s bad enough her twin got involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang—and was murdered—but now Sam is desperate to extricate herself and the kids. To do that, she has to escape Easy, the sexy biker with boy-next-door dimples and killer instincts. It’s that whole killer thing she must keep in mind when the moonstruck Wolf is determined to make her his mate. Her instincts scream, “RUN!” Her hormones want to get down and dirty with the man who turns her boneless with a kiss.

When Sam is kidnapped and tortured by the Hell Dogs, Easy must decide to either keep his promise to ride through the fires of hell to find her or let her go for good, even if it kills him.

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, extreme violence—including against women—of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf shifter with dimples. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.

I'm super excited for the new Nightrider MC books from Silver James! Night Shift was released over the weekend and while I haven't had time to read it yet, it is waiting for me on my kindle when I get caught up on my current list of books. I contacted Silver to get a sexy excerpt to share with everyone and she totally delivered!

Sexy excerpt:
HOLY FUCK. The bitch knew exactly what she was doing to me. And she was laughing. At. Me. Pissed me right the hell off. Any other female, I’d have had her legs spread within five minutes of walking her inside the clubhouse. Or on her knees sucking me off. My wolf brushed up against my insides and whined happily. He liked that idea. So did I. If the cops hadn’t already driven by once, I’d just rip her jeans off and put her up against the Hummer. Fuck her right here. I shouldn’t care.
But I did. And that’s why I hadn’t taken her at the clubhouse. Or on the trip. Or standing right here. Dammit, didn’t she know I was trying to be a…fuck. What was I trying to be? Not myself, that’s for damn sure. Well enough of that shit.
She stopped laughing, and her eyes were glued to my hard on. When she looked up and licked her lips, that was it. Any control I might have had snapped.
“Get in the fucking Hummer.”
She stared at me, eyes narrowing and fists clenching at her sides. “Excuse me? What did you just say?”
I pushed up against her, backing her against the driver’s door. “You heard me. You have about five minutes to get me where we’re going, get inside, and get fuckin’ naked.”
She arched a brow like she was one of those society bitches. “What if I say no?”
I leaned in, sniffed her right behind the ear. Not that I needed to. If I reached down and grabbed her crotch, she’d be wet. The ripe scent of her lust—a richer, lusher version of her normal scent—filled my lungs. Honeysuckle and gunpowder. I grabbed her hand and pressed it against my dick. “I’m fuckin’ tired of blue balls, babe. Get in the gawddamned Hummer before I strip you right here. I don’t give a fuck if we both end up in jail for indecent exposure and lewd acts. My dick is gonna be inside your pussy in five minutes or else.”
Thank God she took me seriously. She climbed through my door and bounced across the console to the passenger seat. She was panting, her nostrils flared as she stared at me. “Start driving.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Finally! We were finally on the same fucking page of this program.
She gave short, terse directions, and I slammed on the brakes, sending gravel flying as I stopped in front of one of those A-frame ski chalet cabin places. She was out and headed toward the door while I was still slamming the transmission into Park. I had enough sense to grab the keys and lock the Hummer before I caught up to her at the door. I grabbed her, lifted her feet off the decking, and braced her against the wall. Her long, muscular legs wrapped around my waist as her arms hugged my neck.
“Too late. It’s been six minutes.” I kicked in the door.
“Upstairs,” she panted, slamming the door behind us.
I found the stairs and all but ran up them.
Another door, another kick. A bed.
When I tumbled her to the mattress, she kept her legs and arms hooked around me. As I followed her down, she twisted, using the momentum to roll on top of me. I could deal with this just as long as she got my fucking dick inside her now. Mouth. Pussy. I wasn’t choosy.
“It’s going to be fast,” she warned me.
“I can live with that.”
Sam pushed the cut off my shoulders with one hand and tugged on my tee shirt with the other. I sat up, jerked both of them off and peeled her shirt over her head. Sam used both hands to push me back down on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, she ran her hands in one hard sweep over my chest then lowered her head to scrape teeth over my flesh. My dick throbbed in time to each nibble she took.
I cupped her tits in my hands, raised up to suck her nipple after teasing it with my tongue. I tweaked her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling. She gasped, lifted her head, and stared at me. Her eyes had gone darker, from sky to ocean. She wanted this fast? I was ready. Flipping her, I dragged her jeans off, but had forgotten about her boots. She sat up to help while I stripped out of my own. Then I just stood there. Looking. She was so fucking beautiful. I muttered that thought out loud, then repeated it louder.
“Fucking beautiful.” I dropped to my knees, spread her thighs. Her pink folds were slick, plump. Waiting for my mouth. The taste of her burst on my tongue. Sweet. Smoky. Like her scent. While I nipped and sucked on her clit, I slipped my thumb into her. Greedy muscles tugged against my invasion, wanting me deeper. I pushed a finger in, then two. She rode my hand, bucking as I used my teeth on her. Her muscles clenched around me, and I pumped harder, faster, felt her inner muscles flutter, and then she gasped. Her muscles locked, and she hung there, suspended, for what felt like minutes. When she fell, her muscles turned liquid, her eyes deeper than the midnight sky.
“Damn, baby.” My voice was husky, my throat dry. Her skin flushed as heat drenched her. It pumped from her, fueled my need, pulsing through my whole system like a hit of adrenaline. I was fucking greedy now. I wanted all of her. I dragged her back on the mattress, climbed on beside her, and spread her legs wider.
I teased her folds with the head of my dick just long enough to get it slick, and then I plunged into her. She screamed as her inner muscles stretched.
“Too much. Too much.” She beat on my back with her fists, and I captured her protests in my mouth, kissing her hard and deep, a wet kiss meant to imprint her on my soul with a promise of leaving a bit of me clinging in her heart.
Mine. My brain screamed it, and my wolf howled. Fuck. There was no doubt. As soon as my dick sank in all the way, when my balls teased the sweet curve of her ass, I knew. She was mine. Moonstruck. I’d fucking found my mate, and she had no clue what the hell I was. I wasn’t human. Not entirely. Lupi versi pellis. Literally translated, it meant the man who wears the skin of a wolf. Wolf shifter. And everyone knows Wolves mate for life.
It was too late to turn back, to stop what was happening between us. I wore her scent on my skin, her taste already a part of me, a living, breathing thing inside me. Stunned, I lay there, braced on my hands.
She arched up, her mouth seeking my mouth. Her lips fused on mine, her tongue pushed in, slicked along the side of mine. Greedy, she fed on my lips. The kiss spiked her temperature. Her need. I pushed her away, back against the pillows. I wanted her. All of her. And I would take what I wanted. I bent to kiss her again. I left her lips slick and wet, and my dick throbbed. It fucking loved her pussy, but it wanted to slide into her sweet mouth, too. I dragged teeth over her jawline, her collar bone. Found her tit. I nipped and then kissed to soothe the bite of pain. Her heart hammered under my seeking mouth. Her muscles tensed again as my hips dragged away from her and then surged deep.
“Too slow,” she complained and twisting hard, she flipped our positions. Her impatient hands pressed my shoulders against the bed as her knees squeezed my flanks and ribs. She tugged my nipples, and her eyes glittered. “Two can play that game.”
I groaned and she laughed. Rising on her knees, my dick slid out of her. I grabbed her hips to force her back down, but she beat me to it. Laughter, sharp and bright, changed, became a growl of pure pleasure locked in her throat as she rose and fell again. She clenched around me, drove me mad with her teasing. Rearing up, I clamped my mouth on her tit, sucking her in until I felt her heart beat against my tongue. This. Her. She was the flavor, the heat, the scent of mate. She arched, letting me fill her. I dropped my hands to her hips, held her as I drove up into her depths. She met me, thrust for thrust, until she drove me back against the bed. Bracing her hands on either side of my head, she rocked her hips and pistoned off her knees, setting a furious pace.
The dark, dangerous edge of need sliced through me. Sam’s face glowed with life, alive with pleasure and intent on driving us both crazy. She rode me as if our lives depended on it. In ways she didn’t understand, my life did.
I didn’t believe my dick could get any harder, but it did, and it throbbed in time to her heartbeat, to my heartbeat. Heat enveloped us, the air almost too thick to breathe, and my vision dimmed. Sam was a blur of blonde and blue as I fell into her gaze.
“So close,” she cried. “Come with me, Easy. Let go.” She screamed as the first shudders of her orgasm locked her muscles. She screamed and screamed, until her voice was raw.
I flipped us, my body plunging into hers. The air looked as if it had turned red as light blurred around us. My seed pumped into her, and I raised my head adding my voice to that of the wolf howling his joy. Our joy. Sam’s and mine.


Bio: Silver James likes to take walks on the wild side and coffee. Okay. She loves coffee. LOTS of coffee. Warning: Her Muse, Iffy, runs with scissors and can be quite dangerous. She’s the author of two award-winning series, Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers. She's been a military officer's wife, mother, state appellate court marshal, airport rescue firefighter and forensic fire photographer, crime analyst, technical crime scene investigator, and writer of magic and mystery. Now retired from the “real world,” she lives in Oklahoma and spends her days at the computer with two Newfoundland dogs, the cat who rules them all, and myriad characters all clamoring for attention. She writes dark paranormal thrillers, gritty MC romances, time travel romance, and sexy contemporary romance for Harlequin Desire. To find out more about Silver and her books, visit her at www.silverjames.com, find her on Facebook, or follow her infrequent tweets at @SilverJames_.

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