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Between danger and desire lies the ultimate obsession . . .

Erin Whitley knows she shouldn’t fantasize about her boss. Yet from the moment the legendary Chase Montclair summons her to his office, all she can do is think about having his sexy hands all over her. No matter how much her body wants to give in to Chase, Erin knows that a relationship with him will expose her deepest, most painful secrets and ruin the life she’s built for herself.

Chase Montclair is used to being able to buy whatever and whomever he wants and never in his life has he come across a more delicious challenge than prim and proper Erin Whitley. Willing to bet his fortune that there’s a vixen hiding behind Erin’s perfectly polished exterior, Chase is determined to bring her to life. But someone from Erin’s past is watching from the shadows—waiting to destroy everything…

Release Date: December 15, 2015
Forever Yours
Dangerous Love #1
Review copy provided by the publisher 

Nikki’s Review:

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a yummy book cover. Romance novel covers are works of art sometimes. When I saw, Thrill of the Chase, I was attracted to the sensuality that was on display. The cover was sexy without being overtly in your face about it. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and I try not to, but damn this one rang all my bells!

Elle Keating is a new to me author. Let me first say that her writing style was great. I liked the story that she was building from the very beginning. I enjoy a book where the heroine or hero have had difficulties in their lives and are able to become stronger from the journey that follows. This is pretty much where my enjoyment ended though.

Erin Whitley has been violated in the worst possible way. It's horrific to even think about. I can't even imagine how you begin to pick up the pieces. For these reasons, I was stunned when she jumped into a relationship with a man who gives his own definition to domineering and possessive. It actually borders on creepy at times. What shocked me more was that this relationship takes place a mere 11 months after her brutal attack! I just found it so unbelievable that a woman who has been raped, would be ready to jump head first into a new relationship that is so consuming, quickly after the fact. 

Chase Montclair is arrogant. His forwardness in his initial interactions with Erin were a put off for me. I struggled to like him at first. He did redeem himself eventually, though it took some time. He's obsessed with Erin, and she is entranced by him. My thoughts on their relationship was pretty much like...what a train wreck! He's keeping secrets and she's keeping secrets. And none of the reasons for doing so were sound. I just kept shaking my head.

I did enjoy the suspense aspect of the story. Erin's attacker makes another appearance. It kept me guessing on who it could be. I liked the twists and turns that led me to the perpetrator. 

There was some solid stuff to this book. I just couldn't believe a lot of what was going on. I could have wrapped my head around it a bit more if the time between her rape and getting together with Chase, was longer. I'm just not sure how she could have been emotionally ready to deal with Chase's possessive ways.

I feel like a reader deserves to know BEFORE they read a book, if there is a cliffhanger. Some people are ok with that. Me? Well, it makes me want to punch something. If a book has a cliffhanger, I'll wait until the whole story is available to me. This book has a cliffhanger. So ya, that made me see red. I'm still unsure if I'll read the next book. I wasn't able to connect with Chase and Erin's relationship and that makes it difficult for me to want to follow up with them in book 2.  

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