Thursday, September 17, 2015


Pepper has no interest in Grant Chamberlain…until she accidentally wins him at a school auction and finds the mega-hot firefighter impossible to ignore. Find out what happens next in the second playful and sexy ebook romance in the Rosewood series!

Living in the small town of Rosewood, Alabama, hairdresser Pepper Anthony has one rule—never date a Chamberlain. She’s always said, “the only thing worse than being ignored by a Chamberlain is being dumped by one.” But Grant Chamberlain, town fireman, isn’t used to rejection, and Pepper has consistently turned him down since high school. She isn’t intimidated by his family; she’s one of the few who refuses to take their crap.

When Grant volunteers at the charity bachelor auction, to his surprise, Pepper buys him. She hadn’t meant to, but Adelia Chamberlain dropped a cold drink in her lap, sending her leaping into the air at precisely the wrong moment. Suddenly she had a massive bill to the town and Grant at her disposal. Since the money has to come from her “restore the house” fund, she decides to use Grant for manual labor instead of romantic dinners. Grant is happy to help, sweaty and shirtless, because one way or another, he’s going to get Pepper to admit she’s attracted to him. All it takes is a small spark, and soon they’ll be fanning the flames.

Release Date: March 16, 2015
Pocket Star
Rosewood #2
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Liza’s Review:

I'm a really big fan of Andrea Laurence. I started reading her Harlequins as soon as she was published and absolutely love her Rosewood series. I was super excited to get Pepper and Grant's story with Feeding the Fire.

I absolutely loved that Grant has wanted Pepper since they were in high school and those feelings have never gone away. I also loved that Pepper and Grant had already had one night together and she made him promise to tell no one. Grant and Pepper had amazing chemistry and I wanted Pepper from the beginning to get over her issues with the Chamberlains so they could find a way to be together.

When Pepper buys Grant in a bachelor auction thanks to his grandmother Adelia, I knew they would finally have a chance to spend more time together and hopefully find a way to make a relationship work. I loved that Grant gave Pepper his time to help restore her house since she had spent so much of her money buying him in the auction. I also loved they couldn't keep their hands off each other much of the time. I figured the reason Pepper's mom had fired the flames of hatred for all the Chamberlains might be an issue, and I wasn't wrong, as it was a huge secret. I did think neither Grant nor Pepper should have to suffer because of a secret from the past, yet totally understood why it could be a pretty big stumbling block to their relationship. I have to say that even with their families' past being an issue, I loved Pepper and Grant as a couple. They shared so many common interests and loved just being together. 

Feeding the Fire was an excellent addition to the Rosewood series. I can't wait to see which of the Chamberlains is the next to fall thanks to Adelia's interference. 

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