Saturday, September 05, 2015


Best laid plans…are meant to be broken.

Life laid out, Tessa had everything set. Engaged to marry the perfect man, a rich, great-looking doctor, she was content with her life, or so she thought. Then the gift arrived. Delivered to her office on Valentine’s Day, it was filled with handcuffs, sexy little toys and a suggestive little card.

It wasn’t from her fiancé, either.

When the emails and the phone started coming, she should have been able to brush them off, except the man said something that left her uneasy…and not because he scared her, but because he was right. Your fiancé will never make you happy, Tessa.

Confused, she starts looking at her fiancé, her life…and other things…in a whole new light. One of the things she finds herself considering is her best friend and neighbor, Caleb. He’s always been there. Even when he spent years in the Navy, Caleb was the one she could count on and now isn’t any different. He’s there to listen when she needs an ear and he’s got nice, strong shoulders when she needs one to lean on.

It doesn’t her long to realize that one thing is certain—her fiancé can’t make her happy. But now she doesn’t know whether she wants to take a chance on her sexy secret admirer…or Caleb, the man who’s been there waiting for her all along.

Release Date: August 4, 2015
Shiloh Walker, Inc.
Review copy provided by publisher
Previously published as Whipped Cream and Handcuffs

Liza's Review:

I missed this story from Shiloh Walker when it was originally published, so it was like reading a brand new story to me, which from all the changes Ms. Walker has made, it should be a brand new story for everyone.

I liked Seduced in Secret. It is a novella length story that is a really fast read. Tessa seems like a really strong woman, yet as the story begins, she is engaged to a man who basically wants to tell her how to run her life. I think even before the gifts from her secret admirer Tessa knew she needed to end things with her fiance. 

I loved the friendship that has been a part of Tessa and Caleb's life since they met as children. While Tessa has always seen Caleb and just a friend, Caleb has loved Tessa pretty much his whole life. I enjoy the friends to lovers troupe, and think Ms. Walker did a great job moving Tessa and Caleb from just friends to more. They seemed to have a connection to one another from the beginning and I really loved when Caleb finally stepped up and shared his real feelings with Tessa.

I quickly figured out who the secret admirer was and thought it added a good twist to this love story. I liked both Tessa and Caleb and really liked them as a couple as well. I enjoyed watching their relationship change and grow over the course of the story.

***Seduced in Secret also includes a short bonus story Don't Walk Away.***

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