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In The Billionaire Single Dad by Mandy Baxter, Carter Christensen takes a much-needed break after a less-than-stellar season as a Dallas Cowboy. He's ready to go to his cabin with his twin daughters and get a little peace and quiet. But what he doesn't count on is meeting a woman who will rile him up completely.

Tess Adams is still loving her decision to escape bustling New York-and her cheating boyfriend-behind, and live in a sleepy Texas town. But when a single dad with twins moves in to the cabin across the way, Tess feels anything but peaceful. The more she gets to know the oh-so-sexy Carter Christensen, the more Tess starts to think that she should give up her quiet, safe life, and give into passion.

Release Date: November 3, 2015
St. Martin's Press
The Billionaire’s Club: Texas Heartthrob #2
Review copy provided by publisher

Nikki’s Review:

I was so damn happy to dive into this book! I had just finished book one in this series and I couldn't wait to read about another Christensen brother! I loved the first book in this series. Nate was uber yummy. But holy hell, Carter Christensen knocked my freakin' socks off!

Carter has been in the bowels of grief for almost two years. He loved his wife with his whole heart. She and their twin daughters were his world. Now he's had to find a new normal for his spitfire girls. It hasn't been easy, especially when he'd rather close up his heart and forget reality. But he can't do that, he has his babies to love and protect. Tess Adams is looking for a new normal too. She ran from New York to nowhere Texas, to mend a broken heart. 

I love Tess! She's a balls to the wall kinda gal! She calls Carter on his crappy attitude and doesn't hold back. He is intrigued by this little hellion who sticks her nose in his business. The Sparks fly the moment these two meet. I loved the back and forth of their first conversation, argument is more like it. Neither is willing to back down but there's definite chemistry there. The kind of chemistry that is scorching hot. Ms. Baxter knows how to write characters that have this crazy magnetic pull. She can make you fall in love with two people who are different in so many ways but so completely right for one another! It's seriously flawless in its execution. 

This book left me with a lumpy throat several times. I love a good ugly cry. And man, did I ever have a good one in this book. Like snot and Kleenex worthy! Carter says some pretty harsh stuff to Tess, leaving her devastated. It left me pissed and eager to see this hottie grovel. This particular scene was full of emotion; so much anguish, grief, lust, and love. It had the full kit and caboodle! I loved every second of it!

Bloody hell...these Christensen brothers are lethal with their tongues...ummm, in a couple of ways actually. The filthy sweet nothings are panty-dropping deliciousness. Mandy Baxter can write sex. Like, the kind that may have you seeking out your partner! Sigh...ya, I liked it. 

Carter has to let go of his guilt that he's betraying his dead wife in order to fully let Tess in. I could feel his grief. It was palpable and it sat on my chest. Tess has her own issues. Trusting Carter not to break her heart isn't easy. These likeable characters had me rooting for them from the start. I needed them to find their peace and happiness. Mandy Baxter didn't disappoint!

I read book one and two in a 24 hour period. I have a hangover. But that's a good thing! I like the lingering "feels" that I have. I find myself thinking about these fictional people while I'm going about my day. That there, is the sign of a well-written book. I can't wait for the next brother to fall to his knees for another strong, worthy heroine! And I suspect Travis Christensen will fall pretty damn hard!

Liza’s Review:

Mandy Baxter's Billionaire books are my new crack. I'm not sure if it is because I've fallen in love with the Christensen brothers for being so different from your average billionaires, but I need more of these books.

I liked Tess from the moment she appeared on the page. She didn't take any crap off her cheating boyfriend when she caught him with her best friend, and moved across the country to get a fresh start. She also has no problem standing up to her neighbor when his twin daughters take up refuge in her barn to run away from him for being so grumpy. I also loved she had no idea who he was or that he was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Seriously cracked me up.

Carter really is a good dad to his twins. Yes he is pretty cranky after being at the cabin for a week, but his girls have so much energy, any single parent would be cranky by that point. I love both Tess and Carter were attracted to one another pretty quickly, and yet they included the girls in their time together in the beginning. I knew it wouldn't be an easy road for Tess and Carter as a couple once he talked to his brother about his feelings of guilt about moving on after his wife's death. Yes it had been 2 years, but she was the love of his life and it made me love him even more that he wanted to protect that love. Of course, Carter and Tess have such smoking hot chemistry, they aren't able to stay away from each other for long. Especially when the girls go away to spend the night with their Uncle Nate. 

I have to say my emotions were a little all over the place while reading The Billionaire Single Dad. I wanted Carter and Tess together so much, him pulling back made me want to punch him. While at the same time I wanted to hug him for the fact he still loved his wife and was afraid of loss again. Tess totally got both Carter and his girls, and it made me love her even more for the patience she showed them all.

The Billionaire Single Dad was another winner from Mandy Baxter for me. I actually have her next U.S. Marshall book on my kindle right now to read and I can't wait to dive back in for another Mandy Baxter story.

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