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In The Billionaire Heartbreaker by Mandy Baxter, Travis Christensen's life is one big party. He only has two concerns: being a star goalkeeper on the ice for the Dallas Stars, and keeping a revolving door of women at his beck and call. But when a feisty, fiery PR rep comes to tone down his image before the coach benches him, Travis has got a whole new mess on his hands...and he can't help but want more.

Reily Martin never met an image she couldn't make squeaky clean. So when the coach of the Dallas Stars hires her to reform their bad-boy goalie, Reily is more than up to the challenge. But dealing with the arrogant-and incredibly sexy-Travis Christensen proves to be more than she bargained for. She knows she shouldn't fall for hockey's most notorious playboy-but as the heat blazes between them, it gets harder and harder to say no.

Release Date: December 8, 2015
The Billionaire's Club: Texas Heartthrobs
St. Martin's Press
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

I've enjoyed Mandy Baxter's books in the past but have to say the Christensen brother’s books have been my most favorite ones ever. 

Reily Martin is a super strong character. I love that she is up for the challenge of dealing with the persona Travis Christensen portrays to the media. Of course the job with the Stars will help rebuild her career, since she is starting over with her very own PR company. I loved that she was tough enough to take on Travis even when he was being a total tool to her. I mean honestly Travis was a total ass to Reily in the beginning and she didn't take any of his crap without giving it right back to him.

Travis Christensen is pretty much a man-whore who also happens to be the best goalie in the NHL He also is full of attitude when he meets with Reily for the first time and is basically told to shape up or he will be benched or possibly kicked off the team. I did love that Travis flirted shamelessly with Reily and she didn't believe he could possibly see her that way. There was so much more to Travis than the man-whore persona he showed to the world. I loved that he saved himself for his family and that he allowed Reily to see the real him.

The chemistry was pretty hot between Reily and Travis from the moment they met. Yes he was an ass, but it didn't diminish the fact they were both attracted to one another. I loved once they finally gave into their attraction. Seriously smoking-hot love scenes between them. I would have loved them to not have any issues and have an easy happily every after, but the realism of them having an issue made me love their story even more.

The Billionaire Heartbreaker was another winner in The Billionaire's Club: Texas Heartthrobs series. Honestly I've loved the first 3 books in this series and really hope we get more stories. 

Nikki’s Review:

I seriously have a crush on Mandy Baxter's writing...and her heroes! I couldn't contain my happiness when this one was sent to me for review! I was desperate for Travis' story. Damn, it was so good!

After having small glimpses of Travis in the two previous books, I was crazy curious about this playboy. Surely he was as yummy as his brothers. And maybe there was more to him than partying and banging models. Digging into this mans head was a trip!

When straight laced, Reily Martin is hired to tame this bad boy, her world is thrown off its axis. She doesn't have time to become a hot billionaire athlete’s next flavour of the night. However, her girlie parts disagreed...a lot! She, and said girlie parts never stood a chance!

Travis has to get his shit together, and fast or he's off the ice and possibly finished with the NHL forever. I love how these two are so vastly different in their day-to-day lives but at the heart of it, they want and appreciate the same things. The part where Reily takes Travis shopping for a new look was hilarious! He's a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, and she wants him GQ'd up. I could totally imagine his facial expressions. Kinda a cross between being subjected to a dutch oven and maybe shovelling horse shit! I was snorting with laughter! Mandy Baxter wrote really great banter between the two; it was highly entertaining.

I was happy to see a different, softer side of Travis. Getting to observe him with his family gave me a new perspective on him. I quickly discovered that there are many facets to this man. He's not all booze and women. He's a devoted uncle and brother, and he quickly became devoted to Reily.  

Reily didn't just swoon over least not overtly. She was pretty swoony on the inside though. Her plan didn't include the broken heart that was sure to accompany Travis. Thankfully she didn't pay attention to her sensible plan and thoughts. 

This relationship wasn't an easy forgone conclusion. There were bumps, which made it real. I liked how they both had to learn to see beyond what was shown on the outside. They had to dig to see the real stuff inside.

Reily and Travis can scorch the sheets! They were simply wicked together, and Mandy Baxter writes awesome, hot monkey sex! Thank you, Mandy!

This series has been a complete delight! I've enjoyed each book so much. I've connected with the characters and their stories. The writing is solid and keeps me more than engaged. If I can giggle and swoon while reading a book, I feel like I've hit the jackpot! With this series, I win every time. I can hardly wait for the next book!

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