Friday, July 04, 2014

Better as a Memory

Atlanta image consultant Victoria Sharpe is about to give a makeover to the man who broke her heart in college, and a do-over to a love that always should have been. 

Looking at her potential client, Atlanta image consultant Victoria Sharpe is convinced the job will be a cross between What Not to Wear and Man vs. Wild. She’d love to turn down the offer, but refusing it—not to mention the referrals it could generate—just might break the bank. Yet, agreeing to make over this man’s image might also break her heart. Again. 

Max Brown will tolerate anything to gain access to his trust fund. Returning to work in the family business, even submitting to his mother’s demands to trade his comfortable flannel for Armani is worthwhile if he can get the money necessary to start a camp for at-risk boys. But then he sees he’ll be working with Victoria Sharpe, his college girlfriend, the one who got away. Or, really, the one he left. The impression he makes here will be the most important of his life, and the person most as risk is himself.

Release Date May 12, 2014
Boroughs Publishing Group

I love reunion stories and was very exited to read the newest release from Marilyn Baxter.

Victoria is given a chance to help save her business by giving a make-over to the man who broke her heart in college. Max only plans to stay in Atlanta long enough to get access to his trust fund so he can start a camp for at-risk boys. Victoria and Max are still attracted to one another all these years later. They really had amazing chemistry and I wanted them back together from the very beginning. 

I really liked both Victoria and Max. While they had different dreams for their careers, they both were willing to do anything to make it work. I could see that they both still had feelings for one another after all this time and loved watching them reconnect. I'm a sucker for a book where the guy realizes his feelings first, and Max admitting his feelings first was the perfect after the history he and Victoria had.

Better as a Memory is a sweet reunion romance and I enjoyed every minute of it. I really enjoy Marilyn Baxter's voice and look forward to many new stories from her in the future. 

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