Sunday, February 07, 2010

RIP Lizzie B...

My family lost the sweetest dog in the world on Thursday night, my Dad's lab Lizzie. Lizzie met you at the door anytime you came to the house and really never met a stranger she didn't want to love on...BTW, so not a watch dog. She was the runt of her litter and almost didn't make it, but her spirit was so strong, almost nothing ever kept her down. Right before Christmas, she had a lump removed from her left hind leg and after testing, we found out it was a very aggressive form of cancer. The doctor told my dad the only thing we could do was to remove her leg to keep the tumor from growing back. Unfortunately that was never an option, since her right hip was in very bad shape. My dad decided to take her to see the doctor weekly until she started to show signs of pain. On Monday the tumor came back and by Wednesday, Lizzie couldn't walk anymore. My dad held her all day on Thursday and they spent their last day together on the sofa watching movies. The vet came to the house and my dad held his sweet Lizzie as she went to doggie heaven(yes I believe there is a heaven for pets).

Much like my nieces, brother, and sister, I cry when I think about my next visit home with no barking greeting at the door. In fact, I couldn't even type up the blog without crying. So, rest in peace sweet Lizzie and know your family will miss you forever!


Unknown said...

:( I'm so sorry, Liza. Pets are members of the family and it's so hard to lose one.

Maybe, at some point, your dad will be ready for another pet. If so, I hope he finds one that everyone loves. Maybe not as much as Lizzie, but close.


mslizalou said...

Thanks Jodie. My dad is going to get another dog, and it will be a chocolate lab again. He said he just needed a little time before he made that jump again. Lizzie was almost 12 years and they had their schedule set. He needs a little time before starting over with a puppy.