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Things are out of control for the Sinclair boys! With two already in the NHL, Jace Sinclair is ready to follow in his brothers’ HUGE skates in the last Bellevue Bullies novel…
Jace Sinclair here, and I’m amazing. There is no other way to describe me. I am the leading scorer for the Bellevue Bullies, I’m the captain, and people love me: my family, my teammates, my coach, and the NHL. This is my last year in college–I already have one foot in the draft. Hockey keeps me warm even when it’s freezing. It’s always there when nothing else is. And it pushes me to be the best I can be. It’s my one and only love.
That is, until I see her against a tree with a guitar.
The last thing I wanted was to meet anyone. My heart is on the bench because of what happened with my parents, and I don’t want that for myself. I don’t want to be hurt by anyone. I can’t give them that power.
But my heart is begging for ice time, and I can’t control it around her.
* * *
I’ve always been in the background. No one has ever had time for me and that’s fine; I’ve learned to cope. Coming from a family where hockey is life, the last thing I want is some big, burly hockey player charging at me. I don’t have time for it, but Jace Sinclair isn’t one to be deked around.
I didn’t want to meet anyone. I didn’t want to end up freezing the puck with him. It’s not what I want.
I have demons.
I have issues.
Living in the shadows, no one even knew until it was too late. But Jace wants to know.
He wants me.
And that scares me the living hell out of me.
We were so worried about what would happen if we fell, but we never thought what could happen in the process of falling. We never saw it coming. But it’s here, and the repercussions are not pretty.
We should have known that there is no way out of the zone when you are being Hooked by Love.

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Release Date: December 28, 2015
Bellevue Bullies #3
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Liza’s review:

I absolutely adore Toni Aleo's books. I devour each book as soon as it comes out. Whether reading her Nashville Assassins series or her Bellevue Bullies series, I quickly fall in love for each couple featured.

Hooked by Love finally gives us Jace Sinclair's book. I loved that Jace knew Avery was meant to be his from the moment he saw her the very first time. The comedic banter between Jace and Avery had me laughing out loud and made me fall for them as a couple faster. I loved they seemed to get each other pretty much from the very beginning. I loved they both had goals and neither really had planned for a relationship to be a part of the equation. 

Jace and Avery fell really hard really fast. Not everyone loves insta-love stories, but it worked for me with Jace and Avery. I knew Avery was keeping part of her past a secret from Jace, but I had no idea the magnitude of what had happened in her past. Avery proved to be one of the strongest heroines I'd read about in a long time. I honestly can't say I've felt such hate towards an entire family, but with Avery's family and their total lack of caring when it comes to her, I had no problem with hating each and every member of her family. I think because Jace had such support from his mom, sister and brothers, I couldn't understand how Avery's family didn't give her any support her entire life. I totally understood her leaving home to go to school in Nashville as far away from home as possible.

I have to say I thought Jace handled learning about Avery's past pretty well for the most part. Yes he totally screwed up one time, but he also proved he could step up in a big way. I love how protective he was of Avery and was even willing to protect her from her family if need be. I'll admit I cried a bit as I found out what all Avery had been through and especially who was behind everything. Finding out Avery's past made her that much stronger in my eyes. 

Hooked by Love was another amazing book from Toni Aleo. I was so hooked on this book that I stayed up way past my bedtime on a work night to finish reading it. Ms. Aleo pulled every possible emotion from me with Hooked by Love and that is yet another reason I adore her books. Hooked by Love is the 3rd book in the Bellevue Bullies series, but I believe it could be read as a stand-alone book if you have never read a book by Toni Aleo. However, I total think the story has more emotion for background of the Sinclairs if you've read all the books in order.


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