Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recovery and other updates

I'm starting to feel almost normal now. Found out from talking to my sister that the size of the lump was about the same size as an egg yolk, per the doctor. I should have the test results back on Tuesday, and will post once I know something from the doctor. The incision is bigger than I thought it would be and also not exactly on the bra line as the doctor told me. I go back to the doctor on March the 3rd and really hope everything looks back to normal by then. Right now I'm really swollen and am only comfortable if I wear a sports bra. I've managed to not take any prescription pain pills today and have done pretty well.

I plan on going back to work full time on Monday, but might end up only working half a day. At this point I'm really tired after being up for just a little while, so I'm not sure how long I'll actually make it at work. My family will be heading out in the morning, but they have been really helpful. I have 2 quiches for meal this week and some leftovers too. All of my clothes are clean and put away, and my sheets and towels are all clean too. After they head out in the morning, I plan on resting as much as possible and catching up on Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and 24.


Paula R said...

Hey Liza, it is good to see you up and around. Just take it easy, and don't push yourself to do too much too soon. I will talk to you soon!!

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Unknown said...

Hi Liza! Glad to know you're, for the most part, feeling back to normal. Like Paula said, don't push yourself too hard. The body heals while it's at rest, so give it lots of opportunity to mend.


Leslie Kelly said...

Will be keeping my fingers crossed that you hear good news, Liza. Sorry it was a little more than you anticipated--but at least you caught it early!