Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deadly Sting

Deadly Sting is the 8th book in the Elemental Assassin series from Jennifer Estep. The publisher is Pocket Books. From the back cover.~

Red is definitely my color. Good thing, because in my line of work, I end up wearing it a lot.
Most people shy away from blood, but for an assassin like me — Gin Blanco, aka the Spider — it’s just part of the job. Still, it would be nice to get a night off, especially when I’m attending the biggest gala event of the summer at Briartop, Ashland’s fanciest art museum. But it’s just not meant to be. For this exhibition of my late nemesis’ priceless possessions is not only the place to be seen, but the place to be robbed and taken hostage at gunpoint as well. No sooner did I get my champagne than a bunch of the unluckiest thieves ever burst into the museum and started looting the place.
Unlucky why? Because I brought along a couple of knives in addition to my killer dress. Add these to my Ice and Stone magic, and nothing makes me happier than showing the bad guys why red really is my color.

I was lucky enough to get an early review copy through Edelweiss thanks to the publisher. I’m a huge fan of the Elemental Assassin series and was super excited to get to read the next book early. I honestly believe this series of books must be read in the order they were released, since each book builds on the one before. While I had a couple of issues with one of the characters, I really enjoyed this book overall.

Gin Blanco is one of my favorite characters ever. She has been an assassin since soon after her mother and older sister were murdered. She is such a strong character and loves and protects all those she cares about, especially those she considers her family and friends. I love that in each book we get flashback between Gin and Fletcher that always help her see the solution to her current dilemma.

The bulk of this book takes place at a gala showcasing all of Mab Monroe’s possessions. Gin didn’t even want to attend the gala, but her foster brother Finnegan Lane convinces her to go. Luckily for all but the robbers, Gin never leaves home without a few of her knives. The group of bad guys in this book were pretty organized, but not prepared for The Spider to be in attendance.

I loved getting to spend time with Gin’s friends and family. I’ve made no secret of my love for Finnegan Lane, and it grows with each book. I love that he and Gin’s baby sister, Bria have fallen for one another and love their romance so very much. My only problem with the series right now is Owen Grayson. Things changed between Owen and Gin at the end of Widow’s Web, and I really wanted to see things resolved in this book. I’ve been a fan of Gin and Owen together from the very beginning and I really thought he was smarter than he has been acting in the last 2 books. I’m hoping we get a resolution one way or the other in the next Elemental Assassin book Heart of Venom, which is due out August 27, 2013. For more information about the Elemental Assassin series or other books by Jennifer Estep, please check out her website.

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Oh noes..more Owen problems?? I really like him, I hope it gets straightened out soon!