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One billionaire bad boy in search of a short-term girlfriend to close a major business deal. One analytical relationship coach looking for a test subject to prove her dating theories. He makes a bet with her that he’ll never fall in love…and it just might be the wildest gamble of his life.

Jayson Vice: When I find out I have the chance to buy a landmark casino in Las Vegas, I plan to close the deal for the Vice empire. But the owners are dead set on selling to a couple, so I need to find myself a serious girlfriend, and fast. Only problem is…I don’t do serious. But then I meet Haley Ambrose, a relationship expert who wants to turn me into a month-long experiment to test her “fool proof” techniques. I’m willing to bet that I’m not the fool who’ll fall in love, but this Love Doctor has some steamy strategies. Before I can even get her to Vegas, I’m starting to worry that with this woman? All bets are off.

Haley Ambrose: As a relationship expert, I can spot a commitment-phobe across any crowded bar, and I tell my clients to run far and fast. But some ladies just can’t resist a challenge, so I’ve been working on a guaranteed approach to reel in the most elusive catches on the dating scene.  But I need to test the hypothesis that I can make any man fall in love. Then Jayson Vice lands in my lap and confesses he needs a temporary girlfriend, and I know I’ve found a sexy subject for my research. But I never expected the experiment to backfire and now I might lose a bet…and my heart.

The Miami Vices:

As colorful, vibrant, and sexy as the city they call home, the billionaire Vice brothers have secrets, temptations, and never met a risk they wouldn’t take…all in the name of love. This sizzling new rom com series will have you laughing, swooning, and looking for the next book. When you’re in Miami… everyone deserves a Vice.

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Palm Island Publishing

Miami Vices #2

Contemporary Romance

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Liza's Review:

Just when I think Breezie Bennett has given me my favorite book, she releases a new book and it instantly becomes my new favorite Breezie Bennett book! I didn't think I could love a Vice brother more than Noah, but Jayson Vice is my new favorite Vice brother for sure! I knew it would take a special woman to make Jayson Vice give up his playboy ways, and Haley Ambrose absolutely perfect from the moment they met. First of all, neither really believed in the magic of love and even were willing to bet on the fact that neither would fall in love by the end of their temporary relationship.

I have to say for all his cockiness, Jayson Vice turned out to really be a total marshmallow in my eyes. He might be a killer businessman, but once he and Haley started spending time together, his attitude seemed to change fast. Not that he still didn't have a cocky attitude, but there was another layer underneath that made me fall for him. Haley had the same cockiness when it came to her believe that she could make any man fall in love with the right plan. Haley was so by-the-book/spreadsheet when we first met her. I loved how both Jayson and Haley seemed to grow and become the better version of themselves the more time they were together. Their smoking hot chemistry was there from the moment they met at the bar, and OMG it only got hotter from there!!! All I can say is I'll never look at a casino the same way.

Breezie Bennett continues to write sexy, funny, and super emotional stories that draw me in from page one each and every time. I'd love to say I can savor her books and take days to read them, but never on my first read. I need to experience her stories as soon as they hit my kindle and I find myself falling in love with her characters over and over again. I highly recommend her books to lovers of contemporary romances!

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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