Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lover at Last Cincy Signing

Lover at Last Q&A with J.R. Ward
Cincinnati, Ohio on March 30, 2013

Honestly if you have never attended a J.R. Ward signing and Q&A, I’m not sure I can really explain how crazy and fun it really is. She fires off answers and answers questions just like she writes. There are lots of f-bombs in her answers and I swear she cracks me up every single time.  Now I was live tweeting during the event, and taking notes at the same time, so I did my best to get every question and answer for everyone. I will say there were a few questions where she didn’t repeat the question and refused to answer the question, so didn’t have a complete full account this time.

The next BDB book will be The King and it will be about Wrath and Beth as they try to have a baby. Will say many cheers went up and I was among those excited for this book.

The next Fallen Angel book will be out in late September and the title is Possession. She didn’t reveal anything about who this book was about, but did show the cover and it is awesome! Sadly, I didn’t get my camera up in time to get a picture and the cover isn't up on her website yet.

Ward promised we will get more with Trez and Selena, but must first learn more about Selena before they could have a book.

Saxton is part of a major plot line for the future.

Lassiter will continue to be in books, but not doing his book yet. Still unsure if he will be in the BDB or FA world or if it will be a possible crossover book. Plus, he is pretty obnoxious and his book will be hard to write.

Boo is still not just a cat, but Ward won’t share yet what Boo is.

Bonding scent question about Tohr and Autumn. Ward says she didn’t see it and she writes what she sees. Believes that even though Tohr loves Autumn, he bonded with Wellsie first and that is who received his bonding scent. Not saying he might not have a bonding scent with Autumn at some point, but hasn’t happened yet.

Lash will return at some point. Many boos happened with that announcement.

Ward would really love to see what would happen if Lash and Devina were put into the same room.

Qhuinn will have mating ceremony with Blaylock. She is unsure of the actual time frame.

Asked if Butch, Manny and Michael (Story of Son) have a connection and Ward said she wasn’t sure yet.

Is Sola related to Butch and Manny? No, Sola is 100% human.

Asked how the f*ck will the situation work between Qhuinn/Blay/Layla/Xcor? KEEP READING!!!

What/how is the Scribe Virgin doing? Ward said she is currently relaxing on a cloud.

Did SV create the Shadows? Ward says they are a genetic anomaly much like the Sympaths. So yes, but wasn’t really supposed to happen.

Assail – Ward LOVES him!!! She also said his identical twin cousins are so f’en hot!

Sola will be a major surprise to Assail.

Will Fallen Angels and BDB books every crossover? Ward said she isn’t sure at this point where the FA books are going. They will either end at book 7 or continue. She won’t know for sure until she is writing the 7th book.

Qhuinn’s sister really is dead. No one else was in the oil drums besides Luchas.
No current plans for Luchas. He is still healing. Ward did say he needed to get laid though.
Qhuinn and Luchas will return to their home together.

We will see more of the slut who fed and screwed the BOB and Assail. She is the same woman who is married to the old fart on the council.

I didn’t hear the question and Ward would not repeat it, but she did say Possession will answer a true love question.

Layla is considered fallen.

Will Xcor turn on his Band of Bastards (BOB)? He has already killed lessors once to save Tohr. Must do something big to be worthy of Layla (exact words from Ward “he gotta do something for her to start blowing his dick”).

Yes we will continue to see glimpses of the mated brothers.

De la Cruz is still working in the FA books. Ward as a scene with him and Butch she might put up on the website.

Wrath expanding the Brotherhood rules was way past time. Will also allow for Payne and Xhex as well as others to be inducted into the Brotherhood.

Did Payne have to return to the SV to recover after helping Layla? Ward is unsure, but does seem like she must re-charge more after being here with each healing. Will have to lay hands on more brothers as the fighting continues. Ward also said that Payne will lay hands on George one day to keep him from dying. Wrath’s dog will not die!!!

Was asked if she sees other deaths much like she saw Wellsie’s and she said even if she knows she can’t share the information.

There will be more full-length books with the focus on the mated couples with full world building. She is writing them as they organically fit into the storyline.

Slimeball on the phone to BOB and their contact is Saxton’s father. (She acted like she wasn’t supposed to share this info, but said f*ck it and told us). Everyone in crowd really seemed worried Saxton might have been the traitor.

Are the brothers circumcised? Her exact statement “When you see something as long as a baseball bat you don’t really worry about the tip.”

Qhuinn and Blaylock have both released bonding scents for one another.

Could be possible that Tohr and Xcor share the same father. Each time she was asked she kept saying no Wrath and Xcor don’t have the same father.

Will there ever be a book with 2 males bonding to 1 female? She wouldn’t answer the question.

Is Throe’s family still alive and have we met them? Big Keep Reading!!!

Fritz won’t ever get his own book, but might have a bigger role in some of the other books like in JM’s book.

Havers – no redemption. Pretty sure Ward hates him as much as the readers. When asked if he would have a hand in Wrath & Beth’s book about child, stated over her dead body! NO WAY IN HELL!!!

Insider’s Guide Part 2 – Ward is unsure how to fit another one into her writing schedule at this point. With FA and BDB coming out each year, doesn’t want to take away anything from the writing of the books to do an Insider’s Guide again. Will see what they can do since with The King, she is another 6 books into the series.

Rhage & Mary’s baby story – Ward is 146 pages into the story at this time.

Now that the closet has been blown open, will there ever be a 4-some in the pit? Not so much.

Might learn more about the 16 empty coffins in The King.

We will see Layla’s baby soon.

Is Eddie going to come back? We will see him in next FA book, but need to keep reading for more info.

What is Erich’s twin’s name? (Assail’s twin cousins) Ward doesn’t know. Only Erich’s name came to her.


Bells said...

Awesome post LL! As always, thanks for sharing with all of the BDB lovers! BDB4EVA!

Sparklybearsy said...

Soooo excited for THE KING!

Thanks tons for sharing!

ferishia said...

Thank you for this! You are made of awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the great info, I have a question, do you remember what Ward said about Murhder and Xhex being linked to him or something like that... please!!

Jen Twimom said...

AWESOME!! Thank you once again for keep us all in the loop and for texting me when I couldn't get on twitter! You rock my friend!

mslizalou said...

Ward did say Murhder and Xhex had to work something out, but she wasn't very clear. Really just joked about how much we all blood thirsty and wanted more Murhder in our lives. Know Xhex will have to explain to JM about Murhder before it is all said and done.

So glad I could share all the info with everyone! I'm very lucky to only be about a 5 hour drive from her signings.