Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye is the second book in her Ronaldi series. From the back cover.~

Dr. Mike Flynn sure would LOVE to have a woman to take care of…To Dr. Mike, there’s nothing like vacuuming or doing a few dishes to help a guy relax.

Annabelle Ronaldi would never cook if she could order takeout. When they meet at her sister’s wedding, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever. While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle, she becomes determined to sniff out the truth of the convoluted family secret that’s going to turn both their lives upside down…

I really loved Too Hot to Handle! It is such a fun and sexy read. Mike and Annabelle were so perfect for each other and it was fun to watch them figure it out. They hook up at Nick and Rosalie’s wedding and find they will be in each other’s life since Mike is Nick’s best friend and Nick married Belle’s sister, Rosalie. Belle has some emotional baggage to get past before she will totally trust her feelings for Mike. Mike knows Belle is the woman for him, but has to decide if he wants to stay on the same career path and if he can have a real relationship while working so many hours with his career as a doctor.

We get to spend more time with the Ronaldi family and they always bring a smile to my face. They seem almost too much, but add humor to this sexy story. I already have Breakfast in Bed, the next book in the Ronaldi series in my TBR pile and I can’t wait to read Robin’s next book soon.

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Robin Kaye said...

Hi Liza~

I'm so glad you enjoyed Too Hot to Handle. Thanks for the great review.

I hope you enjoy Breakfast in Bed as much. Yours for the Taking, the 4th book in the Domestic Gods series is coming out January, 2011.